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Help Me Identify A Horror Movie Where A Mom And Son Move In To A House That Has Ghosts In The

Help me identify a horror movie where a mom and son move in to a house that has ghosts in the walls. Made pre-1996 most likely.?

Maybe it's "A Haunting in Connecticut" (2009)?
It's about a woman and her son moving into a haunted house.

THE WAILINGTRAILERIt is a 2016 South Korean horror/thriller. I watched it alone, at night, when my mom was out of town and let me tell you — I am a person who is difficult to scare and yet I had difficulty falling asleep. The movie is eerie and bizarre, working your way into your subconscious and conscious fears masterfully.Warning: The movie is long. I think about two and a half hours! But, if you choose to watch it and be patient during its relatively slow first 40��60 minutes, I promise you’ll enjoy it! Everything in the movie has its purpose in the grand horror scheme of things, slow pace included.Go grab some popcorn, beer and have fun getting spooked!

PLZ help me name some horror movies ty??????

I think it might be Tales from the Crypt......Demon Night Hope this helps I can't claim to have seen much of the TV show 'Tales from the Crypt', but I saw Bordello of Blood on TV a few years back and found it to be an enjoyably silly piece of camp. I was expecting similar from this film, and that's pretty much what I got - although Demon Knight is clearly better than Bordello of Blood. The film never takes itself too seriously, and that ensures that it is put across to the audience in the right way. Plots similar to the one featured in this film have been the basis for serious horror films in the past, but the fact that this film has a bit of fun with it is definitely in it's favour. The mythology behind the plot is actually quite good, and follows the idea of a 'collector' who is on the trail of a key bearer. The key he seeks contains the blood of Christ, and there are seven scattered across the globe. This is the last one, and if the collector gets his hands on it could spell the end of the world...the final battle is about to take place, only it happens to be in a motel with a motley crew of different characters. One of the most surprising things about this film is the cast list! The film features performances from two stars who have received praise recently; Jada Pinkett Smith and Thomas Haiden Church. CCH Pounder, who starred in the critically-acclaimed Baghdad Cafe, appears also, while **** Miller ensures that there's an ounce of cult status among the cast. The lead roles are taken by William Sadler and Billy Zane. Sadler is good enough, but it's Zane who really makes this film what it is. He gets to enjoy himself entertaining the audience as the lead villain, and ensures that every scene he's in is a lot of fun. For an inexpensive film, the effects are also rather good. They do look cheap, but the demons look more realistic than most computer generated effects. The way that the film pans out reminded me a lot of the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino flick, From Dusk Till Dawn in that we've got 'the good guys' trapped with some monsters, and we watch as they get picked off one by one. Overall, this isn't a great film; but its lots of fun, and anyone that enjoys silly horror comedies will be right at home with it.

Late 80s early 90s horror movie?

Would like some help on this one. It may be a huge stretch but When I was younger I watched a lot of horror movies with my dad. This movie I am having trouble remember the name of it. Some key points, It involves teenagers around Halloween, one girl is dressed like a cat. There's this guy in the beginning that one of the girls kind of likes who showed up on the first day of school but hadn't returned since, she remembered seeing him but he could really care less. It takes place in like an abandoned house, with demons or ghosts or something evil, at the end of the movie that girl and guy survive and she says they have to show up every year to make sure this doesn't happen again. quite difficult based on that information but if anybody recognizes anything from it please let me know.

What is the name of that movie it's a horror where this family moves to this farm house and the little boy see

The Messangers

The movie begins with a woman and her two children, son and daughter in an old farm house. She tells her son to be a big boy as they enter a bedroom, this is in black and white. The door is closed and begins to shake, the mother puts the boy under the bed, he is crying. the door bangs open and an invisible force throws her against the wall, the thing leaves the boy runs into the hall to his sister. She is just as scared and she asks 'Where's mom?' The force throws her over the banister of the stairs, she is dragged into the basement by her feet, leaving deep nail marks in the floor. The boy runs into the kitchen and hides in a cupboard, the thing comes and after a heart stopping moment pulls him out. The screen goes black.

