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Help I Want To Become A Good Shooter But My Form Feels And Looks Wierd Any Tips Or Useful

I want to help others and be a good person!! Help!?

First don't worry all of us feel that way at points. If you are serious about this however there are many things you can do. As you said you are Catholic and probably are registered at a church. Most churches have what you would call outings (usually soup kitchens) where you help out the poor. Just ask father ______ or sister______. I'm sure they can point you in the right direction. There are places like animal shelters, volunteering at an elderly home, things like that. You just have to look. I will say with your scenario church would be the best place to start. They will accept almost anyone who has a good work ethic (I'm agnostic they let me help out a few times so they don't judge much). This is very good that a younger person who wishes to help others on their own accord you don't see that much. So I congratulate you thank you for atleast thinking about it and being a decent person. Edit: also looks great when applying for work just make sure you have the persons contact info

You mean first-time shooters leaning back like this?Except wait, those aren’t first-time shooters, are they.Nope, those are ISSF 50 meter rifle three-position gold medalists Zhu Qinan (2014 Men’s), Péter Sidi (2010 Men’s), and Lioubov Galkina (2006 Women’s), along with Olympic winter biathlon gold medalist Emil Hegle Svendsen (2010 and 2014, various events).So why are these world-class competitive shooters angled so much like first-timers with no instruction when they shoot from a standing position? Well, the first-timers don’t worry about recoil because they don’t realize they should. And the champion target shooters don’t worry about recoil becausea) they’re shooting .22LR, which gives hardly any recoil to begin with, andb) their rifles aren’t the same .22’s you’d take squirrel hunting, they’re competitive shooting rifles designed for high accuracy – which means, among other things, a relatively heavy body. And heavy-bodied rifles have even less recoil than an average-weight rifle of the same caliber.Which brings me to another commonality between competitive shooters and first-timers: the first-timers find their rifles heavy because they’re not used to holding one, and the competitive shooters find their rifles heavy because frankly they are.And when you pick up a heavy-ish object that extends out in front of you, it’s perfectly natural to lean backwards in order to centre the weight over your lower body and gain stability. Most shooters quickly learn to instead lean forward to not get knocked backwards by the recoil, but for serious target shooters using heavy, long-barreled, small-calibre rifles with no recoil, a backwards lean is the more comfortable, stable and high-performing stance.Full disclosure, I didn’t learn this by watching or practicing target shooting sports. I once had a hunting buddy who had previously competed on a military winter biathlon team during his time in the Canadian Army. One day we were checking out a gun show together and passed a booth displaying a big heavy target shooting .22LR, probably the latest and greatest version of what he used to shoot on skis. He picked up the rifle and shouldered it in that back-leaning way, and the staff at the booth immediately knew from his stance that he had a competitive target shooting background. I had certainly never seen him take that stance when shouldering a hunting rifle.

Larry Bird's shooting mechanics?

I actually has his book, Bird on Basketball: How-to Strategies from the Great Celtics Champion, and in that book he tackles many topics, one of which is shooting. Generally, he spoke of 6 steps for any type of shot, these are:
1. Get ready - Whenever you receive a pass or pick the ball up off the dribble, be sure to grab it so you're ready to shoot. The fingers of your shooting hand should be straight up and spread comfortably on the ball. This means that there should be a slight space between the palm of your hand and the ball.
2. Get set - Your body must be balance. You must have a solid platfrom from which to begin your shot motion, because an accurate shot is the result of a smooth, rhythmic body and arm motion.
3. Aim - Zero in on a spot in the middle of the rim toward the back of the basket. Visualize your target on concentrate on it.
4. Fire - At the peak of your jump or shot motion, quickly release the ball by smoothly moving your arm toward the basket, and snapping your wrists. Release the ball off your fingertips so you give the ball a slow reverse spin.
5. Follow through - After you shoot the ball, your arm and hand should continue their motion to the basket so your fingers end up pointing at your target.
6. Follow your shot - Follow through and watch your shot all the way to the target, but as soon as your shot hits the goal, be ready to go after a missed shot.

From the pictures in the book, one can clearly see that Larry shoots the ball with one hand, but he always uses his off-hand to guide the ball and keep it firmly in his right palm. When he follows through, his left hand turns and faces the target as well. That may be the reason why it looks as if he shoots two-handed shots.

For myself, the best drill to improve my weak hand dribbling (and all dribbling in general) was a simple zig-zag speed dribbling drill.To do this drill, start underneath one basket and dribble up and toward the sideline (about a 45 degree angle). When you get to the sideline, use one of the moves listed below to change direction and dribble at the opposite 45 degree angle. Continue this way until you reach the middle of the court, and then do another move to change direction again. Keep doing this until you reach the other end of the court and finish with a layup. You can repeat this back and forth down the court for as long as you want. The moves you should use to change direction are crossover, between the legs, reverse pivot (spin move), and behind the back. Although these four don't form an exhaustive list of all the moves you can learn, you can use one of them in 99% of the situations you will encounter on the court. As you get more comfortable with this drill, push yourself to go as close to maximum speed as you can. The faster you can go, the more useful these skills will be in game situations. Eventually, you will get to the point where you can fly through the drill only a hair slower than if you were running through it without a ball. The video below shows a power dribbling drill that will help bridge some of the hand strength and quickness gap between your weak and dominant hand. As you move up to higher levels of basketball, it's essential to be able to dribble strongly like this. Otherwise you'll get the ball knocked away every time you try to drive.Finally, another great way to improve your weak hand dribbling is to work on other ball skills with your off hand. I like to spend 5-10 minutes every workout using only my weak hand. This includes all dribble, layups, and jump shots. Shooting with your off hand feels really strange at first, but it will help your dexterity a lot and improve both your handles and your finishing. Plus, it can occasionally be useful to be able to make short bank shots with your weak hand.

Some people just have natural talent in FPS, so no matter how much you train, you won't be the best. However, you can definitely improve by using some tactics.First, you should train your reflexes. Playing Quake will help this. Increasing your mouse/controller sensitivity are ways to better your reflexes. A lot of the newer FPS are considerably slower than the older ones, so if you become decent in Quake, you can really dominate in CoD. Also, the sensitivity will help with your precision. If I remember correctly, most hardcore FPS players increase their sensitivity so they can easily turn around/react. If you master that, you can defend yourself all the time.Learn the maps in the game. Knowing is the other half of the battle. Hardcore players know de_dust like the back of their hand. You will need to if you want to even survive. Learn the game too. Go on message boards, participate. Every game has their niche community, where they discuss things like bullet damage per gun. Study everything. Learn the advance tactics. Practice with the best A.I., and then move onto real matches. Play with a mouse, have decent equipment. Some people swear by "sound-whoring" (Having a great set of headphones), and you'll need a good microphone to communicate with a team (If it's team based) or to just make friends in the community. You'll need a decent graphics card/screen to see everything too. A steady Internet connection (go wired) is also required. Use a mouse and keyboard if you can (A mouse is just more precise).

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