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Help I Got A Bad Grade What Do I Do


It's each. As a sensible individual, I can attest that we will get unhealthy grades, too. As a grade schooler, I would get 90s and 100s with out doing my homework. However, in prime university after which in tuition, I discovered that if I did not flip in my essays and time period papers, I could get a scale back grade, even a failing grade, even though I aced the assessments. Smart folks may also be area to laziness, despair, or overactivity, every of which will scale back grades. Also, being sensible does not assurance that you are sensible at the whole thing. I used to be nice total (whilst I did the paintings) in English, math, and Spanish, however no longer as well in historical past or technology. I used to be by no means any well at mechanics, and I have a intellectual block in the case of finance and economics. It's a question of flair. Some matters will come quite simply to you; others would require extra attempt, extra research, and extra awareness. Although it is feasible which you can fail or do poorly in a few area it doesn't matter what, much more likely you'll go, and even grasp, the themes that do not come evidently to you when you follow your self. Getting a coach in the ones topics might aid. Good good fortune to you, and God bless you so much!

How do i tell my mom i got a bad grade?

Are the bad grades in one subject or in different classes? If it is in one subject then you need to get extra help or tutoring before it continues and you get a snowball effect. Talk to your teacher tomorrow and tell him/her you are struggling and need help.

If it is bad grades in different classes, you need to figure out what is going on. Is there a medical problem- blood sugar levels, headaches, etc. See your doctor asap. Are you stressed or worried about something?

It is better that you tell her asap. Explain what is happening. Show her the papers. Ask for advice on how to solve it. Or present your plan on how you are going to solve it.

I got a bad grade. What to do?

My mom knows about my bad grade on a test but since we are going through some personal hard times right now she is not punishing me for it. what she doesn't know is that i didn't study for it at all. I feel guilty about the grade and was wondering if you all could give a fair effective consequence for the grade so I will remember to study more next time and try harder. I know asking for a consequence seems weird but I am just so overwhelmed with guilt I don't know what else to do.

How do I tell my mom I got a bad grade?

Report cards today, I just got home. To make honours I need to have 80% and above, but since I started grade 8 it's getting pretty hard, last term I got a 79% and my mom got really mad, and she said to me she'll give me another chance. But guess what, this term I got a 79.3% -_- Still no honours, I did try harder, but mainly on the ones I was bad at last term- Social & L.A so I got better for these but my math & science dropped a lot. UGHSFJSLK and my mom is REALLY stressed/pissed off right now, nothing is going smoothly for her, any tips on how to tell her?

I got a bad grade on a test?

Sounds like you over studied. Imagine you're doing push ups, eventually, if you keep doing them, you'll reach a point where you physically can't do another one, but if you stop and give your body a chance to recover, you'll be able to do them again.

The same thing happens with your brain. Studying is like exercise for you brain, and like exercise, it's possible to overwork it so much that it just can't function anymore without rest.

This is why all nighters are terrible ideas. Not only are you asking your brain to work hard, but you're also depriving your body of sleep which compounds the problem. If you're lucky, all nighters product what a professor of mine used to call 'exam vomit'. Basically on exam day, you can fill in all the answers, but you won't remember much of it the day after.

I strongly suggest starting to study for tests well in advance of them. Study until you start to feel like you can't study anymore. For me this feels like my head is fuzzy. When that happens, take a break. Do something that has nothing to do with studying (go for a walk, read the internet, play a game). Just engaging your mind in a different way will help. How long these breaks are, depends on you. I found that 10-20 minutes worked well.

I found that studying this way tends to make you retain more of it beyond the test as well as being easier on you.

Sleep is also one of the best ways to prepare for an exam. You can't preform well if you're exhausted.

As to the grade thing. It's sad that your parents are so focused on grades. It's one thing to want you to preform to your potential, but it's another to make the grade all that it's about. In my opinion, somebody who bombs tests but understands the concepts is succeeding more than the straight A tester with a case of exam vomit.

But that's my opinion. Fixation on grades also makes everybody stressed out in my experience. I graduated from college on the honor roll. So did my friend. She was a mess by the end of the program because she 'needed' to get As. I didn't worry, just did my stuff and got the same grades. Honestly the amount of extra effort and worry she went through didn't translate into better grades. Again, just my opinion and experiences.

Good luck

How do I tell my parents I got a bad grade?

