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Help My Hamster Only Has One Testicle

My Hamster has black testicles?

Hi, a male hamster's testicles can range in size and color throughout the day, the only cause for alarm is when the testicles are extremely red, or hard like a tumor. Although its best to take him to the vets just to make sure.

Male hamster, enlarged testicle help?

First off it could just be your home is warm in temperature that his testicle's are coming out. It's perfectly fine I got used to seeing mine. There's nothing wrong and of course don't buy him a female unless you know everything about hamster breeding and genetics. FYI there's no such thing as a fancy hamster there's only Syrians, Chinese Dwarf, Winter White, Robo, and Russian Dwarf Hamsters.

Something on Hamster's testicles?

You have a very happy, healthy, well endowned hamster!!

Hamsters balls vary in size, and the older they get the more noticable they are. They will pop out when your hamster is sleepy, in a deep sleep, relaxed, warm or just woken. But can hang out all the time like my hamster. It looks alarming, but is very normal indeed.

My hamster is 15 months old now, and his hang from his body all the time and are a massive size. All this means is, if he were in the wild he would be making an awful lot of female hamsters happy and pregnant.

Hamsters testicals can make up to one third of their body weight, thats pretty big! Be proud that your hamsteris a stud!

My hamster's right testicle is swollen. What is it?

Only 3 of all these answers could be correct, mine and two others.

Ping Pong ball's are pretty big. This could be a tumor, cyst, or some disease.

Please take him to the vet. :'( This could be serious and he may need to be treated immediately.
The vet may put him down, so please spend time with him, and I'm hoping for the best for you and your hamster.

Help! Hamster is slow, barely moving and his testicles are gone!?

Testicles shrink up into the body when a male mammal is cold. Make sure your house is not cold enough to trigger him going into hibernation, as that's an incredibly tough process on the hamster. Squinting is also a sign of severe pain in small animals. A vet trip is in order.

Dragging his bottom half is a very serious sign that something major has occurred. My first question is, how big is your cage? Does your hamster have enough room that he can run from one end to the other? Is his back bending when he runs in the wheel? Typically hamsters who suddenly have their back legs paralyzed get that way from being confined in too small a space. Remember that hamsters need about 2 feet x 1 foot of running room minimum. Hamsters that suffer from hind leg paralysis often recover when given space to move around in a larger cage.

How do I get my hamster to shut up?

(After I wrote this, I saw there was more to your question. Since I generally take a long time to answer a question, to begin with, I’m going to leave it instead of spending several more hours on it.)I'm guessing you're referring to a hamster behavior, not that it's reciting Walt Whitman or singing arias. If so, what behavior is it displaying that is driving you bonkers? The wheel spinning around? Chewing on the cage? Digging? Doing it all at night so you can't sleep?Don't blame the hamster.If your hamster is keeping you from sleeping by chewing on its cage, digging, running in a wheel, or just rattling around in there, it's just being a normal hamster stuck in a cage. The poor little thing is bored out of its mind. They're nocturnal, so most of their action happens at night, when you're trying to sleep. It digs, rattles and runs because it has nothing else to do. How do you think you would feel under those circumstances?If putting your hamster in another room is not an option, and your closet isn't large enough for his cage, if the problem is a noisy wheel, get a quieter one. Those metal ones are terrible; so are a lot of the plastic wheels. The “Silent Runner” from Exotic Nutrition Company — Exercise Wheels — isn't too bad —I started using one for my sugar gliders a few months ago— but nothing is perfect. If it were a perfect world, your hamster would be running free somewhere in Asia or Europe, not stuck in a cage.If you have to keep the hamster in your room, the only thing you can change here is you. If the problem you're having is a combination of all the noises I mentioned, try running a fan on high —not pointed in the hamster’s direction— while you're sleeping. The white noise created by a fan works well in masking outside noises, so it might help with your hamster noises. Hopefully it will work in your case. To be extra careful, drape something over the hamster’s cage so it doesn't get subjected to the draft created by the fan.