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Help With Ap English Summer Work

AP English summer work. Please help.

Information is below.

Summer work... I need help!?

I'm taking AP united states history for my junior year next year and over the summer on of our homework assignments is to write a one page summary on the article "Bearing the Burden? Puritan Wives" and make sure to describe the aunthor's thesis. Has anyone read this article? I mostly need help with the thesis... If someone could help me please... anything will do! Thank you!

When do you get AP summer work?

Ok so im a freshmen and my teachers want me to take AP Bio and AP Euro as a sophmore.

Do i get the AP summer work as soon as im done with 9th grade?
Is it after i take AP Bio and AP Euro in 10th grade, then when im done with my sophmore year, I get summer work. Cause I dont know how or why we get work after the class is done. And how does the grade go in if you already finished the class?

Sorry im new to AP Classes >.>

Please answer, even if there are many answers.

Should I quit AP English?

You still have time :P ...

How hard is AP English?

The workload depends on your teacher. At my school, AP English Language students have to write at least 2 essays per week. Most of the essays are written in class!

At other schools, more reading is done than writing. So it just depends on your individual teacher as all teachers operate differently.

The tests are on the books you read throughout the year (4 books total, 1 for each marking period). As long as you read your book or do research on it at the least and get the basics down of what it's about, you should be able to pass your tests. But I encourage you to actually read your book. You get to choose your own book for the 4 books you have to read throughout the year. Other tests you have may be on vocabulary which is very simple -- just study the vocab and you'll be fine.

Generally speaking, you do have to write a lot of essays but most are written in class which is both a pro and a con; a pro because you have less homework but a con because your time is limited to about an hour (unless you have a block schedule).

The AP English Exam was more difficult than everyone thought but if you study, it's doable to pass. I suggest ordering Princeton Review Book for AP English Language through Make sure to study this review book at least two months in advance prior to taking your AP exam so that you're well-prepared.

ALL AP exams are in May.

Do AP classes have Homework over the summer?

I hear that AP classes have homework over the summer. I am taking my first AP classes, AP US History and AP English 3 for my Junior year (2013-2014) And no one told me about having homework over the summer. Just to be clear, do ALL schools have homework over the summer for AP? I an just confused,

Which one is a good nonfiction summer reading book for 11th grade ap english?

a voice of knowledge-self help/personal growth
a million little pieces-memoir/literature
why don't penguins feet freeze-general science
plato and platypus walk into a bar-philosophy/ linguistics
what remains-history & politics

i really want to read the self help book but im not sure if its considered nonfiction. if anyone has any other suggestions to other short nonfiction books. feel free to share but please noo biographies.