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Help I Hate Onions

Why do so many people hate onions?

Onions are awesome. They are chock full of oligomers which prevent tumors from developing in your colon, and sulfides, which lower your blood pressure. Also, The Chinese, who eat the most onions in the world, has a 40 percent less chance of getting stomach cancer than someone who never eats onions! <3 I focking love onions!

Why do people hate raw onions as a salad?

It is a person's thought over onion. Some may love eating it and others wont. Some people dont like its smell and its spicy kinda taste. But to sae as a fact its very good for digestion onions provide good environment for digestion in your stomach. It would be  kinda iritating to eat at the first time but use pepper and salt and you will find it more tastier and you wont hate eating it

Why do some people hate The Onion?

Note: Some Einstein at “Quora Content Review” just merged “Why do some people hate ‘The Onion?’” with “Why do some people hate onions?” Are you kidding me?I am not crazy about “The Onion.” I don't hate it. (Sometimes it's funny). I wasn't aware some people "hate" it. That's actually interesting to know."The Onion" annoys me sometimes because it just seems full of itself sometimes. Or perhaps it comes off as thinking it's funnier and more clever than it actually is. It also reminds me of a certain type of person that I just have nothing in common with. I have tried to clarify it, but it's almost impossible to do so. It seems to cater to mainstream college kids who think they are hipsters, but in being hipsters have only gone more mainstream...or something like that. I just picture these young people quoting the publication like it's some sort of in-joke glue that binds their circle together along with pretentious, exaggerated, "Ah!" and "Hah hah!" comments.But it's more than that. Maybe someone else here will hit upon exactly what it is that bugs me about it.

I hate Sour Cream And Onion, But Love sour cream and Onion Chips? Why?

The reason I believe that is true, is because the flavours that are put into the chips are artificial and they aren't given the exact same flavour from the sour cream and onion, but sort of a hint of it. It totally makes sense, personally I enjoy cheddar flavoured chips somewhat, but I dislike cheese a lot, I just don't like it unless it is melted. xD So, overall I just think it's because it is artificially flavoured and isn't a blueprint recipe of what sour cream and onion really taste like or what it has in it.

I love onions, but hates the after breath. Any one knows how to get rid of "its" bad breath? Thank you.

try fresh mint or fresh parsley.

Garlic?? Onion?? Love both?? Hate both?

I would marry them if i could....yumm ^.^

Why do so many children hate onions so much?

Raw onion causes indigestion often.Cooked onion is kind of slimy in texture.Some kids seem to naturally like zesty and exciting flavors while some just want something pleasant and relaxing.But honestly, it’s us adults who are to blame most of the time.If we aren’t combining other complementary ingredients well in the cooking phase, the direct flavor of onion comes through too much.It’s too strong.Children have very sensitive palates.When we are cooking for children and training them to eat, we have to remember to prep foods of certain textures and flavors with extra diligence so the dishes can have the right balance of flavor and texture.It’s easy to turn off a lot of discriminating eaters, adult and child, when we aren’t careful enough with our food while cooking for others.Being very careful with prepping ingredients and staying over our pots while cooking is a really easy and basic way to improve our dishes and cooking skills.Most parents are multitasking at meal prep and eating time, so their attention is often distracted from their cooking.They aren’t watching, smelling, tasting as they cook.They’re changing laundry over, texting, emailing, talking about schedules or looking for stuff..So we can end up with large chunks of inadequately cooked onion in spaghetti sauces or soups.Then we end up with kids hating on things like… onions.

Why some people hate onions but like onion rings?

I hate onions but i love the breading around the onion on onion rings!! I always pick the onion out (if possible) and just eat the breading. I think the breading and the deep frying is why more people like onion rings as opposed to just plain onions.

I like funyuns but hate actual onions is that weird?

yes, but a lot of people I know are like that.. he likes french fries, but not baked potatoes, she likes scrambled eggs, but hates egg soup.