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What is the future of steam generators on ships?

Modern ships are far more inclined to generate electrical power by internal combustion (diesel or fuel oils) to drive electrical azimuth motors and avoid the massive propeller shafts which hog a whole lot of space. Steam is however not likely to ever be done away with entirely because it is so versatile.Nuclear powered vessels are always going to remain steam powered. Steam is produced by the controlled nuclear reaction and transfers its heat to the fresh water steam generators which spin turbines which are geared down to turn the ships/boats/submarines propellers. It also uses this heat on board for crew comfort.Steam is usually only generated where heat is required for assorted cargos or climate reasons. Icebreakers and vessels who might otherwise ice up use steam to melt ice loads off their decks and rails to avoid getting top heavy, and oil tankers use the heat to soften the oil to pump the crude out as its sticky or near solid when cold, and when hot is far easier to move around for discharge.Most cruise liners will still generate a little bit of ‘hotel’ steam for hot water or laundry or kitchens in preference to electric heating remotely or distributing engine waste heated water through miles of pipes around the ship. Steam is a concentrated form of heat that transports relatively well.But all said, the days of coal fired steam engines for transportation is over. Coal is dirty, dangerous (in confined spaces) and (potentially) environmentally damaging and while still very plentiful (albeit finite) there is a lot of resistance to its use for transportation.

Can you open the trunk of a 2008 BMW 335i when the hard top convertible top is down?

Yes, you can open the trunk with the top down. If you want to add things after the top is down you can slide in a knapsack or ladies purse and things like that through the open trunk and under the folding roof pieces. You can also put things deep into the trunk beforehand and when the top goes down it goes over them and you can’t get them out ( a good place to stash items you won’t want immediately while travelling like my PC or other valuables).My wife and I travel longer distances in this car. I use soft sided luggage and put it in the back seat when the top is down. Incidentally the vertical part of the back seat folds down over the seat protecting the leater and presents a flat carpeted board. I find that handy for bringing home plants and such that are more stable on a board than the usual rear seats.Worried about theft? If you are in an iffy area or you are paranoid, you can just raise the top and put the valuables out of sight in the trunk or leave it in the back seat and lock it up like any coupe. It’s a little inconvenient but man-o-man that folding hardtop is really great if you are travelling distances on the interstate before you get to a destination suitable for convertible driving. You really do get the best of both worlds in my opinion: a hardtop coupe and a convertible. Finally, most people are really impressed with the magic show of putting the roof up or down. It’s a nice ice breaker when you meet new people. I’ve had my BMW 328 folding hardtop convertible for 6 years and I love it.

How can you fireproof a wood deck?

Of course, the he basic concept fire and wood do not mix if you are trying to protect the wood. You have to keep them apart. In the fire insurance business, buildings built with concrete (NOT wood) are class ""A""; rate the highest safety (from fire) construction. So, building with wood is not the safest construct when there is a fire concern. Let that be said. Common sense here... Now, if you simply have to build a deck with wood, or  you already have one, and you want to protect it from fire,  that is an interesting but different situation, since the stage has already been set not in the best way if fire concerns exist. The best protection from fire for a wood structure is fire prevention, and that could include a good supply / source of water, such as a sprinkler system; even a garden hose or fire extinguisher at the ready... Nearly all products you would put on the wood to protect from fire, would generally detract from its look and natural acoustic qualities.  So you have to decide what you want in deck, when considering fire protection. Plan for fire protection, yes, but keep in mind, the greater threat to wood structures is not  fire, but weather exposure , (ironically water damage), wood rot, insect damage, and time ...  Wood is a wonderful building material, but it does have maintenance and security issues. Work with wood; it is still a viable building material...

What's the most disgustingly powerful Magic deck you can think of?

