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Help My Loose Tooth Is Hanging On By A Big Chunk Of Gum And Seems To Be Attached To The Main Gum

I pulled my daughter's tooth and the root is still attached at the gum.?

As long as it was a baby tooth then there should be her adult tooth erupting from beneath the space where the baby tooth was. As the adult tooth pushes its way through it actually breaks down that root of the baby tooth and basically breaks away until it's gone, which is what should happen to the remains of the roots.
If it starts to cause pain then take her to the dentist and it would be simple for the dentist to pick out the rest of the roots (depending on how long they are) and it might require her to get numb but it'll be a lot more comfortable if it's bothering her. Just keep tabs every day on how she's doing until the roots absorb or fall out on their own. And remember to keep it clean by gently brushing the gums where the tooth was pulled. :)

What is this piece of my gums hanging and hurting in my mouth?

This could be caused by several things. Eruption of a new tooth, popping dental floss, or aggressive brushing.

If the tooth erupted just recently, it's probably a piece of the tissue that was covering the tooth and is being worn off. It will eventually come off with brushing and flossing.

Or it could be that you've traumatized the tissue with something sharp that you've "eaten" or during aggressive "brushing" or "flossing," this has cut a small (feels so much bigger to your tongue) piece of tissue loose, now it's hanging but still attached and this is what you feel.

My thoughts would be most likely, floss that's been "popped" slicing the tissue causing the trauma. I wouldn't suggest you pull it loose, this may cause more trauma. You can either continue flossing in hopes of cutting it loose or you can go to the dentist and let him evaluate the problem, and easily cut it free, painlessly. You can try to floss the area and see if it comes free but I think the dentist would be better since you are in so much pain from this. For now use some really warm salt water rinses several times a day and swish well in that area, this will help with the sorness and you may rinse it off in the process.

If there isn't any progress within a few days of rinsing, I would go in and let the dentist take care of it since it may be something I'm unaware of, since I can't see the area. Hope I've been of some help with this and good luck!

My dog has loose gum hanging near his fang?

My 98-lb, 6 1/2 year old german shepherd boy I noticed has loose gum hanging behind his right fang. I noticed this too a year ago but I thought it was nothing because it disappeared (he swallowed it?). I tried to see if I can pull it off myself but the gum is quite attached at the top. If I pull it off, it will hurt him and cause extreme bleeding. I don't have money to take him to the vet either and get dental treatments. I can only afford the $30 yearly check up. Is this something bad? It's not big (maybe 5/8 of an inch across and pink) and I am afraid that if he swallows this one he might get sick. He hasn't been seen by a canine dentist before but he has no sign of gum disease but the top of his teeth have turned brownish yellow in some spots. Looking at it again disgusts me.

PLEASE URGENT HELP! tooth nerve ending exposed and dangling?

It can't be a nerve if you lot the tooth (the tooth fell out by whatever means). The nerve of the tooth is contained within the tooth so, if the tooth is gone, so is the nerve. Maybe it's a piece of your gum that's hanging.

I totally understand about not having the money for a dentist. I don't either. I don't have dental insurance either. But, sometimes your teeth don't care about that. Right now, I had to have emergency root canal work done, whether I could afford it or not. Also, by waiting and not doing things when they should be done, you can actually wind up spending more money! For instance, years ago, I had to have root canal in a back molar. Then they put in a temporary filling and I was to go back to get a crown. Well, I couldn't afford it so I didn't ever go back. Know what happened now? The tooth just broke apart and I never felt anything was going wrong because the root canal removed all the nerves so I had no pain. Now, I have just points of that tooth at the gum line and a big gap between the teeth back there. NOW, I have to have that tooth pulled and will have to have a bridge -- that entails 2 crowns (one on each side of the missing tooth) and whatever they do where the missing tooth is. So, I really saved a lot by not going back in the first place, right?

You might try looking up a dental school. They do dental work at minimal costs. Also you might try researching dental "plans". The one I have is United Health Plan. It doesn't pay all the costs but it discounts them. For instance, my root canal should have been close to $700 but they only charged me a little over $300 because I have this plan. Just Google in, "Dental Plans". Since I don't know where you live, I can't suggest a plan that applies in your area. By the way, mine costs $140 for a couple annually. Was worth it.

