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Help Me Find This Blanket

What kind of blanket should I buy for winter in Delhi?

There are many places where you can buy good quality stuffs but the problem is always the price because every website shows Products with discounts on it and we really don’t know weather they are actually discounted or not.I will recommend a friend of mine only for Delhi people. He has good quality bed-sheets,blankets and Quilts of very good qualities with 100% genuine products at very good discounted rate and the reason for selling it with such discounted rates is that He brought it directly from factories instead of retailers which excludes the middlemen commission.I have bought a Quilt and a Blanket from him.This is a Signature Blanket of price Rs.3300 which I got it at Rs.2800 which is Rs.500 off.And I also brought a Quiltwhich is really very warm and good quality at Price of Rs.2500 onlyAnd other products he showed me are Double Bed Sheet of high quality (Sukhdev Brand) at Rs.1600Below 2 pics are of Signature Blankets at Rs.2800Bed-sheets which starts from Rs.750 to 1200I have also ordered for Double Bed-sheets as I think it can also be used as a Gift pack as winter is On.So if you guyz interested then you can whatsapp him at 999271072.

Uneven ends of crochet baby blanket help?

There is a possibility that you can put a border around the blanket and that would cover up your mistake. Let me know

Help me find this Winnie the Pooh baby Blanket?

Hi! I'm searching for a certain Winnie the pooh Blanket that I had when I was younger. It was bought at Sears in 1993. My Mom is completely crushed that it's been lost somewhere.

It was a crib/baby blanket that was white with red trim. It had Pooh on it holding up balloons (or one balloon) and red, blue, yellow, and green leaves blowing around him. My mom says it also had some other characters on it... Tigger, Piglet, and MAYBE Rabbit. She said it was called "A Blustery Day" or something... If you could find a place to buy this blanket, or even just a picture of it, I would be SO happy.

Thank you :D

What is a blanket statement?

A blanket statement is a sentence that assumes as truth that something applies to absolutely everything it is discussing.  As an example:  All people get angry. And the difficulty with such a statement is that the vast majority of the cases, the sentence simply isn't accurate.  As we know, people, such as monks, who work to control their emotions, simply DON'T get angry.  So it is a comment made to convince one of the validity of an argument when the statement itself has no validity.

Help... Desperately searching for Elmo blanket for my son.?

My two year old son's "blankie" has gone missing and now I am desperately searching for another one. It is a blue blanket that has Elmo painting and has paintbrushes on it. I have looked on Ebay and Google but I am about to give up hope. Is there anyone who could possibly help me find this blanket or give me the actually name of the blanket? My son and I would be extremely thankful.

I think i may be allergic to my blanket? ?

Kelsey: It could be that the blanket has collected some allergen. I would strip the bed completely, blanket, sheets, pillowcases the whole nine yards and wash it all in this stuff called Allergen Wash. It will remove the allergens no mater if it is from the dog or something else.
I'll give you a link to read about it.
If you decide to get a new blanket I suggest something like cotton because it is washable. If you don't want to go for the cotton, then if you are not allergic to wool, get an all natural wool quilt and put it in a cotton allergy proof duvet cover. That way it stays clean and you stay allergy free.

What conditions are weighted blankets proven to help with?

When it comes to the conditions that people are using weighted blankets for, they are varied. Keep in mind that a weighted blanket experience is an individual one. Since they help trigger serotonin, there’s a whole bunch of symptoms they can help with.Most commonly they are used by people affected by the following:ASD - Autism, Asperger’s, and other disorders in the autism spectrum.Sensory processing disorderInsomnia - chronic, acute, onset (difficulty falling asleep), and maintenance (difficulty staying asleep).They are also frequently used as a therapeutic aid by people who suffer from:StressAnxietyPTSDFibromyalgiaAlzheimer’sRestless leg syndromePanic disorderVarious phobiasPersonally, I find my weighted blanket very calming and helpful when going to sleep. I fall asleep much faster than I would normally without it. Also, I use it when if feel particularly stressed out (work, family). I go and have a nap with it and wake up calmer and more energized. I got mine from Calming Blankets - they also have a pretty detailed page discussing how weighted blankets help with sleeping disorders and anxiety. If you need more info (and links to research) than I’ve given here, make sure to check that out.

Looking for 2005/2006 Walmart Baby Blankets?

My daughter is now 5 yrs old and is very attached to her blanket. They made light fleece baby blankets in solid colors and sold them for $1. She only loves the green color and I can't find them anywhere. Please can anyone help me locate this blanket.