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Help Understanding The Correct Answer On This Aviation Question Afoqt

AFOQT Score Translation?

I'm 16 and am prepping for the AFOQT (I found a prep book in the library and decided to check it out). I took one of the practice tests and came up with the following scores on each section:
Verbal Analogies: 20/25
Arithmetic Reasoning: 23/25
Word Knowledge: 16/25
Math Knowledge: 24/25
Instrument Comprehension: 20/20
Block Counting: 18/20
Tables: 40/40
Aviation: 15/20
Science: 16/20
Rotated Blocks: 14/15
Figures: Did not complete (missing from book)

What would my composite scores look like approximately? (Verbal, quantitative, academic aptitude, pilot, navigator)

How do I look as of now for a pilot slot?

Help with AFOQT! Any information will be good.?

The colon denotes the ratios. The semi-colon is the break between the lines of the problem. The explanation starts by repeating that 1/2 inch is 10 miles 1/2:10
2 1/4 is equal to 9/4. So there is the equals sign and 9/4:x. It is just saying 1/2 is to 10 as 9/4 is to x
Now you start the actual math problem.

You cross multiple. 1/2*x and 10*9/4. You get x/2=10/4. The common denominator for 2 and 4 is 8. You multiple the whole equation by 8 like this. 8(x/2=10/4). When you multiply and simplify you get 4x=180.

4x=180. Divide all by 4. You get x=45. I would work this problem in a completely different way sans any real math. 1/2 =10. in 2 1/4 inches you have 4 (1/2) +1/4. 1/4= 1/2 of 1/2. 1/2 of 10 is 5. so. 4*10 + 5=45. For me the counting method is quicker. Though its not easy to explain in type.

My best piece of advice is to study study study and practice afoqt sections for time. The hardest part about the test is the time limits.

There is no such thing as "passing" the AFOQT. There is no set passing score. Your grades on each section go into your packet that you submit along with your gpa/transcripts, letters of recommendation, resume etc. Your packet goes before a board of colonels. The sit down with everyone's packet and rank them 1st to last based on total package. Then they hand out jobs until the jobs are full. If you aren't selected you must reapply to the next board. Process repeats itself. There are certain AFOQT scores that are likely/unlikely to get selected but when it comes down to it if you have a 4.0 gpa and AFOQT scores in the 60s you can compete with someone who has a lower gpa but higher AFOQT scores.

Some degrees are more badly needed than others. If you have a engineering degree you can get selected with a 2.5 gpa but if your degree is in history you need a 3.0 or higher. It also depends on what you want to do. If are non rated (aviation) non technical your chances of selection are much lower than if you 1. apply to a rated board. or 2. have an engineering degree or similar. The fact of the matter is that the Air Force just doesn't need as many accountants as they do pilots and engineers.

Finally you can apply to as many boards as you want until you reach the age max.

I had a 3.2 BS in accounting and AFOQTs in the 90s.

Aviation Information section for AFOQT?

Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Instrument Flying Handbook

Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators

How can I learn more about aviation for the AFOQT?

1) afoqt = air force officer qualifying test

2) thanks i saw the amazon study guides by acro but they didn't get that great reviews

3) i'm not currently in the air force so i don't have a code to use for peterson's

my goal is strictly to learn about airplanes and aviation... i'm dealing with: "the cowling is located X" or "airport taxiways are identified at night by omni directional edge lights. what color are the lights"?

Best study guide for the AFOQT?

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Could you recommend a book to study for the AFOQT?

Yes, I actually just finished taking my AFOQT about a month ago. The name of the book is Officer Candidate, 7th edition (Arco Military Test Tutor). This is the direct link in order to purchase the book Finally, if you do not want to purchase it over the internet, most bookstores, such as Barnes and Noble and Borders will carry it. I believe it has practice exams for both the AFOQT and the ASVAB, but please do not quote me on that. I hope that helps and best of luck to you.

AFOQT Practice Test Book?

Im planning on taking the AFOQT for the Air Force, but I need to practice. Where can I practice the test online and which test practice book is the best one to use??

AFOQT score?

These are respectable scores. Your scores exceed ROTC standards.

Best book and study guide for AFOQT?

I was wanting to know what you guys thought was the most helpful books and study guides for preparing for the AFOQT. I've heard good things about the Acro books - is this a good book, and devoutly studying this enough to score well? Please tell me what worked for you, and possibly provide Amazon links to those materials if possible, and try to be specific on what edition of the book you recommend if there are multiple editions of the books you recommend.

Background info: I'm a college student who wants to go into the Cyberspace Operation Officer, and my backup is Air Battle Manager. I'm graduating from a top 50 business school in May with a degree in finance and a 3.4 GPA. I have taken a couple of Information Systems courses, such as Database Application Development.

Thanks for all the help in advance.