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I am on Remicade for Crohns disease, since i have been on it i have had major depression?

I'm a 15 year old guy who was diagnosed with Crohns disease back in December of 2012, ever since my first remicade injection i noticed I've felt depressed and I've lost motivation to do many things i used to love to do before i was put on remicade. Before remicade i was happy, active, friendly, healthy but it seems that has all changed. I have tried to commit suicide twice now and i'm scared for my life. But about a month ago i started smoking pot chronically and it feels like its been helping a lot but my family doctor says that Remicade + Marijuana causes depression. I really do question this a lot because things have only been feeling better since i have started smoking pot, and I've read many articles online that say medicinal marijuana puts Crohns disease into remission. I don't know what to do because my parents will not let me smoke anymore and being on remicade alone seems to make me very depressed but if i get taken off of it and medicinal doesn't work then it will be hard to go back onto remicade because of anti-bodies that build or something. What do i do????????

What are the chances of having a heart attack at the age of 22?

so i will be honest i am obese. im 5'8 270lbs. i drink lots of soda and eat junk food from time to time. lately i have been having shortness of breath. is it possible to have a heart attack at the age of 22? im really scared?

What is reticulocyte crisis?

Reticulocyte crisis is when immature RBCs are released into the blood before they have fully-developed, and is most commonly seen in blood disorders where the circulating RBCs are being destroyed at a very rapid rate. These are typically seen when RBC morphology is abnormal and they become destroyed by the spleen -- e.g. sickle-cell, spherocytosis, etc