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How can we help our grandparents?

We can help our grand parents by doing those little things that will put smile on their faces.It can be done by -By giving them their medicines at proper time.By spending some quality time with them.This will definitely make them happy.By asking them if they need anything. If they need something, bring them that.Or you can bring something of your choice for them , they will become happy if you do so.Go for a walk with them. It will be good for their health as well as they will enjoy your company.By playing board games with them. It will keep them involved.By finding the things like specs which they forget after keeping somewhere.Help them in operating mobile phones or in operating TV.Give a hand to them while they are walking up and down the stairs.Assist them if they are going to market so that they need not to carry those heavy bags.Talk to them about how they used to be in their childhood days.Discuss with them , the big decisions that you are going to take. They will advice you the best.By reading out the news from newspaper to them.Other than help, what they need is your love and time. So do spend time with them if you live away from them, do call them and ask how they are.

What can i do to help lift a 20lb dumbbell?

Press ups and pull ups. Work on building both arms at once. You might not be able to do many at first but nobody can on their first few attempts. After a short while of doing those, try lifting the weight starting with your left. Get as many reps as you can with and match it with your right; that way you'll even them out.

My wall is crumbling help what can I do?

Usually the screws they supply you with the blinds are too short and not reaching the wood framing behind the drywall.
Especially if you have 5/8" drywall.
I use slightly longer screws.
Are you installing the blinds inside the window opening?
They really should go inside.
The lengths they come in are for the standard window widths.
Or you can have them cut to size at Home Depot or Lowe's.
You can get some lightweight spackle that dries really quick,
but be careful cuz it'll crumble if you aren't.
Pre-drilling the holes will help.
pin up an old blanket in the meantime.
All the best..

What can I do to help this duck? Or make her more comfortable?

For the past two days, possibly longer since we were on break, there has been a duck chilling in the school s courtyard. We get a lot of rain here so there was a giant puddle that they were swimming in, but it s drying up fairly quickly. She had a male accompanying her yesterday but he seems to have left. I fed her carefully today from my classroom because I don t want to hurt her. I named her Philip. She tried to stretch out her wing but she was struggling. She s all alone there and I was wondering what I should do for her because the water is almost gone. I don t want her to get hit by a car or anything. Who should I call if she is injured? I m sorry that it s really weird that I have become emotionally invested in this duck. She s a really cool duck and hung out with me during class. Philip is my buddy and I wanna make sure she s healthy :,)

I need help what can I do about this problem? HELP please?

I've told my doctor about my deepretion but I think its geting worse..Before I was seeing and hearing things and now Im seeing realy scary things and its making me realy freaked I got so stressed at that that I got a box cutter and cut 100s of scratches on the top of my arm Nobody understands the way I feel I dont know why I do these things I just do it....I NEED HELP the theripist is'nt working and my dad does'nt whant me talking to ppl...I have meds for this but idk if I should talk to my doctor about geting a biger dose of my meds or what IDK whats going on Im only 15 years old and noone will help me.....Everyone is saying to take me to the hospital but I wont be abile to come home! I'll be cut off from everything. What do I do?????

Which is correct, "is there anything I can help / help you with / help with"?

- Is there anything I can help? - Unless you are addressing a group of "things," this is wrong.- Is there anything I can help with? - Common enough colloquially, but to me it feels like it's missing a syllable. You might also hear "Anything I can help with?" because people tend to leave off words in speech. I wouldn't recommend using this form in formal writing.- Is there anything I can help you? - This is wrong.- Is there anything I can help you with? - All good. Also, you could say (informally, in speech) Anything I can help you with?And I'll add these to your list:Can I help [you]?How can I help?What do you want me to do?**This is based on the assumption that the person looks in need of assistance or has already asked you for help. Otherwise it could be taken as "too straightforward," demanding, and exasperated.