Help Me Come Of With A Crazy Funny Sundae Name One For Pumpkin Theme

Help me come of with a Crazy Funny Sundae Name :) one for pumpkin theme?

1. Diabetes Dilemma- Birthday cake, birth day cake icecream, birthday cake frosting, birthday cake oreos, whipped cream. Sprinkles.

2. Christmas Catastrophe- Red velvet cake , green grass icing piped on top, ginger bread house on top (destroyed) Scoop off eggnog, scoop of peppermint, scoop of ginger bread icecream, tiny ginger bread men outside house. Whipped cream for snow.

THE PUMPKIN THEMED ONE (Need a name for it)

3. It has Pumpkin pie, pumpkin icecream, pumpkin whipped cream, sprinkles

Examples: maybe like , Harvest Homecoming or something like that.

What was one of the memorable encounters you had with a celebrity?

Original Question: What was your most memorable celebrity encounter?I was serving on a local school board in Kentucky and attended an education conference in New Orleans. The motivational speaker was Henry Winkler, aka “The Fonz”.While out for a stroll along Bourbon Street that evening with my cohort Giles after several long hours sitting in an auditorium—it was time to relax! I was doing what I love to do. Usually I People watch at the mall, but this stroll around the French Quarter was amazing!Having a drink in my hand ( it’s legal to buy a ‘to go’ alcoholic drink) we spotted “Fonzie” walking right towards us. We said “Hello”, and he may have recognized us a “business people” instead of tourists.We thanked him for his interesting talk that afternoon. He is a wonderful inspirational speaker and loves to encourage kids to stay in school and learn, etc.As we chatted and he smoked a cigar it was fun to be person-to-person with a celebrity. The Fonz was in no way intimidated to talk with fans, he had a massive body guard at each side of him. He was much shorter than the actor I was used to seeing on TV.It was a great encounter.Many, many years earlier in Cincinnati I got Sargent Shriver’s autograph when he was running for President. I met him, and Eunice Kennedy Shriver and their daughter Maria Shriver (later of TV fame).There are a few others I’ve met in person and been introduced to including Governor Lamar Alexander now US Senator (R-TN) and Dr. Ben Carson, and I spent 10 minutes at the Georgia Governor’s Mansion chatting with Gov. Perdue at a school function I was photographing. I also used to work with Mr. Jerome Scalise, Rep. Steve Scalise’s father when I lived in Calcasieu Parrish, Louisiana.I was in the Boy Scouts with The now-in-the-news Bobby (Robert) Mueller FBI Dir.My own grandfather was a celebrity in his field of photography. His father was also a famous photographer. He met many Broadway stars and photographed the Normandie (1935) on her maiden voyage. He also photographed the Lusitania in 1909. Chances are if you’ve ever seen an old photograph of New York City it could have been his. He donated 22,000 negatives to the City Museum of New York when he retired.First true selfie 1909. Tom Byron's answer to What are the best selfies ever taken?He knew and photographed Mr. Edison.He knew and photographed Mr. Clements.He knew and photographed Ethel Barrymore.Here’s all those negatives!

We are planning a pre k graduation but can't seem to find any plays or skits for the children to do can u help

My daughter's daycare did an annual year end program for each "grade" level. The 3 year olds sang a few songs, the 4 year olds preformed their songs, etc. It was all centered around a "theme". Theirs was a country western rodeo. The kids got cowboy hats and bandannas when they arrived. The boys had sherriffs hats. They made theme related crafts at different stations and had an ice cream sundae social. It was really cute.

If you chose a theme like the rodeo and when the kids get their "Diploma" they could be shaped as big gold stars with their names on them. The kids could help out at the different stations and show their parents what they did over the past year kind of like a show and tell event.

Tell me everything you know about the jonas brothers!??!?

