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Help What Does It Mean When I Am Having Dreams About Having S.e.x With My Boyfriends Step Dad

What does it mean to dream of my boyfriend’s brother?

Your dreams are just an offshoot of what your day is like or to put it in a much clearer perspective, its about how you think about any particular thing in a day.(This can be confusing if you have not felt it personally)Its my personal observation that Dreams happen in a way which connects to some real memory and translates it into many other situations and simulate it in different conditions. Like a memory of your present day college life with the same batchmates can come in the dream as your school life where possibly these set of people were not present.Hence a intermixing of thought happens in the dreams.Coming to your question, It might be a possibility that you maybe connected to your BF’s brother at some level of intimacy or care(not the one you share with your BF but a different where a mutual trust and care are involved with him)It might be a possibility that (and I am not judging you in anyway) you might have a very dormant feeling for his brother, which is finding expression in your dreams, so try reassesing your feelings for him once, maybe you find the answer.One suggestion in this case, if the feelings show a bend towards him, just take a step back and make clear to yourself that who are u in a relationship with, and take steps accordingly.I might have gone far in interpreting your dream and may have in the process thought a bit too much, but mind you, I was involved in some sort of relation like this, where I was quite close to my Brother’s GF and hence all these things happened commonly because in real life the closeness existed and found manifestations in my dreams.I hope I have answered your question. Take care!

Dreams about having sex with my ex stepdad?

You seem to want to punish yourself and perhaps your mom too, which would you you feel somehow guilty for the failure of you mom's marriage either to the stepfather or to some man perhaps one she has not met or cannot go out with, a man of the future. So get past guilt feelings, if you really have any, and be careful to help and not hurt Mom in her future or just starting relationships.

Why would I have dreams of having sex with my stepdad. I'm so embarrassed and grossed out!?

Basically, it's because you're hōrny. That's your libido influencing your dreams and it's not choosy about partners. The most convenient character will do and the subconscious tends to pick people we're most familiar with. Plus, it's easy for your subconscious to confuse the attachment of a familial bond, turning that into a sexual urge. Just brush it off-- sex dreams are purely hormonal and they have no relevance to one's real life relationships.

What does it mean when you dream about your stepdad in a coffin? My aunt had the same dream, and my uncle died recently.

Im afraid that is a real death symbol that could possibly indicate his imminent passing, or massive transformation on his part. He has some much needed changes he needs to go through… or he will simply pass on, so he can reincarnate to go through the changes necessary to his spiritual evolution.

What does it mean to have sexual dreams about your mother?

In my experience, these kinds of dreams occur in people who are unconsciously too attached and/or identified with the mother-complex, so to speak.The dream is meant to shock the dreamer into an awareness of an unhealthy psychological situation, one which keeps the dreamer from stepping into adult life.Jung called this psychological stalemate the family romance. It typically manifests in a psychological relationship with a parent which takes on a character that is too much like a marriage or romance.It can be really obvious, for example in a family where the father dies and an all-too-young son steps in to be the man of the house. I mean, it’s certainly a noble effort on the part of the child, but the mother can let it go too far.A son cannot serve as a substitute, psychological husband. When that boy grows up, a huge part of himself is still trapped in childhood, despite the fact that he had to grow up early.Another way it manifests is in the mother-son relationship where the mother acts like a poison in the man’s life - constantly pulling him aside and injecting him with her motherly wisdom regarding what he should and should not do with his life, all the while offering it as motherly love.An unhealthy attachment to the Mother keeps a man from being able to authentically relate to women, and moreover, from connecting to the women who really attract him at the soul level.There are many ways in which this kind of situation manifests itself, but at its root is an unhealthy psychological attachment that should be severed. Once you can do that, you should start seeing a different kind of feminine appearing in your dream, one which won’t constellate an incest taboo.Archetypally speaking, this is called the battle for deliverance from the Mother (see C.G. Jung, Symbols of Transformation, CW, volume 5). It’s in every hero-fighting-the-dragon story.I have assumed that the dreamer was a man, but I have also seen sexual dreams about the mother in women. It’s still the same kind of unhealthy dynamic, only it takes on different characteristics.

Having dreams that im sleeping with my father?

i know it is father and i have a normal relationship and i love him normally...but sometimes i dream that he is going to have intercourse with me...and last night was the worst..because im still a virgin and i dreamt that we had sex and he took my virginity..the worst part is that i liked the sex..the dream was so detailed and i enjoyed it but then when i realised that im not a virgin any more and that my father took it i was so depressed and i hit the wall of what does that say aboyt my psychology??by the way i have a boy friend and we are deeply in love and we fool around a little bit...but it is a long distance relation ship so he is not around currently

I had a dream that my step father(48)made me(13)have sex wit him.wat does this mean?

Nothing! Dreams are wierd. I have drempt some pretty wacked out stuff. I dont think it mean anything.

What does it mean when I have nightmares about being raped by my dad?

It's impossible to tell you the reason without having much more details about your life and relationship with your father than you can share here. Such nightmares are usually not caused by only one thing. Dreams are always a combination of multiple events and that makes the answers for "Why?" a very long list. Your subconscious basically saves all the information you've ever learned, all sounds, colors, feelings....make a short movie with them, and show you in dream form.People always look for a meaning in dreams but this is not always the case. Not every dream has a deep meaning. Dreams can get very obsessive in themselves, especially nightmares. The reason why you have nightmares about your father raping you might be even something like, step by step;1. You read/heard/thought about a father molesting or raping his daughter2. Had a nightmare like that because that news got stuck in your head3. You got so affected by that nightmare that you had the same nightmare again4. After having that nightmare two times, you got even more scared of having the nightmare and you had/are having that nightmare because you're scared of having that.Related funny note: This exact thing happened to me after I had a sexual dream about Mick Jagger. I still sometimes have sex dreams that involves Mick Jagger even though I have no desire or ever had.Rape dreams can also be the result of person feeling like she/he has no control in their lives. If you somehow feel you're overcome by your father, if you feel like he is more involved in your life and/or decisions than you'd like, if you think he doesn't respect your privacy or borders as much as you want, this can also lead to such nightmares.

I had a dream I married my dad...?

I would assume that it means that you would like a husband with the same qualities as your Dad.