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Help My Sister Is Bleeding Out

My 2 year old sister hit her head and its bleeding? help?

The ER is for EMERGENCIES so unless your little sister is acting sick or bleeding uncontrollably she should be fine. Watch her and if she starts throwing up or acting like she is dizzy or confused get her in PDQ. Most likely she is fine.

My sister is on her period and bleeding very heavy. Filling more than one pad an hour.?

this link and related questions from this page answer a lot of questions about abnormal bleeding.

Unless your sister has been bleeding this heavy for more than 24 there should be no immediate concern. If your sister is in her teens still, fluctuations in periods are very common. Try not to worry, odds are in her favor. A doctor may be able to help reduce bleeding during future periods. I also saw a recommendation for ibuprofen. It may help to slow down the flow and also ease any discomfort she may be feeling. Be careful of dosing though and mixing it with any other drugs she might have already taken/

Help! My sister is bleeding alot! What is wrong?

Ok my sister is 11 years old.
And sorry to be disgusting.
But shes bleeding ALOT from her vagina.
i mean like when she cleans herself alot of blood comes out.
3 days ago she had a urine infection.
Does this mean she could be getting her period or the urine infection?
Last year when she was 9 in a half she got her period but then it never came back then this year on june she got it again but it didn't come back.
And Know shes bleeding alot from 'under there'
And her stomach hurts really badly but she can't go to the bathroom.
What Could this mean?


i'm no vet yet i might attempt doing what you do for a human.. preserving him calm, preserving his head tilted back and according to hazard gently employing preassure on the two facets of his snout at the back of his nostril. The rfile might desire to grant him a shot of nutrition okay to assist supply up the bleeding. For the vet, think of approximately if the dogs might desire to have been uncovered to something like cleaners? Mine had a nosebleed (and so did I) when I used Borax liberally whilst cleansing the tub. might desire to he have sniffed any cleaners or insecticides? If he seems healthy in any different case, and the bleeding stops, (after seeing the vet) shop an intensive eye on him. optimistically it particularly is basically a one time concern. My vet initially concept it grow to be exceptionally probable that he had a nasal tumor and it had hemoraged, and we even considered putting the dogs down that nighttime.. yet by using fact the bleeding stopped and he appeared in any different case healthy, we took him domicile to video reveal. That grow to be 6 months in the past. he remains with us an no better bleeding. i did no longer undergo in strategies till I have been given domicile approximately having used the borax. we predict of slightly have been given on the carpet and he sniffed it later. I had my nosebleed 3 hours after boraxing the tub.. the dogs had his 3 days later. He probable wandered by way of there some days after and sniffed it. (I were shaking the stuff all over the tub and then sloshing it throughout.)

Please help, my cats eye was bleeding!?

Hey guys its allie my mom didnt want me to sign her out, i have this cat named Russell. hes my baby. he is about 2 years or so old. but he was a barn cat and hes always had allergies, his sister Lucky is my sisters cat, long story short she had to get her left eye removed from swelling and bleeding which costed 500 dollars. My cats eyes are getting worse again, they are getting swollen shut etc. and yeterday he had an eye booger i thought,so i whipped it off but it was red i got closer and his Right eye was bleeding. I dont have money except 50 dollars. My mom said that I HAVE TO PAY to take him to tha vet. i wash his eyes out everyday, should i go ahead and take him to tha vet?
thanks everyone ill let you no how he is doing! =/

My sister dropped my hamster and he's bleeding from the mouth/nose...?

I would advise you to nt go to the vet just yet. You should call them or any other small animal doctors office and see if theres anything that they could do for you. A lot of the time, theres nothing you can do for small animals exept wait and see what happens. Most doctors don't specialize in small animals unless you take your hamster specifically to a small animal vet. But for now I think that you should just call a vet or small animal doctor and see if theres anything that they could do. It's always good to call because if you go there with your hamster and they can't do anything then it would just be a waste of time and would result in a very stressed out hamster. Hope this helped! Good luck and best of wishes <3

Help! My sister is a bully!?

So I'm 13 and my older sister is 17, both girls. And we used to get along just fine until she turned into a teenager. Then she started being mean to me all the time for no reason. At first she was just being rude to me a lot but a few months ago she turned into a real bully. She puts me down telling me I won't get a boyfriend and how I'm not pretty(I'll admit she's prettier than me), she steals my stuff, mainly my sandals because she doesn't have the ones I do but likes them better. Once I had to go barefoot in pe because she took my gym shoes for her track meet. She makes me do extra house work because she is too lazy to do it and it has to get done. And worst of all she physically hurts me when she gets mad, usually punches me in the stomach or slaps me in the face. She punched me in the face last week when we got into a argument over something personal, and I started bleeding. She just laughed when I started to cry. I can't tell my dad because he tells us to figure it out, and he's not home a lot anyway. My mom doesn't live with us because they're divorced. Despite all this I don't hate my sister, I don't want to walk around crying all the time and being scared of her I want a normal relationship. I try to avoid confronting her because 1, I have a little brother (7) and don't want to worry him and 2, I'm scared of what she'll do to me. She's really intimidating. What should I do? :'(

How do I help my sister get her period?

I am not a doctor, and my answer is just for nothing.At first, please check carefully whether your sister is busy with something new… such as a new life, and maybe several months later you will be called “aunt”.Second, if not pregnant, as you mentioned she excises a lot… How about her body fat rate?If it is too low, I am afraid there is not enough fat tissue to synthesize estrogens, which modulate menstruation.Finally, you mean your sister is working and studying simultaneously now. Was she under too much pressure, I mean, too nervous somehow?Whatever, I am just trying to get the reason instead of helping you. Like others’ answer, I too think going to see a doctor is the best choice.

Is my sister pregnant? help?

When you are pregnant, you don't get your period. If your sister had bleeding, it was probably spotting which is normal. It's when she has heavy cramping and bleeding you need to worry as that is a symptom of a miscarriage.

Your sister should start to find out if she is pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test. If it is positive, she should have her HcG levels checked by her OBGYN. She needs to come back in 48 hours to have her HcG levels recheck. These tests confirm her pregnancy. If she does not want to take a home test, then she should just go to the doctor as it is required.

Baby fell out of bed and nose is bleeding???!!!! Help!!!?

It could be cerebrospinal fluid due to serious injury. I would tell your mother and call the baby's physician! Check her eyes to see if they are dilated and check her ears to see if there is any discharge. Also, check for bumps or bruises of her head, which could indicate serious injury.