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Help Name My New Sandwich Shop

Name for a soup/sandwich shop?

I am the planning stage of my restaurant & I'm having a hard time finding a name. I will be opening a soup & sandwich shop that uses fresh local ingredients, nothing frozen. I will have anything from a Reuben to a eggplant parmesan sandwich to a basic blt. Soups will range from tomato, potato to a black bean soup. Again everything fresh & local is my concept. Thanks for the name ideas

How can I name my donut/sandwich shop?

There are copious amounts of websites that will help you name your business. I have had multiple business, entrepreneurial, and marketing classes in my bachelor & masters degrees. What I am going to suggest is a few suggestions that may be of use.Find a catchy name that speaks to your brand. What is going to make you stand out from your competitors? Are you going to double fry your donuts, do you have a different type of glaze (what makes you different). Once you have this question answered then you have the option of creating your business name based off of a specialty. What I would suggest here also is doing research.Research all donut shops in your city. Search for cities in the country that are known for having high traffic areas, what did they name their business?Be careful of being too cyber focused. I see a lot of businesses that make this mistake. Speaking about uber as a good example. What does uber mean (to me it does not scream driving people from place to place. Lyft makes more sense at the initial thought. I believe businesses are trying to get their names to meet this cyber-cool naming convention. I believe this is a two-edged sword. If it is too “cool” then you may be speaking to one demographic and completely missing another.Make something catchy, something customers will remember. If you name your business “MyLittleBusinessDonut” is not something I would remember. Dunkin Donuts, well that is catchy.If you think you have a good business name, go research it on your state website (where you will register a business name). You can tell if it is taken or not.Research potential business names on web hosting sites ( The problem that you may face is …. there are no business names for three characters, alot of business names are already taken, and if you find something that may receive alot of hits when searched (they inflated the price of the website name). The best advice I can give is when you do figure out your business name, try to get the website as close to what you have named your business. You want your customers coming to your website, not another donut/sandwich shop.I hope all of this information helps!-Robert

Whats a catchy name for a sandwich shop?

The Brown Bag.

Good names for sandwiches?

Rolling Stones fans will get this one. Beef of Burden... could be a tri tip sandwich or something else with beef. Or just do Beast of Burden and do different types of meats... Around Thanksgiving everyone talks about doing "Turduckens", which is a chicken, inside of a duck, inside of a turkey. It's supposed to really good. I've ALWAYS wanted to see someone do an actual sandwich with the turducken concept.

Also, you could do Beast of Burden, like a supersized area of your menu... like, if someone wants a normal sandwich, they get it at the normal price... but if they ask something like, Pastrami Sandwich, Beast of Burden style, you can make it one of those gigantic sandwiches, like what you would see in NYC at the famous deli's. Makes sense too. It's a beast of a sandwich and is kind of a burden to eat the whole thing... haha.

Anyways... you should probably post a list of the types of sandwiches your gonna make to give us an idea.

If you had a sandwich named after you?

*burp* :( Im sure

I had a drink made and named after me once! the AJ shooter :)

Canadian whi-skey + Goldshlager :) mmmmm

I mean, none for me thanks, Im driving *shifty eyes*

What is a creative name for a large bbq sandwich with the works and then some?

The Feast - I would call it this because it sound like your getting your whole meal in just one sandwich.
The Chainsaw- Just sounds like a manly, hefty, filling sandwich.
The "overload" sandwich series- you can make a couple sandwiches like this one and a have a promotional limited time only kind of thing there at your restaurant. can be a great marketing plan also.
I don't know that's all I can think of right now.

If you had a sandwich named after you....?

A lot of European cheeses , really colorful vegetables , tough chewy meats , and zesty tangy sauces , and the bread would be the mid-dark exterior .

Does anyone have any cool and catchy ideas for a sandwich shop name?!?

My friend JR Hartley opened a sandwich shop in Boddelwyddan and he called it JR Hartleys hearty butties.It became a roaring success with Welsh lorry drivers.Those boyos as JR would describe them would chunder in with the smell of sheep dip emanating from their leather aprons and order a JR Hartley special; which consisted of an Oggie,a large version in Wales of the Cornish pasty covered in cheesy peas on a large bap.
Now during the war JR Hartley learned his culinary skilss when he was dropped behind enemy lines in Russia.It was there he first met Satanislavski who was a Polish Partisan and Satanislavski taught JR how to rustle up squirrels and other small mammals under battlefield conditions.
After the war Satanislavski was seconded to Bletchly Park to translate ciphers still trapped in the enigma machine.It was rumoured that the population of both red and grey squirrels shrank drastically in and around Bletchly Park for a radius of 4 miles until Satanislavski was demobbed and then disappeared into the mists of a Birmingham dawn.
JR Hartley also wrote the definitive guide to fly fishing which is extremely hard to find now in it's original cover of fish scales.
I wish you all the success of a budding Ramsey in your new endeavour to satisfy the hungry mouths who will attend your sandwich shop.
What about this:THE EARLS DOORSTOP,after the very gentleman who invented the sandwich:Tha Earl of Sandwich who is also a distant cousin through the German line of JR Hartley.

What would be a good salad shop name be?

I need to do a school holiday work and part of my assignment is to name the shop, but I don't know one that is original, doesn't sound like a cheap!

What are examples of independent sandwich shops setting up near a Subway chain and beating their sales?

Here in Austin (Texas) we have a sub shop which goes by the name of Thundercloud Subs. Their sandwiches are better than Subways,with excellent high quality fresh locally sourced ingredients. Their counter folks are all (well mostly) alternate lifestyle people who are very cool and so nice (think tattoos , multiple piercings,dreadlocks,etc.) the atmosphere is relaxed and bright,the employees choose the music, prices are competitive ,very successful.Great customer service from happy employees. They have an Avocado Sub that I just love,however you must not be concerned with sloppiness,because there is so much on it you cannot eat it neatly. Subway doesn’t dare challenge them head to head - it would lose.