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Help No Response From My Gf Because I Didn

Why is my ex texting me "no response" and acting strange/hostile bc I didn't respond to his text about sex with new gf?

I applaud you for trying to be friends afterwards, and that can work, but in this case, it seems he's still too emotionally entangled with you. What you should do is send him one more message, that the two of you need to take a break in communicating, and that you will not be responding for 30 days (or pick a number - 60, 90?) Then block him on your phone, and social media, at least temporarily. That will give him time to get over you.

I was supposed to go to Florida with my gf but she just didn't get me any sort of imput. How long should I wait before cancelling the trip?

Long story short: My gf and I are supposed to go on vacation around the last week of july. We didn't specifically set the dates. We're from Boston area we're supposed to go to Florida. Last night I texted her about booking flights and hotels. I asked her if I can book the flights for the 23th and for the 30th. No reply. Now the thing is that we're 2 weeks shy and I still don't have a clue on what days should I book the flights,if we're actually still going there. I got no response at all. I figured that if I don't get some sort of response in like 5 days our trip to Florida simply put won't just happen. What the hell. I gotta know what days I'm gonna be out of town,I've got a job and I've got coworkers I need to speak to and I just can't put that on hold because she doesn't give me any imput. You get my point? What would you do?

Asked out a girl by text, no response, what to do?

Maybe I asked her out too soon, or too late, i don't know. We don't really talk much in school because we are in different classes. But somehow I felt that she is attracted to me. We had a few nice conversations (however, not much flirting , I took her number. Yesterday, I talked to her on text and asked her out (Lets go on a movie tomorrow).

I asked her out by text because our school is closed for a week so, I won't have the opportunity to talk to her in person. She didn't reply to my text. She is online 24/7 (Whatsapp shows online) but she doesn't care to say no or yes.

Now, let me get to the point. I don't know what to do now. Is she going to tell her friends that I asked her out? How should I react when I see her in the school?

My girlfriend was mad at me, because I didn't respond to her chat as quickly as possible. How do I respond to her so that she won't be mad at me anymore?

Well, let’s take this by steps. It’s rather difficult to answer based on so little information.What do you mean late? 5 minutes? 5 hours? 5 days?Was there a “special” event (anything kinda big in her life, from birthdays to important interviews or medical operations) and she needed/expected you be more available for her then?Are you usually late to your dates, whether online or by phone or in the flesh in general or do you tend to give other activities more of your time then her?I mean, with girls, there are enough situations where that tiny thing she’s angry at you for is not the actual reason but just the drop of water that broke the camel’s back. Figuring out what that is, telling her you realise it and promise to improve would probably placate her.Followed of course by actually following on that promise…If you did take too long and had a good excuse, you can just explain what you did. If you don’t have one, like you suddenly decided to check something on your phone and end up spending an hour browsing the internet, you just need to make it up to her.She was upset over being ignored or felt you didn’t listen to her, try to bring that topic up again, repeat a few things she said to show you did listen to it and she’ll continue her story. Then as long as you listen and don’t try to cut in and fix her problem, you should be golden.Otherwise, offer to spend time with her doing something you know she will like and do your best to make her special and cared for to make up for your earlier misstep.Lastly:If there isn’t anything you can think of, talk with her to figure what is she so mad about?And if there’s really nothing more than you being one minute late in replying on a chat, you may want to distance yourself from your girlfriend because she may well be on her way to making you into a doormat she can control and abuse at will, if the first thought you have is how to please her rather than wonder why she got upset over what seems to be a pretty trivial matter.Bear in mind, I’m no professional counselor and I don’t know you or your girlfriend, so my thoughts may well be completely wrong.

Please HELP! TINDER! Easy 10 points!!?

I need help! I was on Tinder talking to a great guy (not a hookup kind of guy), and I typed up my response to him and hit the send button and suddenly my Tinder froze and then the guy I was talking to doesn't show up on my messages. I didn't block him because blocking ask for confirmation and to type "block" which I did not do. It just froze when I tried to send him a message and it disappeared.

Its been a day now and theres no response/change so I think Tinder might have accidentally deleted him or something? How do I get him back?

Also if I found him on Facebook, is it awkward to message him on facebook or something? I don't want him to think I blocked him, but I honestly do not know what happened and don't want to look like a creeper or anything.

If anyone has any feedback or experience on this, please let me know! Thanks!

How should I respond to my girlfriend when she tells me that some guy is hitting on her?

