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Help French Examination Tomorrow. Help With This Topic.

AS French oral exam tomorrow, help?

So I'm really panicking about this. We had 10 different topics to learn including the prepared speech. I have memorised the prepared one off by heart and I have gone through every topic and memorised each one but I only went over it once so I'm worried that none of it will sink in and I won't apply it to my exam. Also my grammar's terribly bad. I'm like at GCSE standard and I don't understand the subjunctive at all so I'm worried that I'll be unable to conjugate in the exam which will make me pause and make me additionally lose marks for fluency. I had a mock on thursday and she predicted a high B but I don't feel confident at all as I did then. Please will someone give me some last minute tips on what I should go over tonight and how I can help myself remain a bit more calm tomorrow morning? Thank you

My French speaking exam is tomorrow. ADVICE?

You can't learn a language in one day. This is something that is done with regular and consistent work. There is much advice I can give for long-term study, but speaking of your tomorrow's exam, the advice is:

1) know what you are expected to do (whether you have to demonstrate any factual knowledge or topic-specific vocabulary, whether you are allowed to take notes during preparation etc.)
2) be communicative: demonstrate your interest in the topic discussed, give sensible and interesting answers
3) speak clearly, not too fast, not too slowly
4) stick to the time limit (know what the total answer time is and calculate the length of your answer to each question accordingly).

I am taking my B2 french oral exam tomorrow, any tips?

I took mine 3 years ago and if there's anything I wish I had practiced more is active language. Simply tuning in to French news or iciRadioCanada won't help you progress much unless you actively ask yourself back exactly what the details are. You also have to be able to produce more answers on your own, so seek a professional lesson if you can help it. You might also find this article helpful:How I prepared for the French C1 exam - Fluent in 3 months - Language Hacking and Travel TipsBonne chance!

French oral exam help!!?

I am doing mine soon too. The best thing to do is just know your topic inside out, that way you know the answer to anything they ask you, you just have to translate it into French. Also, when you write up paragraphs for the topics put in little phrases e.g. subjunctives or pronouns, that you can learn and then use for whatever question they might ask. That way you can get your points up without actually saying anything and it will also give you time to think about your answer.

I'm afraid I don't know any sites for revision, but feel free to message me if you want to practise or if you want to run anything by me.

French Speaking Exam tomorrow- tips for learning my paragraphs?

Did the O level equivalent 25 years ago (I feel old now I've realised that!). It won't be nearly as bad as you think. Just revise all the vocabulary for all of the situations with which you are likely to be confronted. Get your Mum/Dad to practice it with you later tonight. have a last runthrough before the exam tomorrow & YOU WILL WALK IT. Believe in yourself & you'll be fine (honest!). Bon chance.

I have my English exam tomorrow and the topic is “winning and losing in the English-speaking world”. What could I write about?

Competition occurs in athletics such as the Olympic competitions, as well asauto racing, chess tournaments etc.You could mention the competition between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs concerning the mouse and the “windows” operating system.You could reference the “space race”.You could mention the mental and emotional condition referred to as the “zone” that a person gets into when they experience the feeling of transcendence in a competition.You could reference the concept of the wu wei.You could reference the competition in political races for election.You could reference the competition between worldviews such as some form of philosophical dualism and some form of philosophical monism. Usually the competition manifests in publications for or against either worldview.Besides competition in political philosophy and worldview, you could reference religious competition, scientific competition, as well as competition in academics for ascendency.

French speaking tomorrow, HELP!? 10 pts?

First try to eat somenthing hot, relax maybe with a bubble bath listen to some music in french like edith piaf "la vie en rose" or "padam padam" its gonna make u relax in the language and then when you feel more relax try going on this site and preactice the listening and the repeting

try using first the french stps i used them all the time and now im a good french speaker!!!!!! plus its easy and funny

dont worry anymore and ull see how ur gonna be just great tomorrow

How can I cheat a french oral exam?

how are you able to cheat on an oral examination? for my oral checks on the whole they deliver you a misc subject to speak approximately.. however besides. no dont cheat. i remorse to mention that i've and ive certainly not forgotten it. its bigger to do the satisfactory you'll with what you bought. and check out tougher subsequent time.

Tomorrow I have an exam. I'm so tense. What can I do?

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