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Help Me I Think I Have Agoraphobia

I think I may have agoraphobia?

hi i can try and help you! i really want to help you.. im 22 years old i started having panic attacks when i was 12 and stopped having them so badly when i was about 16 still have them now and again but i can deal with them and they do not bother me this means they only last a few seconds and i laugh at them! honestly tho when i was maybe 15 i was having them around 8 times a day i can remember one lasting about an hour! i couldnt leave the house at one stage! it all led to depression and i seen psychiatrists and doctors they gave me tablets that didnt work! you remind me of me! if you want you can email me and i can give you as much advice as i can with the same advice my psychiatrist gave me!

but here is a little advice.. i missed out on alot (the same things as you) i couldnt go anywhere and had to leave school early because of crowds and things like that! i know how hard it is but you need to just enjoy your life! honestly it is that simple! dont be scared just go for it! think of all you have missed out on and make up for it.. find something you love doing and do it as often as you can!

keep yourself busy
go for jogs
dont think about your panic attacks you have to learn to ignore them!
send me an email i can explain more :)

I think i have Agoraphobia?

every time i go to the mall or any place full of people i get really nervous...also i start to tremble,i get sweaty,shaky,,nauseous,lightheaded,and really anxious.
i'm home schooled because i was missing school alot cus i felt sick all the time.
anyone with agoraphobia?
do you think i should go see my doctor?

I think I have agoraphobia?

The brain is a very complicated and delicate thing. It can get messed up and be unable to produce sufficient serotonin. This is called a chemical imbalance ... which is easily treated, very common and nothing to be ashamed of. ......................

It can cause depression, anxiety, panic, obsession, self harm/self hatred, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, sleeping problems, aggression/rage, anger, phobias, fears, helplessness, hopelessness, hypochondria, OCD, paranoia, headaches, lack of interest in things, lack of motivation/ focus and much more.........................

According to those who have gone to therapists, counselors and psychiatrists, they dont help much. Worse, they are not even allowed to prescribe appropriate meds to help you get better..........................

Tell a dr. about your symptoms and ask for anti-depressants. Zoloft/Sertraline is a good one; most people thrive on it and it has no side effects. It produces more serotonin which enables the brain to function properly. ........................

With the right antidepressants, you will be much better, happier, calmer, confident, relaxed and normal. What a difference it makes!! You need them, so stay ON them..........................

Then, find big HAPPY churches, attend some youth groups there and have fun. Talk with the pastor/minister or the youth pastor/leader. They have more wisdom than you and I. And where else can you get FREE counseling? ...........................

Troubled people need peace; a good pastor can show you how to have perfect peace. God loves you more than you can possibly imagine :)

I think I have Agoraphobia, I need to go out but can't. HELP ME?

Desensitization is the best therapy. You have to work your way up to it and you need a partner to help you with this. First just think about going outside and the path you will have to take and what you could encounter on the way. Think of multiple ways that you can deal with these encounters. Visualize this over and over in your head while you are relaxed. Then try taking small steps to head outside. Try to go and get in your car and do the same visualization. Keep doing this until you feel more calm about the situation. Remember you are strong enough to face anything that might come along.

You also need to think of something that will calm you down from an attack. Try to hum a song from your childhood and think about your favorite place in the world. You may even want to record or find a lullaby or song that your really like and play it back. This will work with a CD or MP3 player too. Just focus on slowing your heart rate, breathing deeply, and taking your mind to another place.

Just think of your kids and not your ex, your ex cannot harm you in anyway. Sticks and stone may break your bones but you CANNOT let those words harm you.

After you get your kids back in court tomorrow find a therapist in your area that is experienced in phobias. Most therapists work on a sliding scale and will accomidate for your financial situation. They will also meet you at your home and work on the desensitization with you. You may only need a few session before you overcome this fear. They can also prescribe an anti-anxiety medication that will help you through this phase.

Your children are counting on you and cant wait to see you tomorrow. I know you can do it!

I think i have Social Anxiety and Agoraphobia?

I do think you should see a doctor, just tell them something like "I have anxiety problems, here is whats wrong and I want you to prescribe me something" or something along the lines of that. I've been dealing with social anxiety and depression for the past year or two. I almost never leave the house anymore because I'm always worried everyone will stare and judge me, It seems silly when you think about it, but when I'm actually outside in a big crowd it gets to the point where I want to just cry because I feel so nervous and shy, it's horrible. I'm always making up excuses to stay inside, I haven't left the house in weeks. I've lost almost all of my friends because of this. And my parents are always complaining how I've let my grades slip, and I'm terrified to go back to school in August. I'll figure out some way to get through it. I've probably made myself sound pathetic, but I guess I am. I just want you to know that you're not alone and that there are millions and millions of people who go through this, too. I really hope you get better soon, and see a doctor. <3

I have agoraphobia and went from being afraid of going outside to spending the last six months traveling the world.The gold standard of treatment for Agoraphobia is a form of Cognitive Behavioral therapy called Exposure Therapy. This involves a daily process of slowly and gradually confronting situations which cause anxiety and by doing so reducing the underlying fear.An ‘exposure’ session for someone with agoraphobia would depend on how their fear manifested itself. If, for instance, you were afraid of getting on a bus, the first step might be walking to a bus stop, staying there until the anxiety starts to lessen, and then heading back home without getting on. Next, you might step on the bus, then step off. As anxiety decreases, you would then try taking the bus for one stop, then two, and so on until you are able to effectively take a bus without even remembering to become anxious.The way this works is by accumulating emotional memories that contradict an established fear until the brain no longer views it as a threat. Each time you perform an exposure you are training the reactive part of your brain that nothing bad happens when you confront a feared situation. It’s important to take things slowly and make sure that you don’t overwhelm yourself at first with exposures. Start with smaller fears and work your way up.If you’re interested I’ve written about my experience facing agoraphobia and traveling the world on my blog, Jesse's Travel Journal.

Hi. I've had different levels of agoraphobia throughout my life. Right now, it's not too bad. I'm thrilled to be able to leave my house.Ok. For me, I believe my agoraphobia started with untreated anxiety and depression early in life. I developed one clear phobia, but that's all it takes, along with years of childhood panic based on real things that happened to me.For me, living a life of fear definitely helped me develop more serious symptoms.Right now, I've moved! This was something I felt compelled to do because where I lived before made it very hard to leave my house, so I left less and less frequently until I had anxiety before leaving my house without a friend, my husband, a real and good reason. It's a terrible thing. I moved to force myself out. This forcing can be subtle: making advance plans, scoping out a new place with my husband before I have to go alone, making it easier by taking car service… I work hard to feel free to leave my house.I think that agoraphobia has roots in simple emotions. I was also having more and more complex fears, and since adults around didn't believe in depression, I lost some crucial time learning about what was and was not normal. My family did not watch out for me. This is annoying as I am far from childhood.I hope this helps. Anyone showing any fears leaving or transitioning from one activity to another should consider getting counseling, as this is a hard one to beat.