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Help Me Figure Out These Health Issues

I'm 16 and have so many health issues?

Im a 16 year old guy and am having so many health issues like Hemorrhoids,I have some I acne that I'm trying to control with a lot of PIH,and have really sensitive skin that scars easily and now I have some weird bump under my tounge,I have such low self esteem and all these issues are so stressful for me,why am I going through all this at such a young age?

How do I figure out where my mental issues stem from?

Like it or not you need to start getting some kind of therapy to work through the obsessive thoughts. However, just because you start with someone doesn't mean you have to stay with them. Therapists are only human and no matter how much they try to be objective they too are a product of their own personal life experiences besides the education they have received. I am bipolar and suffer from sensory integration disorder. I've worked with a few different therapists and a couple of different doctors. I've recently moved across the country and am presently looking for a new doctor and if it takes me awhile to find one I'm comfortable with I'm ok with that.With that said I would like to address your concern over your sexual situation.Congratulations, you are human! Honestly though, give yourself permission to work through how you really feel about your sexuality without the guilt. It has been my experience that guilt comes only from the ridged societal customs that are rooted in religion. The truth is, unless what you do affects someone else or could cause harm it's not anything to really worry about. Sexuality and gender are not the same. What gender you identify as is completely irrelevant to what “turns you on”.Just to clarify, I am a heterosexual, 50 year old woman whose been married over 30 years, comes from a religious family, and has 6 children, 1 of whom is bisexual. I had to do a lot of research into sex, sexuality and gender when I realized my child was definitely attracted to both men and women. I had to learn all I could to be prepared to deal with not only my own personal beliefs, but also that of family and friends.

Can you help me figure out the meaning of these John Locke quotes?

Hi , i need some help figuring out what these quotes mean.

1. "The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which treats everyone equally..Being equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health or possessions".

2. "We have reason to conclude that all peaceful beginnings of government have been laid in the consent of the people."

3. "The old traditions are apt to lead mean into mistakes as this idea of fatherly power's probably has done , which seems so eager to place the power of parents over their children wholly in the father, as if the mother has no share in it. Whereas if we consult reason or the Bible, we shall find she has an equal title."

Ok...last one...

4. "Whensover...the government shall put into the hands of any other an absolute power over the lives, liberties, and estates of the people, by this breach of trust they forfeit the power of the people...who have a right to resume their originial liberty , and by the establishment of the new government provide for their own safety and security."

All i need is to know the meaning of these... all or one! any help i can get will be appreciated!

My girlfriend doesn't work and she has some health issues. What should I do?

Okay so here are the details,
My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 year and I love her very deeply and she loves me very deeply. We always talk about a future together and wanting to get married and have children with each other.
She has a history of severe anxiety which had caused her to leave a previous job before we were together. Also, she has always felt that she has heart problems. Well, one day she went through a rough situation with her body that led her to go to a doctor and get an MRI. The outcome is that she must return to see if something in her brain has gotten any worse. She says that once she finds out she is ok she wants to get her heart checked. I support all of this.

Now, in the meantime of all of this we have gotten an apartment together in CA and have been living with each other for half a year. I work full time so I pay all of the bills and everything. She does not have a car or job and she says she wants to know she is healthy before she gets a job. The thing is sometimes i get very discouraged thinking that it will never change. She has not had a job since we have gotten together and has had these health issues she has wanted to address. Sometimes when I come home from work she will have spent the entire time watching TV or something like that. And other times she will clean. but for the most part she will sleep for about 10-12 hours, then lay on the couch and then later on go to the gym. she normally always cooks dinner and cleans the kitchen but for the most part that is all.To address the anxiety issue. She used to be on medication for it when she was 16. But, since then she came off of the medication because she doesnt want the side effects and wants to cope with the anxiety in a more healthy way off of medication. Also the heart problems are palpitations that she gets at times.

So what do I do? I love her so deeply so I want to stick it out and believe she will end up healthy, get a job, and we can start our life. But does it seem unlikely? I just feel stuck

I am only 58 w/ health issues, I want to quit work to focus on living and getting healthy. My husband makes enough for both of us and our kids are all grown up. How can I justify my desire to my husband w/o turning it into a marital problem?

Well if you seem to think it will be an issue. There must be some underlying reason for you to feel the need to justify your desire. Having to justify or validate what you think and feel is not a healthy thing in and of itself. I know that because I have given up trying to even have a “my side” of any thing for a long time.However if he is the type of person that can take into account what you think and feel. Then by all means just talk to him. Figure out together if you can financially do without the income from your job. Able to come up with a plan on what to do without that income. Discussing your now and future’s together when it comes to being financially secure now and through retirement.After that come up with the plan to becoming healthier and what you want to do to make that happen. Maybe you could find things to do together and will end up coming closer in the process. Making life changes for the both of you, if you both agree, might be a good thing.More power to you if he is that type of person. Hope it all works out and that those health issues work themselves out toward the positive and no longer exist as issues. Here’s hoping for a positive outcome. The world needs more of those. XOXO

What are the health issues truck drivers face mostly?

back pain

What kind of health issues, in general, do software engineers face?

Health is combination of physical and mental state:Software engineers Life In general:Project specific timings, so if you are not working in regular shift you are not sleeping on time.Entire life gets affected with your sleep cycle.Waking up late? you are already hungry, so can not work out much.waking up late makes you skip breakfast, but breakfast is very important in our daily routine. It supplies more oxygen to the brain.This reflects in poor decision making, which in turn reflects in your task prioritizing.Some people hardly sleep for 4 hours which causes Alzheimer decease.This could affect the hormones and results in hair fall, weight gain and fluctuating blood pressures.Some people tend to smoke a lot to avoid all these tensions, and get addicted to this in no time with out their knowledge, which is direct and indirect healthy hazard. Alcoholism too is a side effect of this profession. I have personally seen many cases where people lost their lives and body parts due to drink and drive cases.Project deadlines, traffic pollution, long hour drives, sitting for long time in wrong postures with out knowledge will result in sciatica, back bone damage and result in sever back pain which might need surgery or even end up getting physically weak.Eating junk and eating out side frequently is part of your life? Please see how and when those KFC and McD foods are prepared and shipped.Restaurants end up cooking food in lot of salt and oils to make it taste better. Which will increase BP & cholesterol. You might think you are lean or feeling healthy but cholesterol doesn’t just mean being obese. Your blood veins could have got clotted already but you don’t feel it until you get your blood tests done.I am a victim of some of the above mentioned problems too, but i make sure i have time to meditate, walk in sun, take stairs when ever possible, avoid social media and regular prayers to over come them.I have seen people working 12–14 hours for the company, when the same person is sick, is running out of sick leaves HR will call him back to check if he is going to join back or not? Not even those colleagues who take his help completing their work check on his health condition, then the only people to support are family members, who he never spared few hours in those many years come to his rescue.Our health and happiness is more important than anything else, so to all those who read this my request is : Set your priorities right.