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Hey All I Am A Pre-med Student At A Well Ranked Public University While I Want To Be An Md I

Wait…international college and low ranking? I'm assuming you're an international student then? You need to complete pre med requirements from an accredited university located in U.S. or Canada for qualifying for admission in US medical schools (Harvard makes some very very rare exceptions to this). You probably won’t qualify for aid and the costs of tuition are generally very high. That is unless you get in the MD/PhD program, which is even less likely.Your chances: Very very unlikely(<1%), heck you would be lucky one accredited US MD program accepted you. In almost all medical schools, the amount of international students can be counted on one hand.Don't get me wrong, great things can come out of any school. But it’s just the odds are stacked against you because of available resources, at the very least, the likelihood your MCAT score won't be high. However, I don't know you, so perhaps you have something you didn't mention.Harvard Medical School is one of the most highly selective and very research-oriented. If you just want to practice it's not really the best school to get into. Your academics must be great to start, but the real selection goes on your ECs.Can you prove your value as the newest member to the student body? That's not just “diversity”. You could have an overwhelmingly strong achievement, such as finding a cure to a disease, or a first or second author publication in a high impact journal, such as Nature. Your MCAT/ECs/GPA/LoR etc must really wow. Then your chances may be significantly higher.Usually these are astronomically unlikely in a low ranked school because they lack research funding, hence are ranked very low.If you really want to give it a shot, I would also consider looking into high-ranking leadership positions in WHO or more likely (albeit still very low odds), starting a successful sizable enterprise directly related to healthcare. You or your parents should also donate at least 10 million USD or more(serious). This may increase your chances substantially.

UMD vs Towson University?

assuming that you are at least a good student academically, it's really easy to get scholarships from towson. you'll probably have all of your tuition covered and maybe even more depending on your financial situation. chances are you won't get nearly as much money from college park, if anything at all. If you get into the program you want at college park, then you seem pretty set about going there. college park has a reputable business school so maybe it's worth the extra money to you.

regardless of what school you go to, you will have to work hard for your grades. whether it's college park, towson, or community college the classes for your major won't change. An intro to microeconomics class at college park will be the same as an intro to microeconomics class at towson and even at a community college - the classes are the same. they don't make it any harder at college park than they do at towson (especially considering that they are both public state schools with similar curriculums).

i know when you're in high school the reputation of the college to go to is a big deal, but honestly you will get the same education at almost any school you go to. i go to towson and a lot of my friends from high school told me i was "too smart to go there" and i sort of thought the same thing. towson just seemed like an average school to me, nothing exceptional. but i don't have to pay any money to go there and i was surprised at how many really smart people i met (especially in the honors college). i did have hard classes my first semester even though i'm sure it woud have been the same at any other college. There will be good and bad professors at every school and that usually determines what classes you find hard or easy. luckily towson is not a big research school like college park, so you get professors that actually care about teaching rather than just their research.

good luck with whatever school you pick!

All are excellent schools, and all send many graduates to medical school. From a reputation perspective you cannot go wrong. The appropriate question really is: which is right for you?A couple of the schools are on the quarter system, which means that you cover an entire subject in 10 rather than 15 weeks. On the quarter system you generally take four classes at a time. On the semester system you generally take five or even six. For me the quarter system was best - it suited the way I liked to study. I was able to focus on fewer subjects, learn quickly, take the midterms and finals, and move on.For others that might be too intense: the quarter system has no room for error. If you don’t pick up on a concept it is easy to get behind quickly, and once you are behind there isn’t much time to catch up.However, assuming you are adaptable to either system, find the school that is right for you. Where do you want to be? More urban or rural? What are the living situations? Is weather important? Sports teams? Clubs? Political climate?Will you work? What are the opportunities? Do you want to join clubs? Do you want to join the greek system? Are you social or more of a bookworm?Do you like the feel of the campus?Do you want to go where some friends are going? Or do you want to strike out a new path on your own?What will you major in? At most schools pre-med is not a major. You can major in anything and be pre-med provided you take the necessary science and math classes.Apply to all the schools you are interested in, and make sure to visit them. Afterward, visit again the schools to which you are accepted. Spend some time there, hang around campus, talk to students, teachers, and wander around the town.You will know which one is right for you.Good luck on this exciting journey!!!

