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Help With Algebra Help Where Am I Going Wrong

Algebra Help? cant figure out what I am doing wrong?

8x-1=4x+7 add 1 to each side of the equation and subtract 4x from each side of the equation.
4x = 8 Divide both sides of the equation by 4.
x = 8/4 simplify the fraction.
x = 2

Algebra 2 Help (yikes)?

i'm doing probabilitys right now :/
and i need help with this word problem.

The common interpretation of Murphy's Law is, if something can go wrong, it will. Assume that Murphy's Law applies to the following situations and estimate each probability as either 0 or 1.

P(your dog chews up your homework after you finshed it)
P(your teacher accepts your excuse for not having your homework)

Algebra help... Right or wrong?

1.) In order to find the _____ of the graph of a function, be sure to determine how far up and down the graph goes.
A.) domain
B.) asymptote
C.) function
I said B

2.A relative _____ of a function is not the necessarily the greatest value of f on the domain, but it is definitely the greatest y-value on a particular interval of the domain.
A.) minimum
C.) growth
I said D

3.) The range is the set of all ___.
A.) a-values
C.) x-values
D.) y-values
I said D

4.) When finding the _____ of a graph, determine how far the graph goes to the left and to the right.
A.) domain
C.) function
D.) range
I said D

5.)The graphs y = 2x and y =(.5)^x are _____ of each other across the y-axis.

A.) reflections
C.) twins
I said A

Thank you

Would it be wrong to drop out of algebra 3-4 to help this beautiful senior I know take it online?

By "help her," you apparently mean "help her cheat." Yes, that would be wrong. You already know that, I bet, but you're looking for some kind of loophole because you think if you help her cheat, she'll sleep with you or date you. There isn't one, and she won't. I don't really get why you'd need to drop out of your class in order to help her cheat in a different class. But you definitely shouldn't mess with your own academic progress in the misguided pursuit of a hottie.

Algebra Functions help please?

b is supposed to be a number that you have calculated. It should not be in the answer.

For the first you recognized that you have to multiply by 9, but you also have to add 12 to that result.

This leads you to y = 9x + 12.

For the second problem, you see that youmultiplied x by -2, but you also have to add 3 to that result.

This leads you to y = -2x + 3.

You're on the right track.

Need Algebra help BAD!!!?

A computer virus is infecting a large network. As each PC becomes infected, it infects 2 other PCs every 4.1 mintues. How long until 1.5 million PCs are infected?
Try using this equation:

no. of infected PCs = 2 ^ (t/4.1)

Help with Algebra problems Please?

Help with Algebra problems please?
I need help with some algebra problems, some of these might be kind of easy, but i need a little help and i don't just want the answers if you could explain them to me step by step or just try to explain how i got the answer would be more helpful since itll actually help me understand how to solve the problem well anyways here they are and thanks..

Which equation is equivalent to 2[4d-5(d+4)]-8=7?
a. 2d+32=7
b. 2d+48=7
c. -2d-32=7
d. -2d-48=7

What is the x-intercept of the line defined by -6x+2y=18?

What is the y-intercept of the line represented by the -3+8y+15?

If k is the real number, what is the sum of k and the opposite of k?

Which line is perpendicular to the line 3x+2y=5?
a. -2x-3y=5
b. 2x-3y=5
c. -2x+3y=5
d. 2x+3y=5

In the solution shown below,
which statement is true?
step 1: 15-3m-3=27
step 2: 12-3m=27
step 3: 3m=27+12
step 4: 3m=39
step 5:3m/3=39/3
step 6: m=13

a. The solution is corect
b. step 3 is wrong
c. step 1 is wrong
d. step 5 is wrong

Write the standard form of the equation of the line passing through the point (-5,4), and perpendicular to the line 3x-2y=4.

What is the value of r in the equation 5r-2(2r+8)=16?

What is the x-intercept of the line defined by 5x-2y=-10?

What is the x-intercept of the line defimed by 3x-6y=12?

Your quiz grades are 81, 89, 89, and 94.
What is the lowest grade you can obtain on the last quiz and still achieve an average of at least 90?