Personally I would let the girlfriend handle it herself, unless there’s a reason to get involved.As much as it might bug you, you have to remember that she’s an individual whose allowing you to date her, it’s best to trust her enough to make the right call with this guy. If she truly cares about you and is happy with the relationship, she will let this guy know, and hopefully he’ll leave her alone, if not this would be considered harassment, and she can file a complaint, or call the police (Last resort only).I’m going to go into a bit more detail since I don’t know your situation.If for example you and your girlfriend are out somewhere and this guy approaches you, only to flirt with your girlfriend, then this would be slightly different. Since you’re present, you’d have the right to say something, but again, try to see if she wants your assistance.I know it’s best to keep your head cool in situations like this, as I said before, your girlfriend is an individual and isn’t your property and therefore you wouldn’t have the right to beat or threaten this guy even if you wanted.In reality, and as much as no one wants to admit this, a person could walk up to a person you’re in a relationship with, flirt for awhile and then walk off hand in hand together.

I made a gift for my gf. When she received, she didn't even say thanks. Is that normal from her?

That’s actually really rude of her. Even if someone I didn’t like gave me a gift I really didn’t like, then I would still thank them for it because it is just the right thing to do. She’s your girlfriend and should appreciate any gift you give her. Heck she should just appreciate you for being her boyfriend. So I mean I don’t know her so I don’t know if this is normal for her, but I would say this is very abnormal behavior. Try telling her how you felt and hopefully she’ll feel sorry and apologize. I don’t won’t to sound mean or like I’m judging, but if she has this sort of attitude all the time, I would suggest breaking up with her, because she really doesn’t deserve someone as amazing as you. Dump her sorry butt because no one should be with a girl that ungrateful and rude. Again I don’t know her so I’m not saying you should break up with her because of this one incident, but if she continues to have this type of attitude, leave her. But yeah, talk to her about it and tell her how you felt about this. And hear her out as well, maybe she was having a bad day and was just irritable, you never know.

What does it mean when a girl has seen my message, but didn't reply nor blocked me?

It means you're on the lower totem pole of importance of hers when it comes to responding to a text. She is a multi-tasking texter with several conversations going on concurrently. Your text, or you, just happens to fall into the not so important or serious matter that required immediate attention. Thus, she glanced at it & went back to her serial texting ways and might reply later on if she remembers. All she had to do was text, contact me back in so and hours. Its possible she could be emblematic of the lack of courtesy & conduct amongst people who text now. It's a common rudeness that courteous people must deal with. For those type of people, I respond in kind by not replying immediately until the same amount of time I had to wait or I just text, “Need to talk, call me back.” to get an immediate response. If they reply, “what is it?” I don’t reply unless they call. Give them a dose of their own rudeness. If they do call back later on, I only tell them, “…don't worry about it. I got everything under control…” without divulging any details. Sometimes, I mess with them by telling them, …too late, I already gave away concert tickets of their favorite singer or whatever events that they like.”You seize control of the narrative and they will self adjust their attitude in the future in regards to you because they “don't want to miss out”. In the event they don't call back, no worries, just move on because you don't need rude people like that anyways. The point is that all you were trying to do is teach them a lesson.Nevertheless, if you are relying on their help for something, then disregard what I have told you because you're going to have to play by their rules. They'll answer when they're ready.

She didn't say I love you back :( Advice?

Girlfriend for 3 1/2 months

I really don't wanna waste your time with a long post but..

I invited my girlfriend over tonight and we were watching tv and kissing etc. I told her that I felt like she wasnt as physical attracted to me as I was to her etc. We got into a conversation and it went really well surprisingly and we continued kissing and touching each other, and then I said "I love you" , she responded with "no you don't" while smiling, and I said "yea I do, how do you feel about it?" and she said "you know i feel the same way, i like you alot" while smiling and kissing me. and i said "i dunno I just care so much for you that its not fair to say i just like you anymore, you dont need to feel the same back i totally get it " kissed her. She said "its not that i dont feel the same way back" etc etc. After I said that for the next 30mins before she had to go she was constantly smiling and kissing me, but she never said it back.

We kissed each other goodbye and all was happy between us,,then she left and i started wishing i didn't say it cause she didn't say it back and now she gone and me saying it is all im thinking about.

Did i say it to early? I do feel like i love her
How should i go about our relation ship now? should i say it always now like "ok love you goodbye" or wait until she says it back?

thanks any advice is helpful.

I tried to call a girl and she didn't pick my call. What do I have to do?

You have to ‘chill yo shit’.You called a girl, and she didn’t pick up. She either wasn’t available, wasn’t present to see it go off, or wasn’t interested in talking to you (at that moment OR at all).All are perfectly valid reasons not to pick up the phone.Regardless of the background info (like who she is to you), Chill. Yo. Shit. Go play a video game or something. Get on with your life. If she’s into you, she’ll get back to you shortly. And if she doesn’t, try again in a day or two. If that fails, she’s just not that into you and you move on.But seriously. Chill. Jumping immediately to Quora looking for advice on something so tiny makes you sound desperate, and no one is going to be attracted to someone who’s desperate (at least not for the right reasons). I get that this might be your first relationship, so you don’t want to screw it up. We were all there.Chill. The less worked up you get over the small stuff, the better this will turn out overall.