Help I Keep Getting Teased For Being Dumb.

Teased for being skinny HELP?

Teased for being skinny HELP?
ok so i am 14 ad i have a lot of friends both boys and girls
but some girls lately have been calling me Anorexic
im really not i eat normally but just have a small build
what do i say to them or do i just ignore it
plus my brothers who are 17 and 19 make fun of me being small too

ps its really hard for me to but on weight as my parents Donalt me eat fast food and always have healthy food it the house

Getting teased... What to do?

Try saying nothing at all. Just ignore it (yes, it is hard to ignore teasing, but try). If that doesn't work, walk away. Don't let anger take you over, take a few deep breaths and realise that you're not the one who's acting like a fool.Try these phrases:
"I don't like it when you tease me, and I'd like you to stop." Look the bully right in the eye. Stand straight, and feel powerful. The bully may stop teasing you, and start to respect me.
"What's your point?" Saying something that makes the bully lost for words, and while they're racking their brains for a comeback walk away.
"You know, I don't really care what you think." If you say this to them confidently, chances are this phrase will hit the bully like a blow to their face. Bullies crave power, and seeing that their victim isn't getting hurt or affected by their nasty remarks is what bullies fear. They'll move onto someone else if they're serial bullies, or hopefully they'll leave their bullying days behind

Agree. By the time they have worked out that you haven't argued back, they'll have no idea how to deal with it.Yawn. Seriously, act like you're not interested. You want the bully to stop, and nothing stops the bully like a non-reacting victim.Say: "you're wasting my time" and walk away

Remember your posture when confronting a bully. Stand straight and tall, no slouching. Look them in the eye, don't look at your feet. Keep your hands by your side, not in your pockets or fiddling with your hair. Don't move your feet, keep them still and a comfortable distance apart.

Take into account your voice. It should be clear and sound powerful. No stammering or mumbling. A strong voice is much more forceful than a quiet, trembling one.
You're the one in charge, not the bully. Act like the boss, or a hero against a villain. You're a human being, and you have the right to go to school not fearing anyone .

Help! i feel like i keep getting bullied because im too nice!?

properly generally whilst a guy is being advise to you they generally such as you. yet in any case i might tell your coaching counselor or a instructor. If that doesn't help tell him to end and which you do no longer like it whilst he tells you that stuff because of the fact incredibly your a captivating guy or woman.keep your head up. communicate with a pair of your human beings and tell them whats been going on. If there a genuine buddy they're going to attempt to help! precise now in my college we've been speaking plenty approximately bullying and its no longer a solid ingredient it hurts you.We in basic terms examine a piece of writing some lady who became getting bullied and it have been given so undesirable that she dedicated suicide. My buddy is getting bullied precise now to and she or he's telling me the way it feels, it hurts you. i'm hoping this helps :)

I Keep Getting Bullied...?

What you ought to do, is learn some unique and eloquent profanity laced tirades. Then, whilst this boy makes exciting of your lisp, somewhat enable bypass on him. Belittle him. question his masculinity and sexuality. component out that he's a coward and a bully. And do it loudly in front of each physique, his acquaintances, your buddies, each physique. enable each physique understand which you're no longer petrified of him, and which you gives you besides as you may get. youthful boys are somewhat delicate approximately their visual attraction. Make exciting of his outfits and his footwear and his face. they're additionally delicate approximately women. component out that he has a weigh down on so and so and that she thinks he's a loser, which he's. prepare. prepare. Make out what you will say, and rehearse it. Then, whilst the 2nd is nice. STRIKE!!!! it somewhat is lots of exciting, yet attempt to no longer savor it too lots. that isn't any longer a great element to do, even if that's mandatory to handle bullies like this on occasion. don't be afraid. Take a stand!

How can I stop getting BULLIED for being SHY and QUIET?

I get bullied all the time because I'm shy and quiet. For instance in my class there are these two guys who sit near me in class. One of the guys always randomly turns to face me, and I just look straight ahead at the teacher, but can see from the corner of my eye that he is staring. It's annoying, because he ALWAYS does this and then the second guy laughs and it's like he is encouraging him to keep bothering him. Both of them even try to call my name, so I can reply, but I ignore them. I think they keep doing this because I am quiet, so they are making fun of me because of that. Sometimes one of the guy touches the things on my desk or reaches his hand to push my binder to try and get my attention, and so the second guy laughs and then they both laugh, and I just get even more annoyed, but don't show that, so I turn away.

