Hey Barry Where Are The Jobs You Promised

Problem starting a job at Zumiez?

So here's what's up. I recently got hired at Zumiez which is awesome. I'm a skateboarder. I love skating. Perfect fit. So yeah problem isssssss I got hired three weeks ago and they still haven't started me up!!! When I was told I had the job they told me they'd send me all the start up paperwork via email. So I wait a week and it never came. I call up and I'm like hey I was suppose to get paper work and the manager acts surprised and sends me it on the spot. Ok cool. I fill it out then call them the next day like I was instructed to do in the email and a lady tells me the guy who takes care of this **** isnt in. She goes on to say he'll be in later and she'll leave him a note and get back to me (make sure the paper works all correct). Since then its been two weeks. I've called in twice and showed up in person and everytime I'm told this guy isn't there and no one seems to know anything. Is this normal for zumiez??? What's going onnnnn?????????????????? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...

Can I join the army without going overseas?

He's lying. There is ALWAYS the chance of being deployed. The recruiter would have no idea if or when you would deploy because he has no idea what unit you'll get into, or what their deployment schedule looks like.

I feel like a broken record, but I'm going to say the same thing to you as I do to everyone else...........if you aren't prepared to deploy, don't join.

What is up with this lately, everyone wanting a free ride-- free schooling, benefits, a steady paycheck--- yet they aren't willing to earn it?

Community service options for someone with bad social anxiety?

I have to do 30 hours of community service in order to graduate high school, but I have very bad social anxiety, to the point that I can't even talk to people I don't know. Could someone please give me some community service suggestions that... Well, I might be able to do?

Thanks in advance.

How did the Founding Fathers feel about slavery?

I'm doing a 100 hour project all about American Democracy and all the different aspects of it. I've been researching how the Founding Fathers felt about slavery. But I keep finding that one place will say one thing and the other will say something different. I'm confused and I just want to know how the Founding Father REALLY felt about the issue of slavery.

Is Donald Trump the weakest president in United States history?

Who knows? Truman was tough. Fired McCarther. Went to war (unsuccessfully) in Korea. Clinton was tough domestically (reformed welfare) but not overwhelming internationally. Barrack Obama arguably was weak, drawing a red line and then having to eat crow when Syria’s Assad crossed it. As for Trump, nothing ‘weak’ in his performance so far. He has been ineffectual domestically but I agree with Ed Kelly that it’s too soon to tell. Hopefully he won’t be ‘strong’ in the sense GW Bush was and get us into another Middle East war, which is to say being a ‘strong’ or ‘macho’ president isn’t always desirable either.

Barbizon or John Casablancas of Orange County ?

Please help me pick, I am a bit confused. I have heard of negative things about both schools/agencies. But I have also heard that it depends on the location of the school.

Whatever Happened to the Nazi commadant children during 1933-1945?

Most of them, if married, lived with their wives and children. They worked long hours, but they still had lives at home. The people in Hitler's inner circle often brought their children to visit "Uncle Adolph," as he was known to like children very much (not in a perverted way). There are a lot of photos of him with the children of the men in his inner circle.

SS men who were assigned to supervise camps generally took their children and wives with them. They generally had nice homes just outside the camps, or inside the boundaries of the camps, but away from the actual barracks and prisoners. Since they were away from cities with decent schools, they usually had governesses to teach the children so they didn't fall behind in school. Children were kept away from the camps, and generally not told what it was that Daddy did for work. They were protected from the ugliness.

Sometimes the wives chose not to join the husbands at the camps, and instead kept their homes in the cities. In those cases, the children stayed with Mommy, and attended school, or had private tutors. The men would come home and visit when they could, or the wives would go visit their husbands and take the kids along.

All three of the men you mention by name had children, and none of them were punished for what their fathers did. In fact, I can't think of any Nazis whose children were punished. The only ones I can think of who died during the war, or at the end, were the Goebbels children, who were in the bunker with Hitler. Their mother poisoned them, as she had stated before that she had given birth to them to serve the Reich, and if there was to be no Reich, there was no reason for her children to live. But generally, wives and children were not punished or killed by the Allies. After the war was over, they tried to rebuild their lives. Many of them did have trouble adjusting to normal life, as they were children of notoriously infamous men. The shadows of their fathers often followed them for the remainder of their lives.

I hope that helps.