Help Us Find A Venue On Long Island For A Dream Wedding

What is your dream wedding plan?

not a beach wedding: sandy dress.not an outdoor wedding: i just don’t like them (sorry)I want an unusual wedding.A unique Wedding.So recently I watched Crazy Rich Asians with ma friends and um, let me just say WOW also i freaking love that movie it’s my fourth favourite movie after To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Breakfast Club, and Dirty Dancing. The wedding scene was just wow… and very expensive. And it was shot beautifully too like… DOES IT GET ANY BETTER!? I cried…Ok.. So we start with Rachel walking in in her snazzy as dress (i had to include I truly love her dress):Then everyone sits down and stuff ya know blah blah blah…And THEN water starts running down the aisle and the bride appears and she is BEAUTIFUL:I mean LOOK at that dress! Look at it!So basically I want a wedding like that. Like Crazy Rich Asians. I want lots of people there (because I’m an attention hog), I want a beautiful and unique dress, I want a grand entrance. I want water flowing down the aisle and people holding up little lights so it looks like I’m travelling through a river. I want it to be beautiful.Actually I can’t afford that and I will never be able to but ya know… I still want the pretty dress and the grand entrance. :D

What is the best budget venue for a destination wedding in India?

Looking for budget destination wedding venue in India than you should try cities of Rajasthan which will provide you low cost royal designation weddingCalculate the Cost of Destination Wedding (Free of Cost, No Regsitration Required)To know more contact the one of the most budget friendly royal wedding planner in India - Rajasthan Royal Weddings which will provide venues as per your budget.

I need help to get over my wedding?

So I got married a little over 1months ago and just thinking of that day saddens me because it wasn't what I dreamed of. I kind of feel it got somewhat ruined. I feel terrible because we worked so hard to get our perfect wedding & nithing went as planned. The worst part is that I think about it over and over again & I feel depressed because what should have been a happy day became stressful. What I mean by ruined is probably in my head only. Our photographer sucked, was so unprofessional. All our pictures look like if a regular joe took'em. Our caterer/food was so blan, my family picked the caterer. My decor was so cheap looking, I was so angry because the table runners were Wrinkled they were satin so you could imagine how that looked. We had a dj, and he sucked aswell all the guest were angry at him shouting rude comments. His system went out & the music was horrible after I clearly gave him a list. The security at our wedding charged us for their services again we had already paid for everything, we got our money back, but I was frusterated that they interrupted us for something we had already arranged with their boss. My mom was supposed to be at my house for pre wedding pics & missed that, my sisters(maid&matron of honor) didn't make it to the ceremony. My bridesmaids were late to the ceremony so we started without them, & after the ceremony they all left so I have no pictures with any of them. My cake collapsed, kids running around like crazy. & to top it off I invited 145people & about 280 people showed up.. So yeah I think thats about it. I can't seem to stop.thinking about my wedding day, it saddens me because its a one time thing & I will never be able to change that. Sometime my husband catches me daydreaming & its about our wedding. I havent told him any of my feelings. I love my husband so much that I would hate if it would cause an arguement. How can I get over this? What can I do to stop thinking about it?

What are some budget friendly venues for a wedding ceremony and reception?

Recently, I attended my friends long Island wedding at Leonard’s Palazzo, NY. That place was amazing. Here is some information about Leonard’s Palazzo:Venue Style: Ballrooms, ModernServices: Indoor/Outdoor Ceremony, Indoor ReceptionCapacity: Max Indoor Ceremony: 400 guestsMax Outdoor Ceremony: 350 guestsMax Indoor Reception: 1,000 guestsTime Restrictions:Flexible set up start time. Early morning can be arranged based on availability. Events must end by 2:00AM.Rental Fees: There is no rental fee for the reception but there is a food and beverage minimum applied to all events. The venue allows 5 hours of event time excluding set up and clean up time. The set up fee for a wedding ceremony is $1,000. Additional hours can be arranged for a fee of $10 per person. Service and Administrative fees are included in menu packages.Wedding Cost: The average wedding cost at Leonard's Palazzo is estimated at between $12,862 and $17,749 for a ceremony & reception for 100 guests.Catering: ProvidedAlcohol:Provided

How much did you spend on your wedding?

