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Help With Algebra 1 Homework

Algebra 1 homework help?

distance d
time in bus t1
time trotted t2


we have three equations and three unknowns
8*t2=20*t1, substitute t1


since t2=10, we can now solve for t1


the town is 80 miles

Algebra 1 homework help...?

Remove the parenthesis, then solve as usual.
(There is no real need for the parenthesis here.)

Good luck in your studies,
~ Mitch ~

Algebra 1 Homework help ! ?

First question:

you have a point on each line and the slope. get graph paper and make a graph. x is horizontal axis, y is the vertical axis. now put your pencil on x=0, y = -1 (0, -1) and count 3 up, one to the right. make a dot. then go back to (0, -1) and go three down and one to the left. put a ruler or straight edge on the paper to line up the dots and draw a line that goes across the whole graph and through all of the dots.

go to (0, 3) and repeat the process, this time counting one up and one to the left, then go back to (0, 3) and go one down and one to the right. connect the dots as before. the point where the two intersect is the solution. in (x, y) form, the x coordinate of the point where they intersect is also the value of x in the equations; the y coordinate is the value of y in the equations.

Second Problem:
try calling iris bulbs x and tulip bulbs y.
the first equation would be the price of the bulbs: tulips = 1/3 iris
the second equation would be Aunt Molly's order: 5 tulips + 2 iris = 33.

So if y is tulips and x is irises,
y = 1/3 x (price of bulbs)
5y + 2x = 33

This first equation gives you the value of y in terms of x. so in the other equation, you substitute that value for y:
5(1/3 x) + 2x = 33

Solve for x the way you would a one-variable equation.

5/3 x + 2x = 33
5/3x + 6/3 x = 33
11/3 x = 33
multiply both sides by 3/11 (the reciprocal of 11/3) so that you get x by itself

x = 33 (3/11)
x= [33(3)] / [1 (11)]
x= 99/11

now plug the 9 back into your first equation, y=1/3 x. so y = 1/3 of 9.

x = 9, y = 3. so now go to your second equation and put in 9 for x and 3 for y
5(3) + 2(9) = 33
15 + 18= 33
this checks your work. since both sides add up to 33, you can give the values of x and y as the prices in dollars of irises and tulip bulbs, respectively.

Third problem

the y-intercept of the first line is zero (0,0). four units down means the new y-intercept is - 4 (0, -4). the slope remains the same.

so first find the slope of y=3/x by turning 3/x into something TIMES x.
so you have y = ___x as the equation of the line. then you just write the equation so that b is equal to -4 instead of zero:

y = ___x - 4

hope this helps,

Homework help on Algebra1?

i need help on some algebra questions and how to do them.
I dont really understand what to do on these

15 is what % of 25

43 is what % of 430?

then i need help on some equations


i kind of forgot how the steps go =/

thanks =D

Algebra 1 homework help plz?

1. In traveling 350 miles, Raul used 21 gallons of gas. How many gallons of gas would Raul use on a trip of 525 miles if his car consumed gas at the same rate

2.A Shea cd player cost $80 last year and$112 this year.What was the percent of increase in its price.

(this year-last year)/last year

3. The perimeter of a rectangle is 36 cm. The length is 4 cm greater then the width. find the width and length.

let l represent length, and w represent width
2l + 2w = 36

4. A family spends $660 a month for rent. This is 30% of the familys monthly income. What is their monthly income?

let x represent the income

Can anyone help me with algebra 1 homework!!!?

1. Substituting, sqrt[ 6^2-4(2)(-3) ] = sqrt(60) = 2sqrt(15)
(what is so difficult about this?)

2. Rearranging, 6x^2=54 and x^2= 9 and x = +3 or -3
believe it or not, people did these problems before there were ti-84s. Like me.
3. sqrt(12)sqrt(16) / sqrt(75) We note that 75 is a multiple of a perfect square, 16 is a perfect square, and 12 is a multiple of a perfect square,, so we can replace them by 5sqrt(3), 4 , and 2sqrt(3) respectively. Substituting these in, we have 8 sqrt(3)/ 5 sqrt(3) or

4. Using foil, we look for two numbers whose product is +6 and sum is -7. The sign change indicates they will be both negative. They are
-1 and -6. So the factors are (x-1)(x-6). and the X-INTERECEPTS, where y=0 are +1 and +6.

5. For the qf, a=1, b=-8 and c=15. Before plowing through the whole formula, CHECK THE DETERMINANT TO ASSESS WHERE AND IF THERE ARE X-INTERCEPTS. Note that b^2- 4ac = 4. So the sqrt(b^2-4ac) term is +2. Then the formula becomes x =[ -8 +/-2 ]/2, for which x = -5 or -3. IN A LIKE MANNER TO PROBLEM 4, the factors are (x-5)(x-3) and the x-intercepts are +3 and +5.

6. Since x^2 has a positive coefficient, the vertex is the low point of the parabola. There is a formula around (it is from calculus, but noone has the guts to tell you that) which says that the x coordinate of the vertex of parabola ax^2+bx+c=y is -b/2a. So here, the x coordinate is -1, and substituting this back in the parabola, y = +3. You can do the grind-work to make the table. Just remember the parabola is SYMMETRIC about the line (in this case) x=-1, so whatever you have on one side distance k from x=-1 will be the same as the distance k on the other side from x=-1. NOTE ALSO, there are no X-INTERCEPTS. Why? Go back to your determinant. you will find out it is negative; the roots are imaginary.

Something is not all there in problem 7. What is all this mess supposed to equal?

I need help with my Algebra 1 homework please...?

I would graph it as a function of the amount of helium vs the voulme of the balloon

y-axis = amount of helium
x-axis = size(volume) of balloon

Help with my algebra 1 homework please?

Ok heres the problem I have no idea how to solve this.

Use the equation 2/3 y - x = 2. For each point, find the value of h so that the point satisfies the equation. Plot the point.

a. (h, 3)
b. (h, -3)
c. (h, 0)
d. (h, 1)
e. (h, 9)
f. (h, -2)
g. Using the plotted points, draw the graph of 2/3 y - x = 2.

How can I help my son with his algebra homework when I don't even understand it?

Hello,Algebra is an interesting topic for student and teacher both. It is a little complicated but a good mental exercise.If you don’t get an idea of how to help your child. I have a simple and effective solution for you. 15 ways to do Algebra homework efficiently.I will give some certain tips on how you can teach your child a very effective way.A formula is a key for Algebra and max math problem. That should be memorized by the student.Do homework in step by stepSilence is more importance for study. Always work on that your child should study in a silent environment.Doing homework with a friend is also a good Idea. They will discuss the question and answer when they got stuck.Visit some online website regarding mathematics problems. That will give a clear Idea.That all are regarding how to teach your child if you don’t understand Algebra or Math problems.Thanks for reading.

Help me solve an Algebra 1 homework problem?

Here's the question. =]

The letters of the alphabet are each assigned a random integer value, and H = 10. The value of a word comes from the sum of its letters' values. If MATH is 35 points, TEAM is 42 points, and MEET is 38 points, what is the value of A?

Please tell me what each letter's value is, or explain to me how to do it. =]