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Help Me Learn To Say No To Leeches

How do I learn to say no ?

So basically I work at a well known place , I’ve been there for a year now and recently have been taking days off due to college , I basically work 3 days out the week. We have had a lot of new people start working and lately they’ve been upsetting me. Like they think that since I’ve been gone so much they all of a sudden have seniority over me. I’ve been here longer than all of them combined. This one girl just walks up to me and says “here you go” and handed me her trash. She goes “ Here take this out for me please I have stuff to do”. So I go “Why, it’s not my job” I laughed after because I was saying it in a jokingly manner because I’m too nice. She just walks off and I end up taking her trash out. Another thing is how they be talking to me sometimes. Like, when I’m dropping something on the fryer they go “What are you dropping , why are you dropping it?” They say it in a way as if I’m dumb or don’t know shir. Why tf are they asking me questions like I don’t know wtf I’m doing , I’ve been here longer than all of them combined . I wanna start saying no and saying stuff that’s on my chest but I’m just too nice. Ugh, I really need some advice.

How do i learn to say no to people?

just say it. if they get mad or frusterated explain why, and if they dont listen they're not worth your time.
you'll feel a lot better if you stand up for yourself and it builds self esteem!
i used to have the same problem as you and 30 stolen dresses and 20 douchebags later i finally started saying it and feel great about myself!!

How do I learn to say no??

I understand how you feel because I am the same way. With some people though, I just have to say no because they feel encouraged each time I say yes--the next time around, they ask for even more. I started by saying no to one small thing. They wanted to borrow a little money. Their pattern in previous transactions is to start with little things and work their way up to big. I said I didn't think so (in a roundabout way because I was too wishy-washy to say no outright). The wife re-worded their request and I felt trapped so I ended up lending them that money (which, of course, I never got back). However, the next time they asked a favor, I was a bit more forceful so that when she re-worded her request (I began to see her pattern, LOL!), I felt braver about just saying no and apologizing. My husband said I didn't have to say sorry and I told him, yeah, but I'm saying sorry that you have to keep asking me for stuff. Heh heh heh!

So anyway, sorry for the long post--start by saying no on a small request. Be firm. If they ask you to babysit, even if you don't have definite plans, tell them you're booked that evening. If they really challenge you and try to pin down what exactly you're busy with, you can say, "I need some down time." Simple as that.

No is a complete sentence--that's what my friend keeps telling me.

How can i learn to say no without feeling guilty?

At school people always ask me for food and money and answers on my papers and things like that and it's hard for me to say no because i don't like to say no to people and hurt their feelings but most of the time i don't want to give my stuff away and if i don't do it i feel guilty about it. My sister tells me to just say no and give them no explaination and she is right but it's just so hard. People say im too nice and i am but sometimes i don't want to be nice whe ever somebody comes up and asks me for things they can get their own selves. So what should i do and what should i say if i don't want to give somebody something of mine without feeling bad about it?? Also some guys make me do things that i don't want to but i just don't want to let them down and if i do they always threaten me. Someone help please!

How can I learn to say NO to people?

Me until I was about 30. Finally it got so bad I knew if it didn't change I was really going to become ill and maybe even my life was at risk. That helped me start saying 'no'. I had to learn some boundaries. I'd never want to do anal sex either... ew. If a guy forced u as far as I'm concerned that would be rape/assault.

The people I couldn't say no to didn't really care about my welfare or that they were walking all over me. I can see it coming now and I am nice up to a point, then I am firm... I think it takes a lot of them by surprise but that's their problem! If they can't respect me they're not worth it.

Really, I don't think it does either party any good when someone gets used/walked over. But a lot of people have difficulty with saying 'no', it's a common issue. There are some good self help books on the subject, how to be assertive in these situations instead of passive/aggressive. (Some people get so fed up in the end with being taken advantage of they swing to the opposite attitude, anger and aggression, which isn't great either. You just need to clearly and calmly state your needs and boundaries.)

French Translation Help Please!?

I want the translation for this, and no online translator PLEASEEE a penpal wrote to me and i want to say this:
I'm Gracie, 18 years old, and I live in Florida.
I'm a college student majoring in economics. I don't know French that much, but i really would like you to help me learn it. So what do you like to do? I like reading, writing, dancing ( a lot), singing, and i love music. Do you know how to play an instrument, i don't, it's difficult hahaha.
I hope we can become good friends and nice to meet you in advance.

Please translate it, pleaseeee!!!!!

Saying "NO" to an Invitation Help?

Well, my dear, first , she is not your friend, you just happen to know this girl (big difference!!).
Try not to be around "her" area always,,, always, always, so she won't have the chance of leeching, you keep away, if she asks you, simply kind of ignore her, smile and continue what you were doing, yes, you can do this, you don't like her much anyway, trust me, this is for your own good.
To the party, simply don't go, just don't go. Nobody can do or say anything. This is your decision, period. Learn to say no, it hard ONLY the first time, after that you become very confident being polite and say No, Thank You.
Learn or be miserable all you life.
Be polite, tell them you already have other commitment and period. Don't go over a list of excuses, NEVER!
Remember one lie is followed by other lie. By saying commitment you are not inventing anything, simply say other or others commitments and period.