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Help Me Make My Palindrome Poem Longer

What is the most awesome palindrome?

Polyglot poets known as the nandi-ghanṭa kavīs wrote a samskṛtam (aka Sanskrit) palindrome poem in the famous Telugu kandam meter. The meter has complicated rules yet sounds very rhythmic. The poem reads the same forward and backward.Verse:sārasa nayanāghana jaghanāracita ratāra kalika hara sāra rasāsāra rasāraha kalikaratārata ciranāgha janaā nāyanasarasāNote that in Indian languages each syllable has a separate letter (as opposed to say, English where "tree" is 4 letters but just one syllable). So, the above is a palindrome  both to speak and to read, as are the other Indian palindromes mentioned by others.Unrelated to this, but a similar yet more difficult feat was done in the 14th century by a samskṛtam poet named daivajña sūrya. He wrote rāmakṛṣṇa vilōma kāvya which has about 40 verses. If you read them from beginning to the end it summarizes Ramayana and when you read it from the end to beginning (literally, each syllable/letter), it summarizes Mahabharata. Isn't that fantastic? Ramayana has nearly 24,000 verses and Mahabharata has over 100,000 verses and they are set up about a few thousand years apart. Characters and situations rarely overlap. A sample verse here:Verse:tām bhūsutāmuktimudārahāsamvaṃdēyatō lavya bhavam dayāśrīTranslation: I salute the compassionate Seeta who loves the smiling Lava (one of her two sons).Re'verse':śrīyādavam bhavyalatōya dēvaṃsamhāradāmukti mutā subhūtāmTranslation:Song (Bhagavad-gita) of the one, born into the Yadu dynasty whose divine splendor attracts everyone (Krishna), that eliminates evil has become the breath/life (of people).PS: The article that I quoted these examples from is probably the same article that Sandhya Chetan quoted.

What is the longest palindrome in English that makes sense?

The longest palindromic word in the Oxford English Dictionary is the onomatopoeic “tattarrattat”, coined byJames Joyce in Ulysses (1922) for a knock on the door. The Guinness Book of Records gives the title to “detartrated”, the preterit and past participle of detartrate, a chemical term meaning to remove tartrates. “Rotavator”, a trademarked name for an agricultural machine, is often listed in dictionaries. The term “redivider” is used by some writers but appears to be an invented or derived term—only redivide and redivision appear in the Shorter Oxford Dictionary. “Malayalam”, an Indian language, is of equal length.

Any tips for writing in palindromes?

I can't imagine how one can write in palindromes. First of all, what would you write? A story? A poem? Then, how long could it possibly be? One line is about the maximum I could imagine a palindrome being.

The longest palindrome that comes to mind is Able was I ere I saw Elba. I know there is a longer one, but I forget what it is.

What are some tips for writing a love poem for my girlfriend? I want to learn different ways to approach writing a poem and what I should include.

MY GIRL, MY FRIEND, MY GIRLFRIEND:Be patient as you read my thoughts,Compressed upon this page,In contrast to all known reports,This poet's come of age...And in this time when feelings flow,Like champagne and like wine,It's only you I long to know,My yearned-for Valentine...:From that first day, Fate brought us near,Our very lives to change,If only we would volunteerAnd not think love as strange...Initial tensions to subside,To merely chat a while,To gaze on you as if with pride,Till charmed by each new smile...:And, oh, the joy to hear you laugh,Or gently hold your hand,As if you were my better half,None finer in the land...And that first kiss made time stand still,To crush all doubts within,Replacing these with such a thrill,My lonesome heart to win...:Yet true love proves much more than this,More than your lips and hair,More than each sweet and soft warm kissAnd bliss beyond compare...Let true love be our constant quest,Our journey to life's end,A journey God has always blessedFor each romantic friend...:Denis Martindale March 2017.:

What is the longest English word without any vowel letters?

Being abusively over complicating as I am, I’ll give my answer with a lot of detail.I take it you mean English, but I don’t know if “y” always, never, or sometimes counts as a vowel. And I also don’t know which dictionary you want to use.In a “standard” English Dictionary, and including the “y”, the longest words excluding plural nouns are rhythm, spryly, sylphy, and syzygy. They each have six letters, although rhythm could be could become a plural noun.Excluding the letter “y”, the top two words are crwth, and cwtch. They are both words from Welsh origin. However, you could make the argument (and you’d be right), that in this case, “w” is a vowel, since it has the pronunciation of a vowel, and, in Welsh, “w” is a vowel.I think it’s universally agreeable that the onomotapeias “shh,” and “hmm,” are the only words in English without a vowel.

What is the shortest poem in the world when it comes to the total number of words and syllables?

I don't believe that Aram Saroyan's one-line poem 'Lighght' is the shortest since it is insane to even consider it a poem. If that would be a poem, then I can easily make up my own and misspel any word and, then, advertise it as a poem. Another of Aram Saroyan's work is simply "MM" which is not a poem. If that would be labeled as a poem, then every celebrity on Earth can make up their own words and tag them as poems. By the way, Aram Saroyan is a poet. But to say that such mentioned works of his are the shortest poems in the world, then poetry is not art anymore but a foolish human endeavor.

Another poem was claimed to be as the shortest one: "On The Antiquity Of Microbes". It has these lines:

Had 'em.

That's a short one, but the title is too long. Any more contender against that one?

The boxer Muhammad Ali once said:

Me we? That's not a poem since it merely expressed a senseless sentence. It's senseless because it didn't have a title and was just saying something out of a usual meeting. Anyone can express 'Me We' at any point in time.

Need help with pi (3.14)?

I need to make a song or poem for a project. I can make a song but not the lyrics and I'm not so much of a poet. All I'm asking is for some lyrics or a poem about pi