Since somebody already wrote everything out, I'm just gonna suggest this:

Go on their YouTube channel

That's where EVERYBODY falls in love with them
Then listen to their music, and then obsess over their looks

VERY VERY VERY soon, you'll have OJD
which is "Obsessive Jonas Disorder"

Yes, I am diagnosed with this LOVELY symptom

I need a clever name for a party?

This is a sorry attempt on my part to be creative, but I love questions that make me THINK:

1) "Stop The World (I Wanna Party)"
2) "FlakyFiesta (Everybody Act Dumb!!)"
3) "NPPP (No Party-Poopers, Please)" - everyone stays past 12AM
4) "Cinderella's Pumpkin" - everyone out the door by 12 AM

That was fun! Hope I've inspired you somewhat :-)

Fun survey for dogs and their owners #3?

Ok hello dog lovers! I don't know if you've done any previous surveys of mine, but i like dogs, and i like to hear about other people dogs, so here goes!

1.) Dog's name, breed , age

2.) Does your dog sleep with you?

3.) Do you take your dog to the dog park?

4.) Is your dog a rescue, or purebred, etc.

5.) Does your dog have any funny habits or quirks?

6.) What do you feed your dog? Does he/she eat table scraps?

7.) Is your dog smarter then most people?

8.) Story Time! OK so just imagine if you and your pooch were out on a walk. It had just rained, so there are puddles on the sidewalk. You are walking along, when you see a particulary large one and get an idea. You call your dog, and take both feet and jump into the puddle and start splashing. Your dog
A. Stands there wondering what the heck you are doing
B. Joins into the Fun
C. Barks madly
D. Looks away so other dogs don't think you belong to this crazy human
E. Anything else

9.) What is your dogs favorite toy?

10.) When you go to Petco, or any other store, and your dog sees another dog, how does he react?

11.) Is your dog scared of thunderstorms, fireworks, or any loud noises?

12.) Do you spoil your dog?

13.) How many dogs do you have?

14.) Before bedtime, does your dog turn around in a circle, or scratch the floor, etc.?

15.) What is your dogs theme song?

16.) Does your dog have any non-canine friends?

17.) Does he/she have large amounts of fur in-between their paws?

18.) Do they shed exesive amounts?

19.)How often do you get your dog groomed?

20.) Is your dog secretly a cat?

21.) If your dog could eat anythign in the world, what would it be?

22.) Is your dog cuddly and furry, or protective and alert?

23.) Would your dog prefer a day with you, hiking in the woods, rolling in the dirt, and chasing squirrels, or lazing at home, watching you walk around, looking out of the windows, getting pet, and sleeping?

24.) Did you like this survey, and do you want me to make another one?

How did your dog get its name?

Thanks for the A2A Satya.I have had 3 dogs. My 1st dog was kidnapped--she was a Labrador Retriver named Christy. She was gifted to me on my 18th birthday by friends. She was looked after by a friend named Christopher/Chris before I was surprised  with her on my birthday. So she was given the name Christy. My second dog--Labrador Retriever who came to us when she was around 40 days old. She was shy, scared and hid under the couch for the first few days. She was a gorgeous golden brown color--much like caramel sauce :) For a long time my family couldn't agree on a name for her. We called her all kinds of things in our native language. Finally one afternoon we sat down and decided to arrive at a name before she began responding to 'puppy'. My dad loved her color--a unique golden brown--she got her name Tawny. It's an unusual name and everywhere we took her, we had to say "She's Tawny. T-A-W-N-Y". She lived a happy life surrounded by loving family, lots of her favorite food, toys and long walks. She was the best thing that came in to our lives. She died of DCM exactly a week before she turned 8 this February. She lives in our thoughts. Everyday.My third dog--Indian dog who we took in as a tiny puppy. He was abandoned by his mother and took shelter in our parking garage. He is really timid, scared by the smallest of sounds and would run to hide under a car or in a bush! We decided to call him Scooby after Scooby Doo. He's 5 and lives with my parents. He's extremely intelligent and is an excellent companion on walks. He protected and loved Tawny till the day she died. Our experience with Scooby has taught us how resilient the Indian dog can be and very intelligent without the need for formal obedience training.