Hi All,Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and is ranked as world’s top 10 safest country. The government is also making strict laws to reduce crime rate, which is considered as main factor to determine whether a country is safe or not. Other than crime we should look into various elements like natural disaster, corruption, terrorism, economical crisis, culture and more.I have gone though various University in Georgia and found David Tvildiani Medical University the best for medical learning which is MCI approved. David Tvildiani Medical University curriculum not only empowers students to obtain the best professional qualifications as doctors, but according to the feedback, also largely contributes to providing a wonderful platform for further professional growth anywhere in the world. DTMU follows United States Medical Licensing Examination(USMLE) syllabus that allows students to obtain best possible placements in America.DTMU provides admissions to all those students who are bright, intelligent and eager to become medical doctors – but don’t get opportunity due to lack of seats in the good medical colleges in India. DTMU has a world class campus and students have access to the best medical facilities and library. Most graduates from DTMU pass the USMLE and PLAB exams and participate in residency programs in leading hospitals of USA and UK. They move on to become leading medical practitioners in India, USA and Europe.It is a total 6 yrs Medical programme and Yearly tuition fee 6000 USD. Tuition fees is payable at the beginning of academic year. You can also ask for educational loan.You can also refer to their website:http://www.dtmuindia.comI hope the information shared is helpful to you and All the Best for your future.

Thanks for question .The list goes in step wise -You must have minimum of 50 percentile in your 12th grade through science field which includes subject like physic , chemistry , biology you can even take maths as a subject in boards.Simultaneously you should have to start the preparation of entrance exam - National eligibility entrance exam (NEET ) for better results .Login yourself to the website of Neet.NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST and start fill the given details on this website.The NEET exam is scheduled in May .For preparating - various entrance books are available like H.C.Verma , MTG fingertips , Arihant etc .Before final exams in May , pratice the time durability (within 3 hours) , solve various and different type of MCQs , have your time scheduled.Read biology NCert book with interest rather than pugging up concepts.Clear your exam (NEET ) and score at least above 400 to get eligibility to various doctor field like BAMS (bachelor of ayurvedic medicine), BHMS (bachelor of homoeopathy medicine ), B.D.S (bachelor of dental surgery) , MBBS ( bachelor of medicine and surgery).Online counselling round begin , enroll yourself and fill various college related to your NEET Rank and Score and plus your interest within the field is at dual importance.Get in to college and remember one thing to gain knowledge you might have to even change your state or place for 4–6 years . As here comes your doctor tag besides your name.After your bachelor course ends , if you feel a need for specialization then go for it by neet PG exam or you can work in hospital (govt/private) or can set up your clinic or can work in AFMC etc.Remember don't go for doctor tag its just a tag what truly lies is knowledge of your respective field.U have a great struggle ahead.Knowledgeable and informative questions are highly appreciated. And a appreciation makes me to write more.Niyati Jalpa Joshi ✍️.

What is the answers for these ?s?


The capital of Texas is Austin...

state flower — the bluebonnet (Lupinus texensis)
state motto — "Friendship"
state nickname — The Lone Star State (after the single star on several historical flags of Texas and the current Texas flag)... also The Friendship State
state tree — the pecan
state bird — the mockingbird
official state song — Texas Our Texas

state mammals (three):
small — armadillo
large — Texas longhorn
flying — Mexican free-tailed bat

Best Wishes...

Other state things are...

state dinosaur — the Brachiosaur Sauropod, Pleurocoelus
state dish — chili con carne
state fiber and fabric — cotton
state fish — Guadalupe bass
state folk dance — square dance
state fruit — Texas red grapefruit
state gem — Texas blue topaz
state gemstone cut — The Lone Star Cut
state grass — Sideoats grama (Bouteloua curtipendula)
state insect — monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus)
state musical instrument — guitar
state plant — prickly pear cactus
state reptile — Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum), commonly called the "horny toad"
state slogan — "It's like a whole other country"
state snack — tortilla chips and salsa
state sport — rodeo
state stone — petrified palmwood
state vegetable — Texas sweet onion