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Hey Lisai Read Ur Answer About Girls Changing There Mind I Wanna Ask You One Personally

What is special about the Mona Lisa painting, and why is it so expensive?

Here’s a picture. Look at her straight on. Notice her smile.Doesn’t seem like much of one, does it? It kinda seems like she’s smiling, but … it’s reserved, formal, cold.Now, turn your head slightly, and give her a little side-eye. Did she smirk as you were looking away? It disappeared when you turned back towards her, didn’t it? Kinda feels like she’s toying with you, maybe flirting?Da Vinci used sfumato to achieve this effect - it’s layers of paint in order to create the shadows necessary for this trick. It’s intentional. And it utilizes a mind/eye trick to be successful. When humans look at things head on, we view things holistically, and our brains process images as whole concepts. But our peripheral vision pays attention to other details, like changes in motion and sensitivity to light - which is why your peripheral vision picks up on the shadows around her mouth, and make you think she’s smiling.Imagine the research and thought that Da Vinci must have put into making this possible in this one portrait. AND consider how it changes your perception of the character of this person. With a glance of side-eye, she changes from reserved, formal, and cold, to smiling, smirking, flirtatious perhaps? It is the depiction of how any woman in her position and time must have two faces, a public and a private persona.It’s hard to think of any other artist who could change the presentation of colors, light, and shadow through paint alone, in order to present two versions of the same subject, both visually and psychologically. Da Vinci’s unique talent is combining his technologically superior art with his knowledge of human anatomy. It’s incredible and this painting exemplifies it.Personal note: when I finally saw the Mona Lisa in person, I was struck by how lifelike her hands were. I couldn’t stop looking at her hands.

I want to help needy and poor people but I don't have money. How can I help them?

Hey!!Good to see that people having no money,but have got a big heart.I really don't think giving money to beggars can ever be a good option.When nothing in this world comes for free,why should beggars get money by mere sympathy instead of hard work?As I am pursuing my from Nagpur and i live as PG,so there are expenses.I don’t have a fixed pocket money,it varies everytime.All depends on whether my mood flips on with time.But I love helping needy ones.So i celebrated this birthday with them,have gone through the streets of Nagpur and found a crowd of small children.I went close to them had a short conversation with them,gave some food and clothes and according to me great birthday celebrations are unnecessary when there are people who cannot even afford next meal.After spending an hour with them i asked them “can i leave?”(as those were the days my exams were on) suddenly one of them said “Itne jaldi”Translated: Why so early!!With smile on my face i said “Jald hi milenge”Translated: Will meet soon :)So this was my story.This birthday was simple but gave me lot more happiness than any other birthday celebration. When you make someone else smile on your birthday, I mean the real happiness, you cannot imagine how much happiness you receive in your heart.Notice the satisfaction one gets by helping someone needy.And Here are few things that you can do:1).Help the poor student by giving them your old books.2).You can let go that extra blanket in your wardrobe, humanity needs it.3).Have low self esteem, they wish for a better life - leave them feeling valued even if you don't have a dime to offer, don't give that awkward look when they ask for money.4).When travelling somewhere,keep stack of biscuits in your car,many kids ask for money in traffic signals,instead give them biscuits that can feed their hunger.5) You buy a movie ticket worth Rs.300 at the cinema - the poor doesn't have such surplus.You can invite them to spend some time with you alone.Humans are everywhere but only few of them are HumaneSo please do help the needy ones :)

Writer's Block... When you are mentally constipated, what's your laxative?

Crap, there I said it for you.

You already have some very good answers for unblocking the writer within.

DarkLazer’s suggestion is great, talk to strangers, draw out the answers you’re looking for. And Bilbo Baggins’ post is brilliant too. All the answers are good. The best answer I can offer to this question, is what works for me. It really doesn’t matter if you write for fun, or write for income, writer’s block (hereafter “WB“) sucks big time.