I am getting married on April 17th, 2009, so we don't know 100% yet how much our wedding will cost. So far, we are expecting to spend about $27,000 on a wedding for 80 people in the NYC metro area, including $7,000 on air+hotel for a 2 week honeymoon in Hawaii and Mexico (we are not factoring in what we expect to spend while we're actually there into the wedding budget). Like boom said, the cost of your wedding will vary greatly depending on the geographical area you are from. In and around NYC, $100 per person catering hall is a bargain (although that includes open bar), whereas somewhere closer to the middle of the country you can find a hall that's just as nice for $40pp. We decided on a smaller, intimate wedding, in order to be able to afford a better quality wedding. The best way to save on your wedding is to cut the guest list, because that way you can still afford to have the wedding of your dreams with the same budget you would have spread out on a larger quantity of guests.
We are very fortunate to have my parents paying for the majority of the wedding, I think we are only spending about $10,000 ourselves. Just to give you an idea, our photographer is costing $2,500, DJ: $1,200, flowers: $1,300, and my dress + veil + shoes is about $1,200. All in all though, the best advice I can give you is that a smaller guest list will result in fewer overall expenses and a better quality wedding. You will save not only on food and per person prices at the catering hall you choose, but on flowers, favors, invitations, etc, as well. Also, if you are on a budget, try to keep your bridal party small: between the bridal party gifts and paying for their bouquets and boutonnieres, those costs add up as well.

Good luck and congratulations on getting engaged soon! =)

My fiance and I can't agree on wedding plans at all. He wants to basically elope, and I want a small wedding.?

His family is from California and has said, in no uncertain terms, that they will not be there at the wedding if we have it in South Carolina, where I am from. My dream is to have a small wedding with family and close friends in the town where I am from in South Carolina and then later have a nice reception in California for his extended family and our coworkers and friends. We are both living in California now, but it would be no problem for us to go back to SC for the wedding. We are now at a standstill because he refuses to have a wedding--even a small one--if his family isn't there. He suggests we have just my parents (because my dad would be our officiant) and two of our friends and then later have a reception for everyone else. That breaks my heart, though, because I have three siblings (two with spouses) who would not be invited to the ceremony if we do it my fiance's way. He says it's not fair to his family to have even a small wedding if they can't or won't be there. I don't think it's fair to exclude my siblings and aunts and uncles just because his family can't or won't be there. I don't think it's fair for him to ask me to give up my dream of a wedding. He has said over and over that he doesn't care how it happens as long as it happens. Now he says he doesn't care how it happens as long as it's as fair as possible to both families. I understand that getting married isn't about the day so much as the marriage, and I agree with that 100%. But I don't want to give up my dream of having a wedding and of being my sweetheart's bride. I have looked forward to that since I was probably 15 years old. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I don't want to feel sad about missing out on later down the road. Am I being completely selfish and ridiculous?? Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. It seems like we are on the verge of not getting married at all because we are at such a standstill.

What are the best places in India for destination wedding?

Rajasthan is considered as one of the leading wedding destinations for marriages. If you are planning to have a wedding then remember that Rajasthan comprises the best Indian castles and palaces across the country. Celebrating your wedding ceremonies in Rajasthan recalls the tradition of the royal weddings that used to take place during the Maharaja era. The magnificent palaces and venues of Rajasthan make it a perfect choice for any dream weddings.Some cities that are popular for weddings in Rajasthan state is :UdaipurJaipurJodhpurJaisalmerSince i live in Udaipur, I can elaborate more about UdaipurUdaipur is not only a popular tourist destination but is also considered as one of the leading destination wedding spots in India. This place has successfully conducted many royal weddings, big fat weddings and even celebrity weddings.However many of us have a myth that destination weddings are difficult to plan and execute also it may cause a lot if planned well.In this article, I shall give you reasons that may break this myth and will encourage you to plan your destination wedding in Udaipur.In General, make note of few points if you are planning your destination weddings in Udaipur.1. Make a list of everything with a clear vision of what you want and what you need.2. Look out for a wedding planner, if possible look for a local one, so that, the wedding planner may assist you in a proper way.3. Make a selection of Resort or Hotel as per your requirement. (Tip: Reach directly to hotel or resort sales team, they have the best deals and even some hotels have their own dedicated team for wedding arrangements in Udaipur )3. Make a list of guests and share it with your wedding planner and the destination wedding venue.Also, I am listing some of the popular wedding venues in Udaipur that may suits your budget as well:Fatehgarh UdaipurBhairavgarh UdaipurSwaroop Vilas UdaipurThe Royal Retreat UdaipurChunda Palace Udaipur==============This article is about why Udaipur is a leading destination wedding venue, also I have provided few reasons and tips that may encourage you in planning your wedding in Udaipur along with the list of some of the popular wedding venues in Udaipur.