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Help Me Find This Movie Its About A Boy And A Owl And A Family Who Loves Animals

Good animated animal movies/shows?

Hey all, I've been hankering to watch some good animated animal films (nothing disney or **** like Happy Feet and Kung Fu Panda). I'm fond of older anime's ( 50s - early 90s) UNLESS THEY ARE FULL OF FURRIES OR LIKE NARUTO, INUYASHA, FRUITS BASKET, ETC. If those kind of shows/films are all you have to offer, be my guest and shuffle along to some new question without commenting here. You won't get best answer for suggestions like that, so no point in wasting your time here.

Movies I've watched and LIKED:
- EVERYTHING from Ghibli (trust me, I've seen them all because I collect them! Even his really old stuff!)
- Kimba/Jungle Emperor Leo series & movies (1960 - 1980 - 2009)
- Last Unicorn
- Adventures of Unico
- Katie the Caterpillar
- Felidae
- Plague Dogs
- Watership Down
- Animals of Farthing Wood
- Ringing Bell of Chirin
- Arashi no Yoru Ni (one stormy night)
- Night on the Galactic Railroad
- Animal Farm
- Fritz the Cat
- The Cunning Little Vixen
- Secret of Nimh
- Jungledyret Hugo
- Cat Soup
- Chi's Sweet Home/ New Address

Movies I've watched and DIDN'T like:
- Ginga Densetsu Weed
- Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
- Balto
- Wolf's Rain
- All Dog's Go to Heaven

What are some animals that have 3 letters in their name?

Dog, cat, rat, hos, fly, pig, hog. bee, ant, ape, man, boy, ass, cow, ewe, sow, doe, yak, tit, hen, cob, pen, bat, eel, cod, jay, kit, kid, nit, pup, emu. That’s 31 to be getting on with, my cat was called Sid. Ok so here’s a few more, gnu, fox, bug, owl, cub, pet, ram or tup, roc (mythical), god (primitive), elk, ewt, auk.

What animal reminds you of yourself?

A cat. The rest of this answer will be in list form, because cats love lists, as we all know. :PSlothfulness. Cats spend more time asleep than awake, or near enough. While I’m awake a lot of the time, I do not move around much or engage in anything remotely strenuous in any way whatsoever. Composing this answer is the hardest thing I’ve done today, and I’m not saying it’s difficult.Fuzziness. I don’t have any pictures to show of myself, but take my word for it that I fit this.That weird combination of an aloof, independent attitude and actually being completely helpless without the aid and protection of others. I basically live in only one room of my house, and make brief forays to the kitchen for snacks and the retrieval of meals, ignoring the very existence of anything and anyone outside my room at most other points in time beyond a tendency to send a lot of very brief emails throughout the day (and Quora usage, of course).A tendency to bite those with whom I am annoyed. This one is no longer true, but when I was a young child I was a biter. My teeth are awfully sharp as well. Good times, except for people who weren’t me.Nowadays I just sass people who annoy me; I’m sure cats would do this if they were capable of speech.A dislike for having other cats infringe upon my territory. I enjoy the company of such creatures, but there are boundaries to be maintained. They like to sleep on my bed, and I don’t much like having them do so, in particular.The formation of strong habits. Much as humans are prone to patterns of behavior, cats are more so. I, in turn, am more habit-bound than is usual for a human.I wouldn’t say I am as much so as a cat, though. Flexibility is partly a function of intellect; I, like many people, am endowed with super-feline intelligence, which is to say that cats are dumber than I am, so I’m better at understanding change than they are.I heard recently that they don’t understand that different doors lead to the same outside world, in fact, though I haven’t fact-checked this. Supposedly, this is also why they do that thing where they go out, then back in, and then back out(, and then back in…): they don’t fully have object permanence, and thus conclude that what they cannot see is no longer there, and this messes with them when doors get involved. But hey, this is getting off-topic.

A movie about a diamond in a teddy bear?

this is an old movie and the main characters are children. It's NOT Don't say a word, Breaking all the rules, Rescuers down under. I just can't seem to find out the name of it. It's NOT animated and I remember it was a father or uncle or someone in this little girls family giving her a teddy bear and her guy friend finds it in the end. I also remember one of the last scenes of the movie was the boy comming over for supper/ Any ideas??

I'm 15 and I still like to play with stuffed animals is that weird?

I don't exactly play with stuffed animals and other stuffed toys still but there are a couple stuffed animals I have had since childhood that I'm tempted to play with and I'm actually tempted to sleep with them also because I haven't done so since I was a little kid and I forgot what it's like but I'm probably not going to do that because I would feel really embarrassed if caught. I don't think it's weird myself because I do know of people in their teens or older who have a love and appreciation for stuffed toys because their just cool! In fact a friend of mine at my school said to me today that he slept with his teddy bear after watching the movie unfriended because it scared him so bad lol! Anyway is it weird if I still like stuffed animals because I don't think so myself. Who could blame me really? There so soft and cute!

Whats the name of this old kids movie?

Rock-A-Doodle (1991)
A little boy named Edmond learns that the crowing of Chanticleer the rooster did not make the sun rise, as everyone thought. But when a flood threatens his family's farm, Edmond sets off to get Chanticleer to make the sun rise and save the day or the rain will keep coming down forever. Edmond gets turned into a kitten during this adventure, for no apparent reason other than that cats are easier to animate than humans. Meanwhile Chanticleer has moved to the city, and although the farm seems to be in the Midwest, the nearest city is clearly supposed to be Las Vegas. Chanticleer is now the King and now he has to hurry, because the horrible owls, who love the darkness, are coming.

What if animals could talk? What do you think would happen?

As per a quote by Mark Twain,“If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much."Imagine what a chaotic world it would be! They will speak in a whole new language, lets call it is "animian". The pets would soon adapt the language which their masters conversate in. People would not keep a cat for its cunning nature. We would have to be extra conscious while talking about something private. Imagine you have to tip your dog to keep its mouth shut about a secret he knows about you. The cow would be the silent spectator and would not still revolt against their meaningless mass slaughter, except when you take away their food, because then, they’d get really mad.  The horses would be like the party goons who run around without any care in the world and have fun by bullying.1. Bitching about human beings.    Since Humans absolutely adore bitching about other human beings, it’d be fun to get an out-species’ perspective on that. I’m so sure one animal that’d really be over-enthusiastic about this thing would be those snobby cats! They always seem to be judging their surroundings and having a hidden smirk on them. 2. Ask about evolution and discuss about science, philosophy and meaning    of life.3. There would be probably another film industry purely dedicated to animals. A lion would be a superstar and a lioness would be awarded the best actress award. :D4. They would ask all the house pests, especially mosquitos, that what exactly their problem is !5. Find out whether animals have racial biases too.   There must be ways that the white cat somehow thinks that he has a life more than the black cat. May be black cats are out-casted for crossing roads because that might bring downfall to the entire feline clan!6. Animals would go to owls for advice. Owls would be referred as  'babaji'!     image source :google