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Help To Solve The C Program ; I Am New In C Programing And Learning The Basics . .thank You

Introduction to computer programming?

I'm 14 years old. I plan on making my own MMORPG when I'm a lot older. I want to start a programming language so I can get familiar with computer programming. Please post what the best language to start with.
Please include, A tutorial or website with help, and why you think it's the best. Thanks.

Simple Java programming question?

Ok first things first:
You cannot have things like Diameter, Area, or Circumference because you do not have the variable Radius yet. So that will already give you errors! Make that after you get the radius ok.

You should only use those as a reference to what you are going to do.

The area is πr² so that is wrong, it should be Math.PI * Math.pow(Radius, 2);
use the math class if you are going to do anything with math, so learn about the math class first

I'll help you deal with the input for what to do...but the rest is up to you...
Oh and all this happens AFTER you get the radius

System.out.print('Would you like to find the a)rea, the d)iameter, or the c)ircumference: ")
//note, use System.out.print so the input can be on the same line(for nice design only).

String choice = in.nextLine();
if(choice.equalsIgnoreCase("a")){ find the area }
else if(choice.equalsIgnoreCase("d")){ find the diameter }
else if(choice.equalsIgnoreCase("c")){ find the circumference }

email me if you want me to make you a .java file with comments explaining things

Best language to start programming?

I'm as green as grass so yes, you can consider that I have not even a small taste in writing codes. Though before I leave all the burden on you guys to answer a question that was asked by people 5-6 years ago, here are a few details:

I'm planning to start from the ground and go high. Yes, that means I want to start off from something simple and then move on to the more difficult programming languages.
As of the modern day, I'm thinking Visual Basic Express 2010 and the available resources and tutorials at MSDN by Bob Tabor. The program itself and the language seem like a good starting point.

Then, there is Visual C#, C++, J# etc. available at Microsoft's learning and programming center. The possible branches I'm thinking would work are as following:

Visual Basic
Visual C#
Visual C++

That's for starters and yes, I highly doupt that it will make me eligible of getting hired in a company. :D. I am not too sure what different languages can make and the proper process of growth in programming language should be like.
So, to wrap it up, I am asking which is the best language to start off the concept of coding and then further on, which languages are most suitable to build on top of the starting language. And finally, I would like to ask the concept of what different languages are used for and what they make.