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Help Why Does My Butt Bleed After I Poop

HELP!! why does my butt bleed after I poop???!!?

okay so I have noticed that my butt has been bleeding after I poop. this has been going on for like a month and a half or so and it is really freaking me out because I'm kind if a worry wart so I over think things.. I kind of worry that this is something serious but hopefully not. ok so after I poop I wipe my butt and then there's some blood ok the paper. sometimes it's a lot and sometimes it's a little. and then my butt starts to hurt.. any ideas of what this could be? (I'm 15 and I have never had anal sex so don't ask that in your answer.)

Why does my butt bleed after i poop?

It it bright red blood or dark blood? If it's bright red like the blood you get from a cut then it's probably just a small cut, try to watch what you eat until it heals and make sure you clean yourself properly with water so it doesn't get infected. If it's dark blood then it's higher up and it's a problem, go see a doctor with that.

Why does my butt bleed after i poop?

its happened before. idk like right after i go to the bathroom & i go to wipe theres some red on my paper. its kinda freaking me out & i go to the doctor a lot but i don't wanna go to the doctor for this....too awkward.

What does it mean when you bleed from your butt when pooping?

That happened to me when I was a teenager. Mom took me to a doctor and I was examined: hemorrhoids was the diagnosis.

Dr. told us to go to Walgreens and buy Prep H suppositories. I followed instructions and inserted that and problem healed. I didn't use the whole box so I stored it in the refrigerator (until I needed another one).

Dr. said to eat more roughage (don't strain when on the toilet), always drink lots of water, and don't "hold it". When you feel the urge, go to the bathroom.

I can only say, perhaps you should start by talking to your doctor just to make sure.

Why is my butt bleeding after I poop?

You most likely have hemorrhoids from either too much pressure being exerted when you go to the bathroom or from irritation from a hard stool. It bleeds (bright red) when the irritation becomes a small sore. There are many over-the-counter meds you can take. Ask your parents to buy you a tube of it. It should help you out in a few days.

My butt bleeds after I poop.?

You need to tell your parents and go to the doctor for that. A lot of times it's just a little irritation and they can give you medicine that can help. GI bleeding (bleeding from your intestine) can be very dangerous. You need to find the cause. If you get dizzy/pale/or have a fever you need to go to the ER.

Remember this can very dangerous very quickly. It's not something to ignore.

My butt bleeds when I poop, is that normal? What should I do?

Eat more fiber.

Why does my butt hurt after pooping?

Revisiting this issue: food intolerance or poor digestion can cause irritation of the anus. Milk and/or other food proteins can cause inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Nuts and other poorly chewed or digested food can cause mechanical irritation.

My butt hole bleeds after I poop?

This started like less than a week ago or close to a week now..

First the first day was the most painful. After I poop, I felt pain and my butt hole kept throbbing and the muscles were very tight. A day or two later I put vaseline in there to stop the pain a bit which helped but still feeling sore. I felt fine before I pooped but after I went is always when I had pain and sitting down was horrible. I had no blood come out on my toilet paper or in my stool.

Days later, I stopped having pain but then the bleeding started to happen... I'm eating fiber so it's easier to use the bathroom and I'm trying not to push as I normally do so I don't hurt myself. Sometimes the blood is dark, sometimes it's light. Today I thought I was getting better because when I used the bathroom it came out fine and no blood but then I squeezed jut a bit and then I looked and dark red blood came out. I'm in no pain so I'm not sure if its hemorrhoids, internal bleeding, or something else... The one day (before the bleeding) it did burn a slight bit when I went pee and one symptom of hemorrhoids is burning piss... Overall I feel great it's just this butt hole is having a hard time to heal...

I know your number 1 answer will be to see a doctor but I'm wondering if anyone experienced it like this?

Is it normal to bleed from your butt after you poop?

if im taking a big one it hurts alot coming out lol but it eventually comes out an my butt hole really hurts and even bleeds sometimes. what is up with that? anyone have an explanation