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Help With Amazon Order

Amazon order?

YES! Usually the seller just mails it to you. HOWEVER AMAZON IS SH1T.

I've given up selling there, my major competitor was selling his product at $24.99 with 3 weeks delivery time.

I was selling mine (same product) at $9.99 and mailing them out the same day - YET, THEY BOUGHT HIS (I'LL EXPLAIN IN A MOMENT) but get this HE WAS BUYING HIS STOCK FROM ME!

People like that, make a lot of money because THEY PAY A MONTHLY FEE to be Amazons featured sellers. It's clearly a scam the guy was working, he was doing the same thing to many other sellers, but a scam that Amazon is happy to tolerate because it makes them lots of money.

Honest sellers offering honest prices like me, are treated like sh1t by them. And somehow they think we should do likewise and pay them (Amazon) a monthly fee, hardly enticing when they are treating sellers like krud.


Why not try closing your account with them, they don't make it easy. AMAZON IS PRETTY BAD! EBAY FOR BETTER PRICES!

Help with an Amazon order?

August as in 2009 or as in this month? If I understand you correctly, you placed an order with amazon this month and you have yet to receive anything? Also there is not record of the purchase online? Do you by any chance have 2 amazon accounts with 2 different emails? Call amazon here 866-216-1072 and explain your situation. They will most likely ask you to forward the email. You can always contact your bank and tell them you need to dispute the charge for that company and amount. They should be able to fax you a copy of your transaction showing the amount in question. If you have proof they took your money then they should be able to tell you where your package is.



i placed 2 seperate orders on amazon. both on the same date of Thursday January 19th,2012 with overnight shipping. Both orders say that it will deliver on Monday January 23,2012. I have a amazon prime membership i never had a problem all dilveries are on time.


1 of the order had shipped and will be dilivered tommorow.

the other order hasnt even shipped. I payed extra for overnight shipping.and it says it will GAURANTEED DELIVERY TOMMOROW What will happen

Please help.

Amazon Order... Help me?

why did you credit me $22.02. I ordered a Hindu beaded bracelet that I know was mailed very late as I ordered it many weeks ago and it has never arrived and they said it would go out on Dec 19th. It was a gift for a friend for her for Christmas from Esty. What is going wrong, is it still en route. The recipient is Lisa Circo in Elkorn . NE I am in Omaha, NE Susan Bray susanbray86@ yahoo,com. I admitted a question this morn and never heard back. Merry Christmas, I know you work hard, E mail me the answer. Susan

Help amazon?

Sounds like the purchase is from a third party sell via the web site rather than from itself.

You still need to inform so that they could mediate and help you in case the situation gets more complicated.

Normally seller would wait until the money is cleared before sending the product. So I really wouldn't worry yet. However, there is no harm in contacting the seller directly to see whether they have received the money order in the post yet.

And if sufficient time elaped and the seller hasn't received your mail, the money could have been lost in the mail and I hope you have the receipt for the money order.

Best wishes.

Need help with amazon orders?

Email Amazon...their customer service is excellent. However, you should be able to see the order in your transctions.

Help! Amazon order online?

don't panic. Not every vendor on amazon will send you a "delivered" e-mail confirmation. try going to's "where my stuff" page and see if they specified whether it's been shipped yet. They're pretty good about providing an "estimated ship date" or "estimated delivery date"

In addition, Amazon has a policy that vendors cannot charge your CC until they've shipped you your item. Amazon should have sent you an e-mail that your item was shipped though it may not have a tracking #.

Plus, since you only ordered it on the 7th, it may take some time for it to reach you depending on which shipping service they use and where they're shipping from. I.e. if it shipped out from Cali via USPS, and you live in NYC, it could take a week to get to you.


As per Amazon's Help Section:
Cancel Items from an Order

You can cancel or amend any order placed with, provided that the order has not yet entered the dispatch process.

Visit the "Where's my stuff" link in Your Account. If we can recognise you as a customer with any unshipped orders, you will see a box to the right. Click the relevant link in that box to visit the order summary page. (If you do not see that box, click here to sign in to "Your Account", and select the order you wish to alter).

You should then Click the "Cancel items or orders" link and sign in with your e-mail address and password. If the order you want to cancel is listed as "Items Not Yet Dispatched", you can cancel it straight away. If it's listed as "Items Dispatching Soon" or "Items Dispatched", you will need to wait until the order is delivered to you before you can cancel the order. Please read the Your Statutory Rights help page to find out more.

If it's listed as "Items Not Yet Dispatched", click the "View or Change Order" button next to the order you want to cancel. On the next page, click the "Need to Cancel an Item?" button. Select the tick box to the right of the order and click the "Cancel Selected Items" (or "Update Order") button. You will also be required to select a reason for cancelling the item from the drop-down menu that appears. You'll receive an e-mail confirmation from us shortly afterwards.

Cancelling Orders from Third-Party Sellers

We cannot assist you in cancelling any orders you have placed from Amazon Marketplace sellers (unless the order was Fulfilled by Amazon). Instead, please contact the seller directly and take note of the following:

* Some Marketplace sellers begin processing orders almost as soon as they are placed, so it's not possible to cancel or change a Marketplace order via our website.
* However, sellers can process refunds and may be able to make changes if they haven't yet dispatched your order, so please contact your seller if you want to change or cancel your order.
* Remember that cannot cancel or change a Marketplace order on your behalf and we can't refund you for Marketplace purchases. If you e-mail us for these reasons, we'll ask you to contact your seller, by which time they may have already dispatched the item to you.

Help! order problem!?

So a while ago, i placed an order on for two book. It told me they wouldnt be shipped for a month or so because i was pre-ordering one of the books.

I got a conformation e-mail and everything, but you know when you click to 'track your order' like where it is and everything, well the page comes up saying that i havent placed any orders????

So is my order coming or not?