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Help With The Holocaust

Should the us have done more to help in the holocaust?

i need your guys' opinions

like the pros and cons would be best but im open to anything you have to say, id really appreciate it.

**note:but what i wont appreciate are those wisemouth answers that i dont need right now because this is really important.

How did the holocaust end? did America help?

To start with.
It was the AMERICAN president Theodore Roosevelt, who suggested that something should be done about Hitler, way before Hitler even started his reign of terror. HAD THEY LISTENED TO ROOSEVELT IN THE BEGINNING THE HOLOCAUST WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENDED. But, during that time, no one (our allies) wanted to do anything because they were taking every step to avoid another world war. Hitler knew this and took advantage of that by constantly pushing his boundaries, by breaking all the treaties.
And Yes, America did eventually help by doing all the things that the people above me mentioned. But we entered the war after the Pearl Harbor attack.
I dont know who gave me the thumbs down, but its true. If they had listened to Roosevelt, Hitler wouldnt be such a notorious figure, he would have been stopped early in his tracks. Plus, you have to remember nobody knew about any concentration camps prior to going there. THe war was fought because Hitler was constantly making these peace treaties and breaking them by attacking all these lands to increase German territory. Hitler was a snake you couldnt trust him.

Did the Holocaust help create Israel?

No.Israel exists solely because the Haganah/IDF defeated first the Palestinian Arab militias (assisted by Kawukji’s Arab League army) and then the national Arab l armies which entered the country on May 15,1948.The UN vote (Res.181) and the earlier League of Nations motion of support (1922) provided the new state with legitimacy and the former may have been influenced by the holocaust.Ultimately,however,they were only pieces of paper and the issue was decided on the battlefield.Absent a Haganah/IDF victory,there would be no Jewish state.My own view is that the holocaust was actually detrimental as those millions of murdered Jews could have been used in the 1947–48 war and, later, in the early years when Ben Gurion was building the state.Certainly they would have been better human material to defend, and then build, a state than the holocaust survivors and penniless Jews from the Arab states who flooded in from 1948–51.(And that is not intended as a slur on those Jews-some of whom were my relatives).)

Did America help end the holocaust?

The U.S. helped, but so did Great Britain and Russia.

US forces liberated the Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar, Germany, on April 11, 1945, a few days after the Nazis began evacuating the camp. On the day of liberation, an underground prisoner resistance organization seized control of Buchenwald to prevent atrocities by the retreating camp guards. American forces liberated more than 20,000 prisoners at Buchenwald. They also liberated Dora-Mittelbau, Flossenbürg, Dachau, and Mauthausen.

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Holocaust help? Facts? What are the Barracks?

Does anyone know what the barracks are? Does anyone know any interesting facts about the holocaust?I need helps for a school project! Any links that have great facts? Thanks!

Holocaust questions-- please help?

1. In what 3 ways did the victims of the Holocaust respond to Nazi oppression?
2. What effect did newspapers, editorial cartoons, newsreels, and radio have during the Holocaust?
3. How did the United States and other countries respond to the events of the Holocaust?

please help. no rude answers. thanks.

Did FDR's policies help cause the holocaust?

This question and others like it suggest that the right is no longer satisfied with attacking today's Democrats. To get their fill of bile, they are now digging dirt on Democrats throughout history. Ignoring most historians' assessments, they claim that:1) FDR prolonged the Depression (or helped cause the Holocaust — get a clue)2) LBJ was a closet racist3) Democrats were the party of Jim Crow (true) and have not changed since4) And don't get us started on the philandering of MLK (and previously JFK)Why? Why can't the right allow Democrats (and all Americans) to admire their better politicians? Democrats do not routinely denounce Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt or Ike. Criticism of Reagan, and even Nixon, have slackened with time. But the right cannot rest until they have trashed every last ideal, every last icon of their opposition. This is middle school behavior, an ugly game of "yo mama" applied to history. It does no one any good. It makes history as mean and nasty as our present politics. Give it a rest.If you're curious about FDR turn off FOXNews and read some real history books. And please, please, if you can't give hatred a rest, at least don't spread the bile throughout our history, which should provide us a few heroes, not just more scandal.

The Holocaust : Conflict and compromise , HELP !?

How about the sign over the main gate (in all the camps) which read (translated) "Work will make you free."

Did the Jewish Holocaust help the German economy?

No.Most of the murdered Jews were from occupied territories: Poland, Belorussia, Hungary, Ukraine, etc. It took resources to murder that many people. Whether it was buying bullets or building the equipment, hiring the staff, or diverting trains, it cost money to murder so many people. The vast majority of Jewish victims were poor people who brought value to the economy through labor rather than capital. As a result of murdering much of the skilled labor of a region, the occupied territories were an economic sinkhole for Germany.The murder of Jews, as well as Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, Roma, Sinti, Slavs, political prisoners, resistance, etc., was carried out at the expense of the war effort. Soldiers on the eastern front lacked basic supplies while money was spent on murdering civilians. The gold from their teeth, their eyeglasses, and all the rest of their property didn’t offset the costs of murdering them.The pre-war Jewish population of Germany was about 522,000 people. Most of them emigrated; around 160,000 were murdered in the Shoah. The total population of Germany at the time was about 67 million.Switzerland, however, is a very different story. The Sinister Face Of 'Neutrality'