Which is the solution to the absolute value of x... lxl+3=8?

Solve 0
Solve l3x-4l<3

Solve l8a-10l>6

Solve l3x-6l=21

Solve l3r+4l>8

Solve l2x+7l>23

.......well these are the problems and please people if there is no way you could help do not tell me to do them myself to figure them out myself to not be lazy or that youre not going to do all these problems for me..well you dont have to im just asking for help and im already trying to figure them out please help if you can ..thanks.

Algebra help???? PLEASE PLEASE!! you don't know how much it would mean to me!!!?

Okay so i just took a test where i got this horrible grade ((not even gonna say it) and i am going to re-take it so i'm going over my test and seeing what mistakes i made. Well i have a couple questions.

1. You randomly choose a fumdrop froma bowl of 100 green gumdrops 52 red gumdrops and 45 white gumdrops. then WITHOUT REPLACING THE FIRST, you randomly choose another gumdrop. what is the probability that you choose a red gum drop and then a whilte gumdrop.
Okay so i did it again, and simplified a litlle i got 585/9653. Or not simplified i got 2340/38612, if wrong. why

2. How do you mulitiply fractions ((no im not dumb i just forgot)) it's just straight across right. like 5/7 X 6/8= 30/56 please explain that too

3. i think i got this right and he marked it wrong. here it goes. Of the 400 students in 8th grade 22% have one sibling find the probability that two students selected at random each have one sibling.
i did .22 X 400= 88/400 and he marked it wrong. is it right?

4. Does anyone do like nPr stuff...with the big P. well if you do isn't
8P3 336 if not why not?

Sorry about that but i really need to know. retake is tomarrow and i NEED a better grade. Thanks so much for all your wonderful help you have no idea how much it means to me

I need help here! I have an algebra test tomorrow?

Alright so I am struggling a lot right now and I need help understand some things:

1. This is a problem that I got wrong on my homework a few nights ago: I-6+nI >12 (the bars are absolute value representations). I got an answer of "n>18" but apparently, there's more to it? I don't understand why this is wrong. I was supposed to graph it too...

2. I don't understand how to do a few word problems. Here's a few examples from homeworks.

"Jan invested $1200 at a certain simple interest rate and $2200 at a rate of 3% higher. Her annual earnings were $253. Find the two interest rates if she earned $121 more on the larger investment than on the smaller."
- I've just had a lot of problems with the "investment" problems... I'm not even necessarily looking for an answer there, just an explanation on how to do a problem like that.

3. I have trouble with these types too. All help is appreciated:

"At 10:30 A.M. two planes leave Houston, one flying east at 560 km/h and the other flying west at 640 km/h. At what time will they be 2100 km apart?"

Any help is good help. 10 points to most helpful

I'm failing algebra 1. What should I do? I take notes and pay attention, but I can never seem to grasp anything or remember anything I learned.

Here's some different approaches that might help. I put links as well as my own thoughts.First go back to beginning concepts in mathematics. Building a house on a poor foundation will cause collapse. It's the same for building mathematical skills.You can do the foundations review quickly but understand and explain the concepts in your own words. For example, a number line in elementary school becomes a one-dimensional vector in algebra. Going backwards on a number line is manipulating negative numbers. The first grade “fill in the empty boxes” math problems are really using variables for solving equations. Algebra just uses letters instead of empty boxes. Same idea. “Place value” in multiplication leads to number bases in binary algebra. Order of operation can be shown with moving objects. Use basic graphing to turn equations into pictures. Try to find applications. For example, show how a quadratic equation can describe the trajectory of a thrown object under gravity.Then explain the ideas to someone else as you demonstrate solving problems. Explaining to a younger child is fine. Show and do.Practice in short blocks of time and take 10 minute quiet time between study blocks to transfer concepts from short term memory to longer term memory. Get a good night's sleep and repeat the practice problems the next day.Recopy class notes and then make summary sheets. Put examples on your summary sheets.Here some interesting links. Go to the very beginning in case you missed a fundamental building block concept using mathematics software that explains solutions.Wolfram|Alpha ExamplesFind applications that allow you to relate the symbols to physical actions. For example