My teachers told me what grades I got on my report card a few days I get my report card, which is on March 23rd.

Spanish - 90
Global Hist - 86
Computers - 85
Science - 80
Geometry - 75
and lastly English - 55....

My parents are REALLY REALLY REALLY STRICT and I don't know how to tell my parents I got a bad grade. Last time I got a 65 for a class and they didn't yell that much but I am emotionally sensitive and started to cry knowing I upset my parents. The reason why I got a 55 for English was because I failed one of the tests badly and didn't participate. I've been telling my parents that I would study more but I don't follow through my promises schoolwork-wise, so I think they know I won't really study more. Last marking period, I had a 65. I've been pointing out that I've had a higher grade in another class but my parents were only focused on the negative things.

I was thinking of someone scanning & editing my report card once I get it, but I know lying is wrong and don't want to lie to them. I would write a letter to them, but I would most likely cry, and I am trying to stop being too emotionally sensitive. Also I don't want to cry because it made my parents feel bad and thought it was their fault that I got a low grade...

I got a bad grade on my math test. Help please.?

It's okay, a majority of students do slip-up in their tests at least once. And that's a pretty good score (just like the previous poster said "at least you're not failing")

-As for how much this will bring your grade down probably not that much depending on your teacher's sylabus stating how much your tests affect your grades (maybe a solid A if you have an A+ in class, or an A- if you have a solid A).

Don't be too hard on yourself. Just think "I will do better on the next test and show the test scores who's boss" (lol whatever floats your boat on pushing you to try harder) and do the work of course .

I'm pretty sure if you do well on you next test and keep a good grade in your class your dad will let go of the disappointment.

;) Good luck!

My heart breaks.Just a few minutes ago, I was joking with my friends about being satisfied with a mere pass. Get that straight. I was joking. I wasn’t serious. I really wanted to do well in this.One of the saddest things about having one of the last register numbers is that everyone gets their score before me. I hear everyone joking and laughing about their score, or alternately bemoaning it, and saying they wanted a better one.And then I get back your paper. I stare at the small number scrawled in the box. My whole body freezes up. No. No. This can’t be happening. This must be a dream. I can wake up. This is no dream. My eyes don’t lie. The red number swims before me, as a small numb pain creeps through my blood. My eyes water and I try to hold it in. It wouldn’t do to be seen crying in class after all. They water nonetheless, and it hurts.I tried my best, I really did. I wanted to pass. I studied hard. How? Why? What did I do? I’m a failure. I’m a pathetic useless failure of a student.My mind fills with thoughts and doubts as butterflies perform a rousing rendition of a tango in your stomach. I wonder why this is the case. I put so much effort in. I wanted it so badly. And I failed. What does that say about me I wonder?My deskie notices my eyes flushing red, my face changing colours despite my best efforts. “Hey, are you okay? What did you get?” I mumble the number, hiding it under a pretence of aloofness, of not caring. I’m not sure how believable it is, but I try my best. I always try my best. And it’s never enough.I envy those that do brilliantly with little effort, who just laugh off their marks. The jealousy curls and curdles in my stomach. Unfair. But that’s how life is, isn’t it? Some people do it well. Others… well, others don’t.And then I try again. I try and find where I went wrong, and do better next time.I fail, I fall, but I (do my best to) get back up.

How do I tell my parents I got a bad grade?

A bad grade is not the worst thing that can happen in life...I find it unreasonable of your parents to overreact about it instead of encouraging you to do better. I would calmly tell them that you tried your best...don't let it get you down.

It happens to absolutely everyone. The teacher hands returned the test or undertaking you concept you probably did okay on, and your heart sinks into your stomach. You got a bad grade, not even a average one. The questions begin flooding in. How will this change your GPA? How will you inform your parents? What grade will you become getting in this class? So as get returned on target and keep away from the error within the destiny, you may need to be able react within the proper way. Start with Step 1 a good way to discover ways to get over a bad grade.Are you very aware of your grades? Did you simply fail a recent test, assignment or examination? nicely, don't worry. Absolutely everyone receives a awful grade now and again. All you want to do is discern out what went wrong with this project and paintings closer to doing better in the future.Simply take a look at, do your great on the examination, and walk far from it, both physically and mentally. after I take a test, I do my pleasant, and if my satisfactory is a C, that's that and i'm high-quality with that.Study more and then overcome the bad grade.