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Help Translate This Hebrew Captcha Code

Hebrew walla captcha translation please?


Walla! Mail in hebrew?

קרא דואר this means read your mail.. The user name and password are in English so that should not be a problem.

click on: כתבו לנו = write to us

send them a note...

I didn't see any option to change the language..


write your name * שם הפונה : שם משתמש : write your walla email
* דואר לחזרה : write your return email address

* מהות הפניה write your questions...

How can people decipher languages or codes without a key?

Basically, they cannot. They always need some point of reference that’s common to both the unknown and a known language. There’s an informative account of how Assyrian Cuneiform script was deciphered in David Damrosch’s book The Buried Book, which documents the discovery and translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh from tablets found in the ruins of Ashburnipal’s library at Nineveh. How anyone ever had the patience is completely beyond me.But the point is, it was only possible because there was an unbroken chain of translations from Cuneiform to modern known languages, some of it resulting from the extensive dealings of the Assyrians with the Jews in Palestine - ancient Hebrew being still well-understood.However, contrast our complete and total ignorance of the meaning of Whale Song, the spoken language of another species on our own planet. We have no common point of reference to make a start.

Is there a free and accurate Arabic OCR?

The OCR API has a very generous free tier (25,000 conversions/month) and supports arabic ocr: Arabic OCR. Other options for good arabic OCR are Google Cloud Vision and Microsoft OCR, but their free tiers are small (2000 conversions/month).Here is some sample OCR from

Can I call my child Jesus?

Apparently, Spanish speaking countries don’t see anything wrong in naming a child Jesus which is pronounced “hay-sus” as it is a popular name amongst Hispanic kids, it is said that in the first century, Jesus wasn’t called “Jesus” but Yeshua which means Joshua in English, most will admit that there is nothing wrong with naming a boy Joshua. This shows that culture and the country that you’re from determines in a big way if you can name your child Jesus.You might wonder why anyone would want to name their son Jesus, you could say devotion or love, many people were named after God in the old testament like Elijah. In a show of devotion, a parent might just decide to name their son Jesus. It’s really just a cultural thing, I know for sure in Nigeria, no one would name their son Jesus, not because it’s a sin, but because we are very superstitious and weary of things like this, we’ll rather not find out what happens after the naming To most Nigerians, the name Jesus is a sacred name and shouldn’t be called or used in vain. That’s why even though the name isn’t one of the banned names to name a child it would still not be used because subconsciously we have decided that a child cannot be named Jesus as such it doesn’t even cross the mind.There are usually sentiments hanged around a person’s given name , it is believed that our name defines at least 67% of our character, it would be a little hard to imagine a mischievous boy named Jesus, maybe If we start to name our children Jesus perhaps evangelism, gospel outreach and godly locks will be rampant in our society since the Name plays a pivotal role in someone’s life. View MoreVisit The Gospel Arena to view answers to other questions like this