Help Is My Cat In Labor

How can I tell if my cat goes into labor?

Most cats will find a place to have their kittens and hide there from 1-3 days before the kittens are born. You may not notice any irregular behavior before this. She probably won't eat for a day or two. Very often a cat will seem to wander room to room for a few days before they give birth. They are looking for a good place to have their babies!If you are lucky, she may become extra affectionate just before she hides in her birthing spot. She may start purring seemingly with provocation. If she is normally a “talker” she may get suddenly quiet. Cats are individuals and aside from hiding each has their own tell tale signs.As it becomes close to her due date try to pay attention to where she chooses to birth. It may be under a bed, in a closet or some difficult to get to area. If you think you know where she will go do not disturb the area unless she has chosen an unsafe place. Young mothers may choose odd and unsuitable places like ontop of a tool pile in the shed. If she seems to have chosen a safe place do not disturb anything there and simply pretend you don't know about it. Resist the urge to lay down towels or otherwise “prep” her spot. Often times cats will simply abandon a spot if you start poking around there. Don't worry about messes. Most cats will clean up after themselves to a spotless standard. But do give her time to get the job done!You can help guide her to a preferred are by closing doors to rooms where you don't want her to go but she will have her own ideas and you may not agree! If she is normally goes outside she may choose a spot away from the house. Keep her indoors a week or two before you think she is due and she will choose a new place at home. Be vigilant and don't let her out!Do not try to assist her birth unless she is having obvious problems. Remember it will take time so be patient and do your best to let her run the show.I grew up in a time when most people did not spay or neuter their pets. I have witnessed a lot of cat births! However, unless this is a planned pregnancy it is best to spay or neuter your pets! If you had not thought to do so, give some serious thought to spaying your cat after her kittens are weaned. Pregnancy is hard on most animals and stresses the body. Your cat will live a longer and healthier life if she is spayed.

Help!!! Is my cat in labour or near labour!!! ASAP!!?

Here r my pregers cats symptoms
·She is 63 to 64 days along
·She's having her mucus plug
·Her tummy lowered/dropped
·I can c kittens moving below her abdomen
·Sometimes she is reallu hunfry other times shes not hungry at all
·Het nipples have dry milk on them
·She is very affectionate/clingy
·Her nipples r very pinkish red
·She gets in and out of the litter box
·She is very lazy and sleepy
·She lays on her side sprawled out
·Shes nesting all the time lile 24/7
·Shes kneading
·She twitches sometimes
I have everything she needs besides information on when she is going to give birth, I am going to fix her after this litter don't worry!!! Please help ASAP!!! All answers r helpful!!!

Is my cat in labor?

The signs of coming labor in cats generally include anxiety
and panting. As your queen nears her time for giving birth, she will exhibit a few signs that will give you clues to the impending arrival of kittens. The first stage of labor lasts from 12 to 24 hours, and may include the following "symptoms."

Nesting. She may start snooping around in closets and secluded areas for an appropriate place to bear her kittens. The time is ripe for you to prepare an area for her in a private place, with a box or basket lined with soft towels. She may decide instead to give birth on the cold, hard floor of your bathroom, but at least you have tried to accomodate her needs.
Increased affection. She may suddenly become very loving, and want to be near you at all times. Don't be surprised though, if a previously affectionate cat becomes withdrawn and seeks solitude. Either personality change may be completely normal.
Decreased Activity. Queenie may decide she'd rather sleep most of the time. She may also lose interest in food.
Milk Discharge from Nipples. Your cat's nipples will have become enlarged and pink about the third week of pregnancy; 24 hours or so before birth, she may show a milky discharge. This discharge may come even earlier in cats that have given birth several times.
Drop in Temperature. The normal temperature in cats is between 100.4°F and 102.5° F. A dramatic drop in her rectal temperature is a sure indicator that birth is imminent

How do you know when a cat is done with labor?

Beforehand she will be restless and lick at the vulva. You may see contractions along her sides. When she is having the kittens they will come every 10-15 min or so. In between kittens she will lick around the birth canal and at the born kittens and chew at the sacs and may gnaw on the placenta. She will probably cry and change positions, like seated or resting on one side, to try to get comfortable and in line for pushing. The birthing will gradually start to slow down and her attention will shift to cleaning and sniffing the babies and cleaning up. If after a while, like an hour, and she is still positioning and pushing, one may be stuck. Call the vet; he will want everyone to come in. If so, bring mom, kittens and any placenta in a padded carrier ASAP.. Don't wait too long! Vet may give a shot of pitocin to stimulate labor or manually feel around and shift the kitten in the vagina. Only the vet can do this. When mom lies down and begins nursing and licking kittens and eating placenta you are usually in the home stretch. If a live kitten still in its sac is ignored by mom, gently rupture the sac of it's fluid and place kitten next to a nipple where mom can smell it. Be sure kitten's airway is clear of mucus and fluid. This is not usually necessary though except in large litters/tired out or inexperienced moms. Keep everything warm and quiet. Mom cats are naturally good mothers, the old phrase being “easy as a cat.” if any doubt, always call the vet. Note it is a myth that number of nipples equals number of kittens. Sometimes it is close but you can't go by it. It's not over till it's over. As long as she is pushing, she is trying to deliver something…kitten, placenta, tissue, blood. If in doubt, call the vet, and keep track of the time elapsed. PS If you ever see any bright red or black blood or clots call vet right away. Not trying to scare you…Most births go smoothly if mom is just given some peace and privacy. But do look in on her every so often, Don't handle the newborns, and keep the little kids away from the birthing. She is already stressed enough.

Is there any way to induce labor in cats??

Brewers yeast helps push the kittens towards the canal.. a cat can have kittens anywhere from 60 to 80 days. It is true the cat knows when she is ready. Keep them away from the male, Give them a dark space to lay in with an approved cat heating pad (keep the kittens on a heatpad for 8 weeks), Our cats wait until we get home from work to start having kittens... They don't have kittens while were not home. a week before the cats deliver we mix wet food, instant baby cereal multigrain (NO WHOLE GRAIN), calf starter milk, brewers yeast.

OK i ned help like now!! my cat is in labour plzz help!?

OK heres the thing i need help!!!! my cat has broken her waters and is hissing and squeaking plzzzz help me! what should i do with her! and what should i do with the kittens when they come out!

What is the blood bubble in cat labor?

This is the afterbirth or the delivery of the placenta! All mamals deliver in this way, including humans. First the kitten is delivered and then the afterbirth. There will be one placenta for each kitten (unless your cat has delivered identical twins that share a placenta - very rare.) It is normal for the mama-cat to injest the placenta to remove any trace of her giving birth. This is an instinctual behavior designed to protect her kittens from being discovered by predators. If you can take it from her before she eats it, that would be preferrable but you have to be real quick or she will eat it before you even notice. Please recommend to your neighbor that she shoudl get her cat spayed after she has fully weaned the kittens. Also the kittens should be with their mother for a full 12 weeks. That is best for their health & well-being. Good luck.