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Help What Should My Friend And I Dress Up As

How can I dress up for my friend's sweet 16?

First of all just ask you friend the dress code and if there is no dress code you can go with the various dresses like Short Dresses, Couture Dresses,Prom Dresses, Prom Gowns and many more in row there are endless options to wear.It’s my suggestion to you as a good friend try the awesome dresses collection from the famous brands in US . I loved there party outfits especially the Prom dresses which I wear for the party and you can visit the website to explore more.I’m also sharing some of there beautiful outfits hope you will love them“I’m also sharing the Info-graphics with you which will be more helpful to you in choosing the best Prom dress outfit”

Is it normal for a girl to want to dress up her boyfriend?

I belive that a couple of the answers posted so far suggest that the question itself wasn’t completely understood. The inquiry was as follows:“Is it normal for a girl to want to dress up her boyfriend?”“I just talked to a friend of mine who asked me if it was normal for women to want to dress up their BFs.Apparently she'd told him, she had ordered a lot of cute outfits of all sorts, and wanted to dress him up.”When you read the comment from the author, the situation becomes much clearer:“He was going to wear the outfit for a full day while she took lots of photos of him for her scrapbook.He is really extremely interested in this.. Partly because he wants to see her happy, partly because her asking turned him on.I advised him to wait a bit, and asked permission to ask here.What I'm mostly worried about here is the part where she takes pictures.Will those pictures stay private, or is there a real risk of them ending up online.. That’s a rhetorical question.I'd hate to see a friend humiliated by suddenly having pictures of himself dressed up as a doll or an infant shared all over place.”What this appears to be for me is a girl wanting to dress up her boyfriend in women’s clothing.We’re not talking about dressing up her boyfriend in menswear. We’re talking about dressing him up like a woman.So the real question is “Is it normal for a girl to dress her boyfriend like a female?”Having now defined the question, here is my answer:YES.Yes, it is normal for a girl to want to dress up her boyfriend in women’s outfits. I’ve met a lot of women in my life who are thrilled at this idea. I could even offer you a couple of examples:When I was 16, I meet a young teenager who actually loved doing this with her boyfriend - she loved it so much that she offered to do this for me as well (and it was fun!). When I was 23, my next door neighbor and I became close friends and she was delighted to dress me up in her clothes (and I was delighted too). Since those days, I’ve met dozens of women who enjoy this fun activity. It’s not illegal (at least, not here) and this was mutually consensual, so what’s the problem?I believe that some women who loved playing with their Barbie Dolls also love dressing their boyfriends as Barbie too. I don’t see the harm in this, unless the photos are used in a negative way.So this all boils down to trust and intent. If the woman (your friend) is trustworthy and she doesn’t have an ulterior motive, then I see no harm in her doing this.

My friend overdresses for everything?

I have a friend whom I'll call "Shelby". She works in a law firm and, as a result, has to get dressed up. But the problem is, she insists on wearing dress clothes everywhere we go and for everything we do. Shelby and I had a Saturday lunch at McDonald's one day, and she came dressed to the hilt even after I asked her to please just wear something like jeans. Shelby didn't have to work that weekend, so it wasn't for lack of time to change her clothes, and she even had the nerve to suggest a wardrobe makeover for me! I was wearing a nice T-shirt, black denim jeans, and clean hiking boots, and to see her overdressed like that came across to me as arrogant. What should I do?

Why do you have to dress up pretty for your friends to like you?

1. Have you thought about the fact that they do like you, but want you to dress up because it makes you look nice and attractive? Could it be they want you to think they don't like you because of the way you dress now? Dressing nice, (and being clean), helps you look respectable and presentable to others. Not only that, it will make you feel good about yourself when you know others think good about you first. 2. If you think your have to dress up to be likeable to your friends, it helps, but not always. Maybe you say, act, or do things they don't like, which may or may not have anything to do with the way you dress. Do you do things or go places with them, or just go off on your own? Do you like being or hanging around with them or no? How do you behave toward them? Angry, sad, depressed, bad attitude? 3. Why do you think your friends don't like you? Have you asked them? If they tell you, will you accept their opinions, whether good or bad. If bad, will you be willing to change for the better, for them?

Why does Ross in Friends dress up as a potato with antennas?

It's a play on the word "Sputnik", the russian satellite... Being Ross - the super science geek, he obviously thinks it's a smart joke... But the rest of the gang mistake him to be "doody" :D :D :D

How do you dress up your “male friend” to make him becomes a perfect woman?

I can easily do this, especially the “dressing up” part.Here’s the Game Plan:First, we would go clothes shopping together, at a high-end retail store. We’d go directly to the woman’s department on the second floor. No fair looking at any of the guy’s clothing on the way there!Then, I’d enlist the aid of one or two of the women working there. If this “male friend” has suddenly lost his ability to express himself, I’d do all the talking for him.Me: “My friend (insert a woman’s name here) would like to build a new wardrobe. We’re here looking to put a nice outfit together for her.”Sales Associate: “Great. What can I help you find?”Me: “Do you have a tape measure? I’d like to get my friend’s size in shirts, sweaters, leggings and some other items I have in mind.”Sales Associate: “Of course, I’ll be right back.”And then, after we’ve written down my friend’s chest, waist, and hip measurements, we start looking at the garments on display.To help out, I’d go from rack to rack pulling garments that should not only fit, but also look good too.Then it’s time to open a fitting room so my friend can start trying everything on.After putting on each garment, my friend walks out of the fitting room for our feedback. We’ll be looking for the fit around the chest, how tight the waists are, how the garments drape, and how fitted each garment is around his thighs.We then repeat the same procedure at the women’s shoes, jewelry, accessories, and handbag departments.After a couple of hours, several purchases are made and then we leave the store and go next door to Sephora. If you make a minimum purchase of $50 at any Sephora store, they’ll include a free makeover so you can see how you look with a full face of makeup.This sounds like quite a memorable experience for my friend, don’t you think?

If guys had to help a female friend zip the last couple inches of her dress up, would it make you uncomfortable?

What an odd question. I work as a concierge in an upper end apartment building. There is a woman, let’s call her L, that very frequently asks for help with this exact issue. I usually laugh when I see her in the elevator because she comes downstairs barefoot with her dress more than halfway unzipped asking for help.Anyway, when she gets to the lobby she comes around the desk and asks,“I’m sorry, can you help me again?”,to which I, of course, respond that I wouldn’t mind. It would amuse me to no end to write that my reaction is something like:Oh wowzers, it’s L again! She looks great tonight. I can see her back, and her bra too! I hope she doesn’t notice how hard I’m breathing. Man, oh man, it sure is hot in here. Are my hands sweaty?Unfortunately the reality is much more mundane. I zip up the dress, make sure I don’t catch her hair in the zipper, and wish her a fun night. This is not a movie moment where I clear my throat and say,“Uh, yeah, you look great”.The only way to make this an uncomfortable moment is if you make it one. This isn’t a big moment. I don’t think a female friend would get uncomfortable if I asked her to straighten my collar. Now if she was asking for help taking the dress off, maybe we’d have something to talk about. Maybe.

Help. me and my friend need costume ideas of things that go together for halloween!?

me and my friend are in 8th grade and were going to dress up as something that goes together for halloween. like salt and pepper, i guess. but we want something non-slutty and not baby-ish.