Then there are the creepiest titles ever! And the screen is color and we see a car driving down the highway. They talk and come to the farm we saw at the beginning. Jess gets out of the car and goes into the house alone. She looks around and behind her the cupboard opens and closes behind her. She looks in and sees a little wind up tractor way back at the back. She reaches in trying to reach it and it lurches forward and begins to move, I jumped very high. She is going back out and hears a noise from the basement and the door is locked when she tries it. She goes upstairs and her dad talks to her about how she likes the house.

Mom sees a watermark on the walls and gets scrubbing. Later mom is flipping the sheets and making waves, the little boy is there and he sees two bloody legs under the sheets. jess and mom share an odd moment and Jess goes to the basement to put boxes down there, she hears a noise. A drifter comes. Weird things start happening and in the end you find out that the drifter was the one that killed the people at the beginning, he gets sucked into the ground by the ghosts of the son, daughter, and wife. They all live happily ever after!

Make myself look as unattractive as possible.Definitely dye my blonde hair a darker color.Don’t wear any sexy or revealing clothes.Do not drink even a sip of alcohol.Do not smoke.Do not take any drugs.Do not have sex.To be as safe as possible, don’t even make out with anyone.Don’t babysit.Don’t decide to investigate a strange noise.Don’t go anywhere alone.If with a group of people, do not split up.Don’t trust anyone, including my best friend and boyfriend.Don’t answer my phone or reply to any texts.Don’t ever play a practical joke on someone.Always carry a reliable weapon.When I finally confront the killer and stab, shoot, hit them over the head, do NOT assume they’re dead or disabled and run away.Make damn sure they are dead!Don’t play with a Ouija board.Don’t take part in a seance.Don’t visit a cemetery.If at all possible, make sure I am the main character/heroine of the movie.Don’t gossip about anyone.Don’t make a pact to cover up someone’s death, whether it’s an accident or not.Stay away from cute kids.Stay away from creepy kids.Stay away from all kids.Stay away from clowns or anyone wearing a mask.Don’t go anywhere deserted, especially hospitals and churches.Never, ever say Bloody Mary. Also, avoid mirrors.Do not go into the woods at night.Never sit around with friends and tell scary stories.Refrain from participating in ritual animal or human sacrifice.Do not take a shower or bath!Don’t show anyone pics of your loved ones back home (friends and family) or tell if you have plans to get married to your significant other.Make sure you are with another person whom you can easily outrun and leave behind so the killer can focus on them.Don’t fall asleep!Don’t go into the creepy mansion.DEFINITELY DON’T GO INTO THE CREEPY MANSION’S BASEMENT.[ETA: Thanks to Leah Jaded for #33. Thanks to Joakim Welde for #34. Thanks to Dalton Jeffords for #35.]

Need help with a movie?

you are awesome marilyn- maybe you can help me with another movie- it's a movie about a ghost who wants to kill a boy so his spirit would be his- the ghost killed his own son by drowning him- and the mother of the living child is trying to protect him but everyone including her husband think she is crazy and put her in a mental hosipital- she gets out and her basement is flooded with this ghost trying to drown her son- in the end she saves her son

Movies name with mom son incest?

TÍTULO ORIGINAL Le souffle au coeur
115 min. Sugerir trailer/vídeo
DIRECTOR Louis Malle
GUIÓN Louis Malle
MÚSICA Charlie Parker, Sidney Bechet
FOTOGRAFÍA Ricardo Aranovich
REPARTO Lea Massari, Benoît Ferreux, Daniel Gélin, Michel Lonsdale, Ave Ninchi
PRODUCTORA Coproducción Francia-Italia; Marianne Films / Vides
PREMIOS 1972: Nominada al Oscar: Mejor guión original
GÉNERO Drama | Adolescencia
SINOPSIS Laurent Chevalier, un chico de catorce años en la Francia de mediados de los 50, comienza a descubrir los distintos aspectos de la vida. Su padre le ignora, su madre le venera y sus hermanos combinan gestos de cariño con el abuso propio de los mayores. En poco tiempo, Laurent pasa de ser virgen a tener una experiencia frustrada con una prostituta y a recibir el intento de seducción por parte de un cura. Cuando se le detecta que padece un soplo al corazón, Laurent, acompañado de su madre, se verá recluído en un balneario, en el que la vida social es digna de una gran ciudad. (FILMAFFINITY)

CRÍTICAS ---------------------------------------...
"Obra maestra" (Miguel Ángel Palomo: Diario El País)

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