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Help Me With My Intro For A Research Essay About Slavery In First-world Countries.

What's a good title for my essay on slavery? I'm comparing and contrasting historical with modern day slavery.?

This is my introduction:

Despite the fact that slavery is illegal in every country, the amount of slaves at present is at an all-time high. According to, twenty one million people are currently enslaved around the world. The nature of contemporary slavery is that it is often invisible (and silent) to us whereas in the past, slavery had been institutionalized into society and therefore was rarely questioned. Modern day slaves often go undetected because of the great lengths taken by their owners to conceal their crimes. Modern slavery exists in every region of the world, even in the richest and most developed of first world countries. With these invisible crimes slowly coming to light, many are rising to take action just as abolitionists have in the past to combat slavery from the 18th century. Using a wide gamut of sources including (but not limited to) David Davis’s Inhuman Bondage: Rise and Fall of Slavery in the Modern World, Solomon Northup’s Twelve Years a Slave Narrative of Solomon Northup, a Citizen of New-York, Kidnapped in Washington City in 1841, and Rescued in 1853.,, etc., one is able to compare and contrast both instances of ancient and contemporary enslavement. Although they reveal minor differences, the similarities between historical and modern slavery’s social, economic, political and cultural aspects are profound.

What about Joseph Stalin (research paper)?

I'm doing an essay in school, and i really really suck at research. i don't know where to look and nomatter where i've looked, i can't find anything useful. If you could help me, it'd be much appreciated.

I had to choose a topic (a dictator recognized as being totalitarian, the stresses of reality tv, a historical gladiator, or mixed martial arts competitions and their brutality or lack thereof). I picked Joseph Stalin because i have a sick mind and like reading about cruelty and hate.

Anyways, i have to research the topic, and this is what my paper says from here on--

- if you have chosen a totalitarian government, research the general lives of the citizens who live in this country and the government's practices.
-If you have chosen another topic, research all aspects of it.

zero in on all aspects of it--

-focuz on a government practice or a particular aspect of what it is like to live in that particular country. (what's it like to be a female in this country ? what's it like to be underpriveleged in this country ? What's it like to be a child in this country ? What are the civil liberties, limitations, or abuses ? What are the human rights abuses ? How easy is it to emigrate from this country ?)
-focus on the pressures of reality tv and the lack of privacy of being monitored at all time or any relevant detail.
-focus on what it's like to be the victor or the loser in brutal competitive events or an other relevant detail.

Create a thesis statement once you have zeroes in on a particular topic.

Compose a 3-4 page research paper in which you prove your thesis statement. Include a works sited page ( I'LL DO THAT PART IF YOU LEAVE THE WEBSIT FROM WHICH YOU GOT YOUR INFORMATION )

I could really use any or all help on any of these subjects if you don't want to help with Joseph Stalin.

Help on a good introduction paragraph to an essay on abraham lincoln.?

Im writing a 5 paragraph Research essay about Abraham Lincoln and I don't know how to write the introduction and start of the first Paragraph so can somebody help me with this or if you can give me an Introduction? :) Thanks.

17th century new England and southern colonies. How do they differ?

New England- The area was without fertile farming or grazing land, the economy centered on the fishing industry and trade. New England, although the center of the fishing industry, held its true economic significance in trading the goods of the colonies with foreign countries. Religion, namely the Puritans played an instrumental role in New England society. Priding themselves on solid marriages and families, the society was constantly reinforced with strong values. Also, the belief in higher education led them to be more efficient politically. The eventual introduction of institutes of higher level education (i.e. Harvard, Yale) produced the most intelligent and innovative members of their society. The intelligence of the society allowed their political structure to outweigh those of the southern colonies. Everyone was under the rule of England, but New England paved the way for individual thoughts and liberties.
Colonies in the south utilized the old methods of cultivating and living. This was the predominant reason for their unhealthy lifestyles and the failure to mature in different manners alongside the rest of the colonies. Southern economies were based on one universal idea: plantations worked on by slaves. The predominant number of slaves was located in the south, where they worked on large plots of land cultivating everything from food to cotton. Religion played a key role in the south, but on different levels. Unlike many of the white land owners, slaves used religion as a means of hope and inspiration to survive. Religion served more as a surviving tactic in the south compared to any of the other colonies. They needed this hope because of the great distinction in the classes of the society in the south. There was no assimilation of cultures between the home owners and the slaves. Tensions arouse from this and the political system was forced to maintain a stranglehold on the slaves in order to keep the plantations functioning as a unit. Revolts by slaves were quelled in order to preserve the founding notion of the south, an idea that would lead to further horrors in the future.

Help with homework please?

I'll lead you to the correct answers, so you can do it yourself next time.
1. A primary source is directly connected to the event. Which of those isn't? (In this case, was created 100+ years after the event.)
2. As technology advances are get new and more information about space.
3. Not much can be discussed in three pages. Which topic can be adequately covered in 3 pages?
4. One of those is by an unknown person with unknown qualifications to be writing on the topic.
5. This is a little more difficult. The key is "common knowledge." Every American knows that Washington was the first president. A citation is always provided for a quotation. The other two are facts not commonly known.
6. The first is common knowledge. You are the source for the next two. You always give credit (provide the citation for) another's writings/thoughts. Not doing so is plagiarism.