How can I stop them from bullying me? and how can I stand up for myself, without making a fool of myself?

The information in the question suggests that the culture within the organization is significantly problematic. If 4 people have quit because of the behaviour of one person and the management has not acted to solve the problem then the behaviour is essentially being encouraged. I don't know why any company would want to repeatedly lose employees because of one bully which leads me to wonder what else is going on there.Without knowing anything about the company it isn't possible to give a realistic answer. Generally, in cases of bullying, there would be a mechanism (policy) in place that details how to resolve the problem. If there is an HR department it is one place to start talking about how to proceed. If it is a small company without HR then the option is to talk to the manager responsible for this person. The only thing you can do is encourage the co-worker to keep a record of the problems being experienced for now but first to talk to the manager about her own performance as noted next.The co-worker, if she is concerned that her own performance is being misjudged due  to this should arrange a meeting with the manager to specifically ask if her performance is meeting requirements and if there is any expectations are not being met. This will either serve to reassure her that the manager is not unduly influenced by the person doing the bullying or will provide information that isn't available yet to her.Sometimes there isn't anything you can do to fix a problem like this but keeping quiet and letting it go on and trying to guess what the manager is thinking will not help. One way or the other your co-worker is best served to act in her own best interest.

Getting teased ): because pregnant at sixteen..?

I'm so happy I made the decision to get pregnant. But I keep getting teased at school.
Yesterday I came to school (it's only been 5 weeks) and everyone knows about my pregnancy. I keep getting laughed at and being called a whore and a slut. My boyfriend goes to a different school and nobody knows that he's gonna be a father. I ended up dropping out of school that day and I got a part-time job at McDonalds. I wasn't accepted anywhere else...How do I make people stop laughing at me? I can't go back to school cause even the princepal knows I'm pregnant and he wont allow me to go back. Should I get an abortion? But I love my baby and I don't wanna go through this again... Help!

They do.Sometimes it’s because they see the world of possibilities and realise how little of them they understand. Smart people are better at evaluating their own dumbness than dumb people are, because they’re smart.Sometimes it’s because we live in a society that denigrates smart people - accuses them of arrogance or smugness. How often do you hear the word “elite” (google definition; “a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society” used in a derogatory sense? Which kids get teased or picked on at school?Sometimes it’s because they think self-deprecation is a more attractive quality than brash self-promotion.Sometimes it’s because they’re British and that’s the done thing.*Sometimes it’s because they want the person they’re taking to not to feel inferior or wary. People like people who are like them.Sometimes it’s because they don’t realise the extent to which other people can’t do the things that they can do.Sometimes it’s because they’ve just failed to do something that they would expect to be able to do, based on their own high standards. They’re not comparing themselves to other people, they’re comparing themselves to their own expectations of what they should be able to achieve.And no doubt sometimes it’s for other reasons.Now it doesn’t follow that anyone saying that they’re stupid is in fact smart, obviously. But there are perfectly good reasons why smart people would sometimes claim to be dumb.*Not often. British people aren’t that smart, however tantalising their accent and quaint usage of “s” instead of “z” makes them sound.

Im getting bullied - may sound stupid but it really gets to me.?

dang. in my eyes 5'5'' is tall

I'm 19 and 5'1 and a half''

my little sister is 15 and shes about exactly 5' even

Honestly, I'd tell someone. Talk to a teacher that you trust, put in the complaint anonymously. The Teachers or Dean can meet with the bullies and say that they saw what was going on even. I'm sure that if they bully you they probably bully other people.

It's wierd how things change through generations. When I was in middle school and high school... being short was the least of my worries for being picked on about. Although now I get it a lot when my sister's 14 and 15 year old friends are sky-high compared to us.

anyhow. Talk to an adult at home or at school that you trust.

Bullying is not right, no matter what its about. You will never sound stupid for standing up for yourself. :)

People don’t get initially teased.Initially, someone makes a dumb statement about the other person’s height, hair color, glasses, skin condition, weight etc.Then when the person on the receiving end of the statement responds “stupidly”, the others laugh and start to tease to see that same stupid response.I was teased in school and so were my sons. We learned from the very beginning to be “self deprecating” and to bounce along. No entertainment for the crowd and they move on.It takes “Two to Tango”Remember that.