Help To Find The Movie

Who can help me find the name of this movie? It’s about a man and a woman living on another planet with only each other and living on a space craft. I believe that man ended up finding another small spacecraft crash with another living man.

I agree with Vania. I think is “Passengers” ( 2016). The Avalon, a sleeper ship transporting crew members in hibernation pods, is on course to the planet Homestead II, a journey taking 120 years. Thirty years into its journey, the malfunction awakens one passenger, mechanical engineer Jim Preston, 90 years too early.After a year of isolation, with no company except an android barman named Arthur, Jim grows despondent and contemplates suicide. One day, he notices Aurora Lane, a writer and journalist, in her pod. After struggling with the morality of manually reviving Aurora for companionship, therein robbing her of a long life on a planet — a dilemma he daily discusses with Arthur — he awakens her, claiming her pod also malfunctioned. Over the next year, Jim and Aurora grow closer and eventually fall in love.Jim prepares to propose to Aurora on the one-year anniversary of her awakening in space, but inadvertently Arthur reveals the truth to Aurora hearing from her that she and Jim have "no secrets" between them. Aurora is devastated; she considers his action tantamount to murder.

Help Finding a Dutch Movie

I know the film you are talking about! I've never seen it, but I recall reading reviews of it and interviews with the boys in "American Film" magazine, if I recall. I think it's based on a real-life story.

I think this might be the film:
Du er ikke alene (1978 Danish)
aka You Are Not Alone
IMDb synopsis:
Set at a Danish boarding school for boys, the focus is on the conflict between the headmaster's old-fashioned view of life and the much more liberal views of the boys. At one point, one of the boys, Ole, is expelled for hanging risque pictures in the bathroom, but the boys unite against the powers-that-be until the headmaster and teachers have to let Ole stay. Elsewhere, Bo (15) and Kim (12), the headmaster's son become very intimate; even though it is clearly more than just a friendship, it is portrayed in a very innocent manner. Their relationship is not portrayed as a struggle with sexual identities but rather as something natural. They do not hide it from the other boys at school, who accept them.
From Blockbuster:
Young teenager Bo (Anders Agensø) is too sensitive for the hothouse atmosphere of a boarding school run by a cold, unfeeling would-be man of the cloth (an uncharacteristically grim Ove Sprogøe). Lonely and scared, he finds a soul mate in the headmaster's son (Peter Bjerg), and the two boys form a bond that slowly grows into a sexual relationship. Frank and unadorned, this Danish film concluded director Lasse Nielsen's youth-oriented trilogy that began with La' Os Være (1975) and continued with Måske Ku' Vi (1976).
I was fairly certain that it's from Denmark, so that helped guide me to it. I even found a place where it's available!


Stranger Inside (2001 HBO Original movie)
Wikipedia summary:
Treasure Lee (Yolanda Ross) learns that her biological mother Brownie (Davenia McFadden) is incarcerated in an adult prison, so she purposely gets into trouble in order to be transferred from a juvenile facility to an adult women's facility in order to meet her. In the new prison, she reunites with an old friend, Shadow (LaTanya Hagans). She meets new inmates, such as Leisha (Medusa), an aspiring rapper, and Doodle (Ella Joyce), a religious and homophobic woman who is involved with a male correctional officer.
Later, Shadow points out Brownie to her on the basketball court. Brownie knocks a player down, injuring her, and demands that another person take her place. Treasure volunteers for the position. Back in the cells, Treasure approaches Brownie around her "prison family." She pulls out a photo of a woman and says to Brownie that she is her mother and her reason for being in prison. Brownie's "daughters" protest that the photograph is not of Brownie. Brownie asks the daughters to leave and yells at Treasure, stating it is her own fault she is in jail.
NOTE: You can read the rest of the summary at the Wikipedia site for the film. I've provided the link below.

Please Help me find this old Asain Movie?

This movie I watched when i was around 8 years old, I saw this on tv not even able to understand it because it was a different language and the subtitles werent english neither. I know this movie scared me because it was ****** up but im really curious what it is. Okay so all i remember that it was a old Asain movie like 1970 i wanna say it was in black and white but i don’t remember. So I remember it was three kids, i think 2 were boys. Around the age 10 and they were in the desert. They all got kidnapped and put into these horrible prison. The cell had a bunch of people in it and i think given work inside the prison and maybe even been tortured. I remember one boy got sick and ended up dying and they fed him to the rats. At the end the last kid was able to escape and him just walking through the desert. Sadly thats all i can remember and no matter how much i try to look it up i cant find it.

Can you help me find the title of an old comedy movie?

Sergiu Boboc , I read your description of the movie, is it this movie?The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

Can someone help me find a movie that I have watched before but forgotten the name which I have written the detail in the comment?

My Sister's Keeper (2009) - IMDbI'm honestly suprised that with such a detailed description of the film you wasnt able to find it with a quick look with a search engine?

Can anyone help me find the name of a movie? I was a kid when it came out and it was my first movie so I want to watch it again.

I am not 100% sure. But I think the name of the movie is Stealing Beauty.

Can someone help me find a song from the movie, Kingdom of heaven???

I've not seen the movie however the IMDB link below may be able to help you. It lists the sound tracks in the movie. There appears to be 3 tracks at the bottom of the list that state "Directors Cut Only":

Composed by Guiot de Dijon
Performed by Estampie (from the album 'Crusaders: In Nomine Domini')
(director's cut only)

"Saa Magni"
Performed by Oumou Sangare
Courtesy of Nonesuch Records/World Circuit
(directors cut only)

"Nunc Gaudeant Materna"
Performed by Women's Voices of Sequentia
(directors cut only)

I need help with finding a song i heard in a movie. HELP!?

i was just watching a movie called the First Daughter and in the movie the daughter and the president(her dad) are dancing to a slow song. i am not sure of the name of the song so please help me out

Can you help me find the movie from the below elements, scenes?

Crazy Safari! I watched it and loved it as a young kid. The corpse landed in front of Nixau in Africa after the plane that carried it malfunctioned.You are not entirely wrong, it is the third sequel of Gods Must be Crazy. :)