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Help For Dressing Like A Girl

Dressing a boy up like a girl?

My little sister and I used to dress my little brother up like a girl. I've dressed other boys up too. Friends and even boyfriends in middle school and high school.

There was this one time we were out of school and several of my friends came over, we decided to dress my brother up completely as a girl. We got him into an old dress of mine, some pretty shoes and socks too, added a wig and make up. My neighbor, who was in my class, came over and saw my brother. He thought it was hilarious... that is until me and my girl friends decided we should dress him up. He didn't think that was a very good idea but we had him outnumbered! ;-)
So we soon had their outfits switched. The other boy was now wearing my dress, shoes and the wig. The dress was real short on him and he was all embarrassed and blushing. We added some make up and he looked so pretty!

He made an even better girl than my brother did. LOL

My son wants to dress like a girl? Help?

So it all started when he was 3, he would get my little nieces dresses and girly tops and sandals and dress in them. (she has a room and drawers with her clothes in it at my house) and at first I thought it was adorable but now it has became a problem. He is 6 years old now and I TRY so hard to dress him in boyish clothes but every time I do he cries like somebody is trying to kill him. For the past years I have been dealing with this problem. So at home I allow him to dress in girly clothes but whenever we have to go to a special event like a wedding, he still wants to wear a dress but I have to put him in boy clothes because this is an special even you know? And he yells and cries. When he started school I gave him a haircut and he cried for HOURS! I don't know what to do anymore. At school teachers say when someone says "he" to him he gets grumpy and goes into a corner. And he's turning 7 this year and he's still not out of this problem, it's getting kind of old and I'm worried. He's even trying to grow his hair out. And it's to the point where he's actually trying to act like a girl. For right now I always have to dress him in gender neutral clothes for him not to give me too much of a fit. My family has been saying he might be transgender but I don't know if that's the case. One time I asked him if he would rather be a boy or a girl and he just cried. Has any other parents had to deal with this at such a late age? What is this, what do I do?

Help with dressing up as a soc girl?

Our grade is having an Outsiders party tomorrow and we all have to dress up like greasers or socs. I can't be a greaser because I really don't have a thing that's greaser-y, but I'm having trouble find a way to dress like a soc girl because I don't currently own any skirts. Would it be okay to wear jeans? Also, I'm not sure what kind of top to wear under my cardigan. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Need help for halloween Dressing as a girl (i lost a bet)halloween?

Need help for halloween Dressing as a girl (i lost a bet)?

I didnt really specify last time. I Lost a bet to my girlfriend playing pool.
I have to dress up as a girl? what should i be and how far should i go

oh this is for halloween

What should a guy do if he likes dressing as a girl?

Not knowing your situation, hard to give you specific advice.  For now, I recommend that you:Experiment to discover what it is you like.Talk about it with someone you trust.  It's not good to keep this bottled up inside.In times to come:Be publicly gender non-conforming.  Showing some sign of who you are helps you find other people like yourself, or for people who like your gender non-conformity to realise they want to be with you.  This is SO important!Find friends to share it with.  There are even crossdressing events where you can dress up as a girl for a dinner, dance or conversation.Google articles and videos about gender non-conformity, transgender, bigender, genderfluid, and crossdressing.Share this with your girlfriend, early in your relationship.  If she doesn't like crossdressing, there's probably a more appropriate girlfriend for you around the corner.  Some girls and women think it's a real buzz, and will find it attractive, especially if you are publicly gender non-conforming.Whatever you do, DO NOT MARRY a girl who doesn't approve.  These things tend to grow as you get older.  Marriage can seem to "fix it" temporarily, but then it comes back, bigger than before.Here's some other recent answers of mine which you might find helpful:Naomi Lauren's answer to I'm a girl trapped in a 13 yr old boy's body what should I do?Naomi Lauren's answer to I am a teenager and questioning my gender.  How can I live like a girl for a week to see if that works for me?

Forcing my bf to dress like a girl?

If he enjoyed it, you couldn't force him. Having you tell him that he is going to dress sexy helps relieve any guilt that society helps create in people like me and your boyfriend. I'm sure he appreciates your guidance. (I know that I would)

As for "what he should be", really, costumes are appropriate for Halloween or other occasions like a costume party. Therefore, you shouldn't dress him up as anything other than a normal woman.

The real question is whether you want to take him far enough that he will always dress as a woman.

My girlfriend is dressing me as a girl, she wants help.?

I know this is used alot, and there are alot of people making these fake threads, but this is real. For halloween my girlfriend dressed as Jill from resident evil for me, and she said that for taht, i would have to dress as what she wants at our end of school costume party. She decided a girl would be fun after one of my freinds girlfriends dressed them up. She doesnt have an an account to ask this, but she is here with me, and her are her requests.

1) Ideas for what to dress me in
2) Pictures of the types of thing your talking about
3) Any instrustions or videos on how to apply makeup to a guy ( i guess she wants it real or something )
4) Any pictures of guys as girls or videos so she can base her job off it, or compair her work to it. ( I guess she is really serious bout this)

She is gonna take pictures, and she said that if she gets help, shell post em online and make me put up a link here.