P.S. to Robin who answered after I did --- if the tooth that you lost was your canine tooth, that's located on the top. How can that be connected to your jaw?

How do you pull out a loose tooth?

There is more into extracting a tooth than just pulling it out.I suppose you mean a permanent tooth in your question. Extracting a tooth should be left as last resort when all other options of restoring it fail. Such a tooth could be suffering from major carious lesion or advanced periodontal disease for example.The problem with such teeth is the involvement of bacteria. Such involvement means that the area has to be properly debrided after the extraction to improve healing and minimize the chance of secondary infection. Many loose teeth have granulation tissue at the apex, and some have radicular cysts. Removal of these lesions is very important.“Pulling out a loose tooth” is not exactly a hard thing. Some teeth with advanced periodontitis and bone loss can be taken out by just twisting the tooth with your finger without causing major pain. It is what comes after the extraction that is very important, not the process of taking the tooth out itself.Pain can vary from one patient to another. Generally speaking, the removal of such infected tissue is a bit more painful, sometimes even when proper anesthesia is applied.So please, if you have any loose teeth, visit your dentist / oral surgeon.

Can I pull out a really loose adult tooth?

Yes you can do it’s fully mobile tooth, but I will suggest you better u visit dentist for extraction because u can’t do properly it can cause infection.Commonly loose tooth causes because of Diabetic Or for Poor Oral Health.. Visit Dentist to protect other tooth.Gum Problem or Gingivitis & Periodontis:Gum is the supporting & which surrounding tooth. Gum disease, also known as Gingivitis & Periodontist, is an infection of the gums that surrounding the teeth structure. It is also one of the main causes of Bleeding gum & tooth loss among adults. There are two major stages of Gum disease: Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Gum disease can increased space in between tooth, causes increase gap in between tooth. If this problem is untreated the it can cause tooth loss.Bleeding gum, Know causes & treatments[/caption]Causes of Gum disease:Gum disease can be caused by a number of factors, but poor oral hygiene is the most common cause. Mainly Dental Plaque & Calculus causes Gum problems. Your mouth is full of bacteria that combine with saliva to form a sticky film known as plaque, which builds up on your teeth. This plaque later becomes hard on the tooth,its call Calculus. When you take food or drink high in carbohydrates (sugary or starchy foods), bacteria in plaque turn carbohydrates into the energy they need, producing acid, this acid causes irritation of gums, making them inflamed & gum disease.Periodontal infections are usually mixed, most often involving anaerobes such as Treponema denticola and Porphyromonas gingivalis. The microaerophile Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans causes a rare form known as localized Juvenile Periodontitis.TO KNOW IN DETAILS ABOUT THIS PREVENTION, RISK FATOR & TREATMENTS CLICK HERE

A tooth broke off in my mouth leaving parts under the gum line. What are the pros and cons of dental surgery to remove them? The adjacent tooth hurts now. Saving up would take me a little under a year provided nothing else goes wrong on my life.

First the dental question. Yes, you should definitely have that tooth chip removed. It can cause problems now and in the future. It could be a very simple procedure depending on when it was done and the particular circumstances, but you don’t know until a dentist looks at it, understands when and how this happened and X-rays the area, to see what is under the gum.Regarding the question of cost. I believe that I am not the first one to suggest that you go to a “Dental School” in your area. You might have to spend a day on it, but probably well worth it. Some places it is free, some charge a nominal price.In any case, most dentists will allow you to pay on credit and pay a few dollars or euros or…. a month for several months or years. Best to invest in your health and forsake something else. I know that it is easy to talk about it, and difficult to do. Unfortunately, this is the best solution I can think of. Good luck and good health.

Do dogs have baby teeth? My puppy' s tooth was bleeding a little & it fell out (can't call vet til 2morrow)

The first set of teeth that pups have are called milk teeth. They should all be gone, and adult teeth in by 5-6 months of age. The knowledge that their adult teeth are in lets you know its time for their rabies shot. 1 shot the first year, and then another 3 years after that!