WB especially hurts, when you have the urge to spew-out all the great ideas in your head, but can’t get the fingers to click the keyboard. WB is like no cooperation between the brain and the fingers. I can see why you call it “constipation” of the mind. Once I sat in front of my laptop for hours; without typing a word. WB makes me feel like a dumb ***. So, when WB happens, usually does, I do three things:

You might call these my laxatives -

1. Stop writing. I put away my laptop and stop trying to write.
2. I read another artist’s work, a new book or watch a new DVD. The subject doesn’t matter, just as long as its not even remotely close to what I need to be writing about. Basically, I want to get my mind as far away from the topic I ought to be writing about. I find reading or watching other’s ideas manifested in a finished product (book or movie) it get my juices flowing again. You get the idea. Even a good museum or stage show helps.
3. Talk with God. Yes, I know this sounds odd, but it works for me. It helps to pray, I pick up my Bible and read it, I go to a new church or listen to a religious message that interest me. Sometimes, I might read the Torah, or Koran, or just some new age slop, just to take my mind in a different direction. God grounds me, connects me with my greater purpose in life, helps me understand who I am. And what I ought to do.

To boil it down to three words, the very essence of my laxative is this: Stop. Other’s ideas. And God.

Without fail, these three laxatives unblock the words backed up in my head. OMG, it feels good to let the words go, and watch the pages fill, and pieces fit. I agree with you, what a relief it is to unclog WB.

Just remember to courtesy flush, twice.

"New understanding comes from asking the right questions." TAP

Why is it ok for white people to wear coloured contacts, but not others?

ugh i hate colored contacts on anyone. but i just think they look bad it's nothing really to do with race. but i guess i could see where people are coming from because colored contacts look unnatural on everyone but personally i think colored contacts on a latina, black, or anyone of dark skin looks even more fake. I don't think that people of these races wearing colored contacts are doing it to be white though. but obviously they're doing it because they're insecure otherwise they wouldn't be spending there money to change there eye color to a ridiculous color. (same goes for white people) i can see why they're saying "self hate" but i don't think colored contacts have much to do with hating your race more with being insecure about your appearance. I am sure if they really hated there skin that much they'd be bleaching there skin and hanging confederate flags on there cars like the crazy guests on the tyra show sometimes lol. I also think people might view this as wanting to be white because in white people blue eyes are MUCH more common then in any other race. I know that people of other races can have blue eyes but it's much more rare then in white people and is generally considered a white trait. but today for the first time i believe i actually seen a black women with light blue eyes.. you could tell they were real too and they looked beautiful with the dark skin

Is my ex girlfriend immature?

We got in a fight the other night and she told me that she's been showing her co-workers and our friends my private e-mails to her--about how i miss her, and i miss cuddling, kissing etc...i remember when we were dating she read me some e-mails from her ex, like it was a joke that he was hurt.

Then she mimicked me and said, "wah wah wah, my heart is broken into a million pieces"

She also dumped me via text message, two days after she told me she loved me. I asked her if we could talk about it, and she told me her batteries were dying.

The next week she called me...i guess she missed me...and i said "i'd love to talk but i'm with Lisa" (this girl I like). Can I call you tomorrow?
She made fun of lisa and said "maybe being friends isn't gonna work". then she was furious with me for the rest of the week for mentioning another girl's name.

She's been doing all sorts of stuff like this. There have been a few times where she's driven me absolutely nuts and I went crazy writing six or seven e-mails at a time while drunk....but I never say anything to hurt her, i just say i miss her.

One time i told her that being friends was too hard for me. When we hung out she held my hand, kissed my neck, but when i tried to kiss her she said "i can't". When i said i can't be friends she flipped out, screamed at me for two minutes and said she never had feelings for me then hung up on me and ignored me for a week and half.

I was crazy about this girl. And I keep blaming myself--what if I had just ignored her? what if i had told her i didn't want to be friends? what if i didn't tell her how much i missed her?

i can't tell if she's immature and maybe she'll change in the future, she's 20 now, or if she's just a big b@#$. In which case she'll never change.