Horse names?

If you play lots of basketball and you wish to dunk like Vince Carter but the genetic doesn't served you that manual, Vert Shock may help you and is where you will discover this guide.
Adam Folker created Vert Shock. Adam Folker is really a former college basketball player now turned professional basketball player, a 30-year-old athlete who has always been fighting with his jump. He tried numerous methods to boost his vertical but only lately, he'd a breakthrough. His achievement is the consequence of the new Vert Shock plan that has changed vertical jump training and has been creating lots of hype in the world recently.
The Vert Shock program is incredibly available to persons at every degree of fitness expertise. It doesn't need any particular equipment or services, making it simple to practice anywhere.
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What ruined a Thanksgiving dinner for you?

I was not with my mom and siblings often for either Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner because I was always the one that lived quite a distance away and was the one expected to pick up all of the travel costs, time, vacation time from work, etc. This always struck me as more than a bit unfair because it was quite expensive and I was not close enough to any or all of them to go through that year after year.Every single year both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner were the same, and every single year I would ask Mom to leave the giblets out of the gravy, and every single year she refused. It was as though the entire dinner would collapse if every single dish was not the same, down to the number of fried onion bits on the green bean mush, ugh, I mean casserole. She also would also refuse to remove a small bit of gravy to leave the giblets out of because it would change the ratio of giblets:flour:water and thus change the taste for everything.I finally got tired of paying $2,000 for the displeasure of trying to eat and “celebrate” with a bunch of narcissistic, bullheaded people whom I would not associate with if I were not related to them so I stopped going completely.Five of the other people there all had good paying jobs and on the one occasion when I asked them to split the costs with me I was treated as though I asked them to help me rob a bank and take all of the heat for the job.From the time I stopped attending their giblet-filled, absolutely no compromise dinners I have been putting the money I would have spent on torture into purchasing warm clothes and personal hygiene items for the homeless in my community and I go out, talk to them, ask if there is anything I have that they would like to have, tell them “thank you” for taking the time to talk with me, and move on. No holiday sayings, no wrapped presents, just human contact for a few minutes and on we go. That feels 2,000 times better than the $2,000 I would have spent for arguing about some crappy gravy.

Can a narcissist turn your own family against you?

Thanks for the request.I haven’t met one long enough to do too much damage in my life, but there’s one inside the family that I cannot rid of. At least, at the moment.That’s my father.I used to be the Golden Child. What my mother saw was (from a layman’s POV) my father spoiled me too much. Not as in showering me with gifts and toys, he’s extremely stingy with money. He would let me be if I didn’t want to do my homework, for example. My mother would then do the disciplining like, no sweets, treats, and cartoons until I was done with the homework. That made me hate her and my father was proud of it. I didn’t know what I was doing, of course. Until I was older and started seeing things more clearly.I remember there was a time when I got really curious about relationships and asked my mother about how she and my father met. It took a long time, but she didn’t mind telling me her story because I was the only one (among the three children) who asked about it.After learning from her perspective, I felt something very wrong about her marriage. Personality or mental disorders never crossed my mind still. I just thought that if this is what marriage is, I don’t ever want to get married. I think it was around the same time when I started being more defensive and protective of her. That’s when my father’s attitude towards me changed. He hit me for the first time. Then comes the second. And third. I became the scapegoat overnight, and my sister took the Golden Child crown ever since.My father would also let his side of the family to insult and put down my mother. “Oh, look at *her* youngest daughter. She’s nothing like *your* eldest daughter. She’s hopeless in her studies. She’s probably going to marry away soon and that’s about it.” That’s a mild example. Bear in mind, I was still a child that time.Funny how life turns out. My sister become just like my father today. Selfish, shows no empathy, love and not even an ounce of care towards anything (especially my mother) except herself.So yes, as long as it serves him, a narc would turn your family (or anyone, if he can) against you.