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Help Guy With Big Butt O_o

How to dress if you have a big butt?

I have a similar problem, and I'm a freshman who's never worn regular clothes to school either, just wear anything that's comfortable to you, there's nothing wrong with having a large but but small hips. You CAN wear skinny jeans, I wear them everyday and they're really comfortable! Try to wear sweaters or shirts that conceal your but. And if guys like to look at your but, then that's in their control, you CAN'T force anyone to look away from you. Just be confident and wear ANYTHING YOU WANT.

But just wear a regular shirt, if you think long shirts aren't flattering to you. And don't wear jeans that are too tight around your butt, they make skinny jeans like that. If you like to wear skirts then don't do the tight kind. My mom has a large but and she looks fine with jean skirts.

Is a butt on a guy attractive?

The gluteal muscle development is an essential part of a symmetrical male and female physique. I, as weightlifter look at it not from the perspective of being attractive. I see it as a critical part of an athletic frame.Few years into a well-planned weightlifting lifestyle, combined with proper nutrition, you will chisel down plenty of body fat and build plenty of muscle all over including your buttocks. If you administer the weightlifting correctly, you will develop terrific core, your hips and buttocks will develop fully extended to your posterior, lower back, hamstrings and the rest of the body.It takes a long time.A combination of barbell squats, deadlifts, power cleans, Olympic lifts and some assistance exercises can develop gluteal muscle to the best genetic shape possible, based on intensity and nutrition and of course the genetics.Is it attractive? For the ladies, it is somewhat attractive for example; a female elite cross-fitter can flaunt athletic physique. For most men, is not the same. It may be for some men. Not for me. I do enjoy looking very fit though.

Is my butt too big for my age?

Lol, your fine. And no not every girl has a 27" hip, the normal is like 36/37 I think:)

Does broccoli make your butt bigger?

Yes, don't touch the stuff. o_O

I am a boy and I have a big butt. What should I do to reduce its size?

Spot reduction is impossible. There aren't any specific diets/exercises to lose your “butt” alone, it just doesn't work that way. The only way you can decrease the fat from your butt is by decreasing your overall body fat percentage. And to do that you need to be in a calorie deficit, which is nothing but eating less than what you're supposed to.Here are some simple steps to follow,Eat at a calorie deficit. Calculate your deficit calories here. Deficit CalculatorHit your daily micro and macronutrient requirements. Calculate your macro requirements here. Macro CalculatorLog your foods(everything that goes into your mouth) in | to make sure you are not exceeding your deficit calories.Join a gym and lift weights. (No! Not cardio) Because cardio won't help you much during cutting, on the other hand strength training will help you preserve muscle mass. If you are not concerned about muscles then you can very well do cardio. Note: This step is not mandatory, but the rate at which you lose weight will be slow.If you are still not losing weight, please read this. Help! My weight loss has hit a Plateau.And remember you are not different. You are not differentThese are the only steps you need to follow to have a successful weight loss journey.But a word of caution, If you are a believer of all those lameass bro-science like“eat 6-8 small meals a day” or“drink green tea to burn fat” or“do 100 ab crunches to lose belly fat” or“eat this miracle fruit to scorch fat”then you can kiss goodbye to your weight loss goal, because you’ll never reach it.If you have more questions please feel to ask me, I'd be delighted to answer.

What do women think of men with big butts?

Women like butts too - it's a common misconception that this is somehow a guy thing. In high school, when my friends commented on a guy's butt, I didn't quite get it. Even back then - more than a decade ago - I was more concerned about soulful eyes and what they now call a hipster beard.But as I became more into working out and getting fit, a nice butt on a man became a mark of fitness for me. It was another set of muscles a man should develop just like biceps, triceps, calves, and abs. A non-existent butt makes a man look unbalanced and not very attractive - in my humble opinion.I can't speak for everyone else, but I can at least speak for myself on this one.

Why do guys like to squeeze their Girlfriend's Butt...?

In my opinion, alot of guys have some idea that our butts are theirs. I think it gives them a sense of ownership.

~Guys--a girl's butt: What is more important--the shape or the size?

Some friends were arguing that guys like big butts but some say the size is more important. In songs they always say guy love big round does that imply both size and shape? So guys wouldn't mind a small round butt verses a thick or big butt? Some guys say shape is more important but lots of guys keep saying the words "I like big butts"

So, guys, can you clear it up for me? Does guys think the shape is more important? Or the size? Or both?