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Help Me Understand My Brothers Toxicology Report

Need help to understand my Brothers will?

There are two different issues here regarding the Will.

If the Will is a hoax, then you are claiming that this Will wasn't made by your brother (ie it is a fake).

That is a different matter to claiming that your brother was unduly influenced into making this Will.. Now, as you have given us no indication of why you think he was unduly influenced, I can only suggest that you consider whether your brother was mentally competent to have made the Will (and you are probably going to need medical evidence to support this) and whether the Will significantly changes the bequests made in earlier Wills (so are going to need copies of the earlier Wills)

I am confused about the question of witnesses. A witness to a Will cannot be a beneficiary.

You do need to bear in mind that the fact you did not get something for which you were hoping is not, in itself, grounds for setting aside a Will. Your brother does have a legal right to leave his possessions where he chooses, and a nephew is hardly an odd choice of beneficiary (you aren't clear as to whose nephew this is, I didn't know whether you were talking about your brother's son)

As far the rings goes, if these are your property then they remain your property. I am confused as to why your mother was keeping them - and why they passed into your brother's keeping at all. Your problem there is a different one - you are going to need to prove they are actually your property, and to be blunt, since they appear to have been in at least two other people's possession without you bothering to recover them, that's going to be difficult.

You also need to bear in mind that this attorney is working for your brother, not you. You really need to take independent legal advice as to whether you have any kind of case, or chance of success.

Help me understand my brothers ocd & please?

My brother has been diagnosised with OCD. His problem is that he has obsessive thoughts. He constantly replays horrible moments in his life and dwells on them and it makes him very angry. I was wondering is there any type of therapy out there that would help him control these thoughts. My brother has also been diagnosed as bi polar. He is on some rough meds (giodome, lithium, takes too much ambien to name a few) . I want to know is there help out there so he doesn't have to be on meds the rest of his life. He has horrible shakes from the lithium, constantly has to pee. Other side effects too. Can anyone point me in the right direction for proper help. He sees a phyciatrist and counselor. They just want to medicate him and that seems to be about it.

Toxicology Report Help reading it!?

I need help reading a autopsy with a toxicology report.....I want to know if the number of drugs or AMOUNT is lethal or is the mixture lethal?

Alprazolam 0.112 mcg/ml
Methylecgonine <0.5mcg/ml
Benzoylecgonine 0.14 mcg/ml
Morphine (Total) 0.47 mcg/ml
Morphine (Free) 0.16 mcg/ml

PLease help me understand how many like milligrams or how much of these drugs this means he took or if the mixture was lethal or the amount

First things first. Your brother is free to choose his life partner irrespective of his background and culture. Times have changed, move on with it.Assuming that you come from an Indian society with a mindset of arranged marriages and parents carrying the burden of bearing the wedding costs, you should be proud of the fact that your brother has chosen to be independent and pay for the wedding himself. Not many people step outside of this particular comfort zone.Whatever his wife to be decides to do or be is none of your concern and is a personal issue between the two of them.I would suggest you and your parents meeting them and resolving issues through the same love and resolve that you both have been brought up with. Culture and society will have to evolve and if you want to be happy, you have to be supportive of your brother's choices.

Need help with reading toxicology report?

For the alcohol it means that the person was highly intoxicated (3x the legal definition for intoxicated driving in the US) but also that alcohol was probably consumed over the course of many hours and not just before death as the vitreous and blood are in close equilibrium. The overwhelming majority of drinkers will look "drunk" by casual observation at this BAC. The drug screen shows two tranquilizers: diazepam (e.g. Valium) a metabolite or break-down product of diazepam and alprazolam (Xanax). Alprazolam is very closely related to diazepam but they are separate drugs. The combination of alcohol and tranquilizers is a particularly dangerous combination but probably in the range that it would be fatal in most cases I have seen. The concentrations are diazepam and alprazolam are very low. These values overall are also probably not totally reflective of alcohol or drug use and may be slightly higher or lower than what was reported. Alcohol values can change depending on how long the victiim was in the water and whether it was salt of fresh water and the other drugs very in concentration after death (known as post mortem redistribution).

Understanding an autopsy report?

I'm sorry for your loss. Your brother's spleen and liver were enlarged, probably secondary to his drug abuse, but the autopsy's conclusion is quite clear that he had toxic levels of several drugs in his system. There is no other question raised as to the cause of his death in the report, and his death does not appear in any way to be the result of malpractice.
Your brother may well have been less than truthful about his addiction and past drug usage with the doctors that treated him; most addicts are. Had they been more aware they may have suggested substance abuse treatment, but your brother might still have been non compliant. The doctors were not at fault.

Is a toxicology report public information, if so how do I get a copy?

For the best answers, search on this site

The medical examiners records are public - you may use the Freedom of Information Act to request the records. The FOIA -is simply a form you fill out at the office and records are supplied - but please be aware - most or at least some of the info on there is doctor written - something you may/may not understand - and some of the things on the report are hard to digest - are you sure your ready to read this stuff on your loved one? Also - get the police reports from the police department that handled the case. I do not know if there is an inquest done by your local ME office on cause/manner of death - this depends on you jurisdiction. Suicides are difficult - Most families are ultimately puzzled as to why and how these things happen - what I am saying is that you need to be ready for the information in these reports - it is much harder to read when it is about a loved one.

Quoting from Promethease 2017"Promethease is a literature retrieval system that builds a personal DNA report based on connecting a file of DNA genotypes to the scientific findings cited in SNPedia.""Promethease reports raw information, meaning that they do not massage or interpret this information for you. In other words, for a particular disease or trait, if there are 10 articles that report on that particular DNA location, based on your SNPs (one from Mom and one from Dad,) 2 information sources might indicate a possible increased risk, 5 might be neither good nor bad, and 3 might indicate a possible lower risk. Promethease shows you all 10, not distilling the 10 into a compilation or summary of your risk factors.Promethease is NOT DIAGNOSTIC. Only a physician can diagnose complex illnesses correctly, incorporating genetic information.I should note here that very few mutations are absolute, with a few notable exceptions like Huntington’s Chorea. In most cases, just because you have a specific mutation indicating an elevated risk, does NOT means you’ll ever get that disease. Other factors such as lifestyle, nutrition and environment are involved, as well as elements we don’t yet understand today.ImportantIf you decide to submit your information to Promethease, it’s very important for you to understand and take the following points into consideration:The DNA tests you are uploading are not medical tests. They do not test all possible locations. Furthermore, occasionally, tests run by different vendors produce different results at specific locations. Those differing results can and do produce conflicting information about traits or mutations associated with that location.Testing errors occur.Promethease results are not diagnostic, only informational.If you are concerned about your health, either before or after testing, you should take the results and your concerns to your physician for interpretation in your particular situation. (I am not a doctor. This is common sense.)The field of genetics, including medical genetics, is undergoing a steep learning curve. Very little is cast in concrete. Sometimes we learn that what we thought we knew previously was incorrect.You cannot “unsee” what you will learn about your own genes and mutations. Be sure you really want to know before you participate in this type of learning."

How do i find out about my brothers death?

write to the county cornoner and ask for a copy of your brothers autospy. it will cost you a few bucks. you will have to write to the county in which your brother died.