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Is THE WALKING DEAD based on a true story?

Yes, of course. Don't you remember leaning about the Zombie War in school?

In The Walking Dead Season 7, what is the back story to the garbage people?

There hasn't been a backstory provided for the Scavengers. I hope that is something that will be addressed in the next season. Here's keeping fingers crossed that they don't spend few episodes on that.The Sanctuary is the Saviors base, controlled by Negan. They are organized, well equipped with food, weapons and people. Now they may be weakened post S7 finale, since a lot of their resources come from the other communities. Even though they are strong, a lot of them loyal to Negan, their main weakness is that they live in a totalitarian world. Rebellion is in the making.The Kingdom on the other hand, is weak to some extent because of their ignorance regarding Negan. They are trained in some form of weaponry, however most of the residents don't know about the existence of Negan and the Saviors.Alexandria has experienced Negan first-hand and most of them are in favor of fighting. Even if it might cost their lives. This is true of even the red-shirt residents. That way, ASZ is strong. They are well versed in weapons as well.The Hilltop is probably the weakest of all communities. They are being trained in knives just about now. I have never seen Hilltop as being very important, except to set up Maggie. Otherwise, I am surprised the whole place is still standing.The alliance of the three communities, four if we count Oceanside, because I am sure they will join, is strong. The leaders are gearing up for war and the alliance will be formidable.

The Walking Dead or American Horror Story?

Like both but as stated before, I'll watch TWD before AHS every time.

They are both good for different reasons, AHS is a good psychological thriller, TWD is a good horror/drama.

TWD has more of a human touch to it, making it more relatable I suppose...

How will "The Walking Dead" end?

With AMC and Robert Kirkman rich as f**k.Aside from that, all we know for sure is how the show won’t end. One of the 15 Awesome Facts About the Walking Dead is that the source of the outbreak will never be revealed.How do we know this? Because Kirkman, who is the creator, judge, jury and executioner of TWD, has said, “I’ll never reveal what the source of the outbreak is in the comic.”Now he does specifically mention the comic, but it’s safe to say what goes for the comics with regards to the outbreak will hold true for the TV show.One other fact, is that each season Walkers continue to decay further. In theory, the series will end with all the zombies crumbling into a soft, disgusting pile of undead compost. So in other words, starving to an undeathly death.Though already, the Walkers are figuratively starting to decay in importance to both viewers and the characters in the show. They are no longer the threat. And are more an accepted hazard of life, like ticks or bears or Taco Bell.Other humans are the real threat. Which doesn’t make their predicament all that unlike our own at the moment, save for it being a little more lawless.Knowing that, the ending is very predictable.Except for the one huge shocker that will undoubtedly come in the very last episode of the series when Daryl….…finally cuts his hair.

In the TV Series The Walking Dead, what is Daryl Dixon's history?

Not a great lot has been said over the years. Generally speaking, it has been suggested many times that he walked in Merle's more dominant shadow whenever his brother was not incarcerated. His father was an alcoholic and violently abusive, and his mother accidentally burned their house down around herself when Darryl was little. He was left alone much of the time after that, and he apparently learned to hunt and track to feed himself. Merle never seemed to be much of an outdoorsman, so perhaps Darryl used this as an escape of sorts from Merle and their abusive father. He mentioned once that he had never left the state of Georgia before the ZA began. Darryl once got offended when Beth asked if he had ever been in jail, though he didn't answer and it is unknown if he does in fact have a criminal record or was just pissed that she had suggested this. When he told the story of the fatal house fire, he hinted that he had really wanted a normal childhood, going to school and playing with other children, but could only do this when his father and Merle were absent. His employment history has never been stated, though it has been suggested that Darryl may have followed Merle and his drug dealing biker friends from a distance. Darryl knows a lot about bikes, and he can make moonshine and use drug slang with the best of them; however, he rarely ever drinks much and doesn't have much respect for other drinkers amongst the group. He has never mentioned any other family except Merle and his parents, so it is likely that he has never been married or been a father. Also, while he and Carol have traded a few affectionate remarks over the years, Darryl has never hooked up with anyone. His sexual orientation is quite unknown. He was alone with Beth for half of a season and never attempted the first move with her; he acted more like her big brother than a sexual target. Aside from Rick, who he respects immensely, and Carol, probably the next person closest to Darryl has been Aaron. He has remained quite aloof over the years, scarcely forming close relationships. Beyond these details, I can't remember much more.

Why do some people believe 'The Walking Dead' and 'Toy Story' have the same plot?

They might.  There are actually a limited number of basic plots.   So most stories have the same basic plot as some others.  The differences come in how those plots are fleshed out and what subplots add too them.   Both Walking Dead and Toy Story are a basic Hero's Journey plots. Just The Walking Deads plot is drawn out as its for TV while Toy Story is complete in a couple of hours and sticks with the one plot.  The Walking Dead has used various other basic plots as sub or episodic plots but the over all plot is Heros Journey with Rick as 'hero'.   Most action/adventure/scifi films or stories that have a plot are Heros Journey at the basic level.  Hero-normal life-inciting incident/threshold-journey/adventure begins-lots of challenges-hero beats challenges or doesnt-growth/change-climax-hero lives HEA or doesnt.  Hero (Rick/Woody) Real life (Rick and Shane on patrol/Woody and other toys)Inciting incident/threshold - (Rick gets shot+plague/birthday+Buzz) Journey begins (Rick wakes to a new world/Woody tries to save Buzz)And so on...

POLL: The Walking Dead, Dexter, or American Horror Story?


Is The Walking Dead really going to continue the story with that time jump with Judith as the lead?

It makes sense for them to jump forward a long way.A burgeoning civilization has been established, with rule of law and societal norms.Through trade, the communities that make up this new civilization have become self-sustaining, with each community specializing in producing specific essential goods and trading equitably for the rest.The next step in the development of this civilization is a lot of boring, menial construction: both physical construction of buildings, tools, farms, etc. and social construction of laws, government, etc.These sorts of developments take time and would be agonizingly boring to depict on screen.So, rather than do that, they are jumping forward several years. To help us, the viewers, learn about the new world that our beloved characters have built, they are introducing a set of new characters that must be integrated into the communities. As they are introduced to the daily life and overall progress that the Alexandrians et al have made, so too will we be introduced to those things.That being said, I doubt Judith will be the lead. I think it’s more likely that, going forward, The Walking Dead will be more of an ensemble show, with multiple characters sharing the lead: Michonne, Maggie, Daryl, Carol and Judith (and Negan!).As an aside, am I the only person who is annoyed that the show managed to make itself interesting again? I was all set and ready to give it up. And now, dammit, I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next!