The Flash Hulk deckI played the deck while it was still legal.You can consistently pull off turn 0 kills with it. (You are on the draw but kills the opponent before his/her first main phase)The perfect hand:1 Flash1 Protean Hulk1 Gemstone Caverns1 Spirit guide1 Pact of NegationAny 2 other random cards.Begin the game with Gemstone Cavern in play.During The opponent's first upkeep: Tap Land for blue, use 1 spirit guide for mana, cast Flash naming Protean HulkProtean Hulk goes into the graveyard due to flash, allowing you to search the library for 4 Disciple of the Vault4 Phyrexian Marauder and 4 Shifting Wallput them into play.Marauder and Shifting wall dies instantly because they are 0/0, triggering Disciple of the Vault for a total of 4*8 = 32 damage.Win.This deck has a ridiculous amount of redundancy. You have12 Protean Hulk (Summoner's Pact, Mystic Tutor for Summoner's Pact for Hulk)8 Flash                 (Mystic Tutor for Flash)8 zero mana counter spells (Force of will and Pact of Negation)12 Spirit guides (Simian Spirit Guide, Elvish Spirit Guide, Summoner's Pact for Elvish Spirit Guide)Lots of supporting cards to fix your starting hand. For example, Brainstorm to put combo pieces from the hand back into the deck. The Deck: Turn 0 Hulk FlashArticle about it on the Grand Prix Columbus: Hulk Flash Smashes Columbus!

If 5 workers complete one task in 7 days, then how many days will 7 workers take to complete the same task?

5 men take 7 daysSo 1 man will take (7*5) = 35 days. ( Its obvious that 1 man will take more days so simply multiply to get days taken by 1 man)Now, 7 men will take 35/7 = 5 days. ( Its again obvious that when we increase the number of people then the work will be done faster in less days and so we divided)This is a case of inverse proportionality where a decrease in one quantity leads to increase in other quantity and the increase in oje quantity leads to decrease in the other. As you can see that if number of men increases then days decrease and if men decrease so days increase. Whenever you see such case, simply follow the rule…First multiply then divide.I hope it was clear enough. If you want more such questions and even tougher questions with beautiful explanations then I would recommend you my app.For excelling in quantitative aptitude I would also heartily invite you to download our Android app “APTITUDE GURU”. We also provide daily dose of aptitude which will keep your flow of study on and every day you will learn something new.Aptitude Guru : Tricks & Tips - Android Apps on Google PlayIt provides daily dose of aptitude which contains :-> 1 quantitative aptitude question-> 1 reasoning question-> 1 English word to learn-> 1 inspirational thought-> 1 idiom/phrase-> Calculation booster which is a rapid fire quiz of calculation questions.Besides this, it covers 15 most often asked topics of aptitude in offline mode.WE have provided detailed explanation of all the questions along with some easy tricks and there are three levels - Easy, medium and miscellaneous.For the beginners, easy level is the best place to start. Sincere efforts have been made to make the users understand the concepts.We have been receiving positive reviews from our users.Just check it out once and you won't regret for it…Aptitude Guru : Tricks & Tips - Android Apps on Google PlayThanks for reading..

Is it okay to keep my dog tied when I have to leave the house?

It is very cruel to keep a dog chained for long periods of time, and very sad too. I would really recommend that you consider putting up the dog up for adoption, because your handling of it is seems so whimsical!Such a dog becomes a very disturbed creature and even more clingy when the owner comes home.I remember my labrador, even though she was with three other dogs, biting off 13 pairs of my shoes! I could not but condone it, and even when she grew up and we lived in a much bigger space she would bite off the heads of my Dahlias for some reason- I never quite understood why she went for those plants in particular. But then I could not but leave her in the space with the other dogs, where they could all enjoy the sun- instead of keeping them where they would get some sun, while I would be away.There are some dogs who are prone to separation anxiety and some are plain naughty. At seven months your puppy may be teething and his biting behaviour may be more of that then anger/separation alone. Quarantining the animal in a little space where he can hide in a little corner is always more helpful.In the course of my life I have lived alone with four dogs and they all go and hide in their own corners or spots once i am out of the house- this has happened in all the homes we all lived together - both in Faridabad and in Goa -where we lived in a village and a city one year each.Dogs need inclusion not abandonment- especially family dogs. Please don’t leave it tied or in a balcony, or else kindly consider giving up the dog, for your own peace of mind and to save a beautiful dog/yourself from a lifetime of suffering.