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Questions about future possibilities in music- see additional details?

I am a violist 7 years and a saxophone player of 6 years. Right now, I finished sophomore year, going into my junior year of high school in the fall. I practice viola at least 3 hours each day (reasonably) and am basically a music nerd. I play viola more, because that is my main instrument I plan to major in for college. I have been first chair in All County Orchestra, and this pas year I was second chair in the Youth Symphony. I was first chair in Area All State orchestra. This past year I did an All State level 6 solo (Michail Glinka- Sonata in d minor, 1st movement) and I got a 96. (I made a weird mistake I've never made before, oh well.) It's my passion and what I love to do. I'm obviously first in school orchestra (no ego whatsoever), and have been taking private lessons since 6th grade. I also fiddle on the side, too, occasionally. I am very good at saxophone (first chair All County Band and lead alto in All County Jazz Band this past year as a sophomore), but I don't focus on it as much, or practice it as much as viola. I stopped doing NYSSMA on that last year, because I focus on viola. (Therefore, I don't do Area All State or apply for All State band.) I especially love jazz on it, though. I am very into music and would like to go into Music Education or Performance in college. Maybe both. Do you think I am cut out for it? What are the chances of a job in performance though? and even education? are there other job opportunities I can take in music? My DREAM is to play in the NY Pops or something like it (yeah yeah, I know, very slim chance- it's my DREAM!). I certainly would continue to play in a community orchestra if I had the chance. What are some really good colleges for music? Anywhere, preferably near New York State. Should i have a fallback plan too? I have languages up my sleeve (not sure what to do with that though). What are the chances for a great music school? and I'm not looking into Julliard- but out of curiosity, what's the chance of that? What are the chances for NY Pops, anyways? Haha, curious. But yes I'd like some info and feedback about this from experienced musicians or music students in college! Preferably a violist? Thank you! Sorry for the long question.

Emperor's New Groove question! Look below for more details!?

I was watching the movie the Emperor's New Groove today and someone said something that puzzled me. When Kuzco and Pacha start searching the vials to see which one is the human one is Yzma calls a bunch of guards and tells them (the guards) to kill Kuzco and Pacha because they killed the emperor. They grab all the vials and knock over a table containing many potions on the guards making them turn into a bunch of different animals.

Now, here's what puzzled me. One guard got turned into a cow and asked "Hey, I've been turned into a cow, may I go home?" and Yzma responds "You're excused"

Now, why did he want to go home and why did Yzma let him go home?

At first I thought maybe he needed to be milked (I know it's weird but it was the only thing I could come up with when I first watched it) but then I realized he's a male.

So, why did he ask to go home and why did Yzma let him go home?

Look who's talking too?

hey there,

I'm interested in what Megan Milner is doing now. She was 1-year old Julie in 'Look who's talking too.'
That was a good 17 years ago.
Any useful links?

“Thank you very much. I appreciate the opportunity and I look forward to meeting you so I can share my experiences in more detail.” Is this correct?

There's something that doesn't quite work in the mix of ideas here. You're thanking the recipient of your message very much. You appreciate the opportunity (to do what? You don't say). And you look forward to meeting them so you can share (tell them about) your experiences in more detail.It is grammatically correct but it might not send the message you want it to. It's better not to be effusive in thanks, nor to say anything superfluous. I would leave out either the “very much” or the “I appreciate the opportunity.” Without knowing the precise purpose of your message I can't be sure of this but I might also change the way you end. I would make it more about them and their needs. I feel the way it's written here it's more about your desire to share about yourself.Perhaps “Thank you very much. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and discuss your requirements, and my experience, in more detail.”Or “Thank you. I look forward to meeting you and the opportunity to discuss your requirements and my experience in greater detail.”Save the “I appreciate the opportunity to have met you” for a thank you note for after the meeting.

Which is the better phrase to use: "I look forward to hearing from you", or "I'm looking forward to hearing from you"?

Hi Ilona,Good question. In English, we talk about formal and informal language, depending on whom you are writing to. Formal = job application/government official/etc. They would get the “I look forward to hearing from you.”Informal = friend/relative/family. They would get the “I’m looking forward to hearing from you.” Hope this helps, Paul

What song is playing on Queer as Folk Season 1 Episode 3? "Hey, look! The real boy wonder is here!" = lyrics?

It's a club mix of "Let's hear it for the boy" by Deniece Williams EDIT.... All that work and that's what I get, gee thanks at least I tried. I may take a gander on netflix but a lot of times those club mixes are so obscure, it may be impossible. I'm mad. That song is extremely clear but no results on shazam. No results on any lyric/song website. I even found a page which claims to have ALL the music from that episode but unless that song has some pretty random name, I did not find it. I want to find it now just because I can't and what's up with youtube and netflix having two totally different songs playing during the same scene!?!

What do you think of the news that a no-deal Brexit will cut GDP by up to 10%?

I think what you have to do is look at the motivations of the Referendum,Firstly, I would say for the majority it was an emotive decision not based on finance, I’m sure for those wanting out (for immigration) this was a price worth paying but may not have been a consideration, and for those wanting to remain it was more about keeping workers rights and environmental regulations etc and some status quo. I recall in the run up to the referendum and shortly after very little conversation about the financial risk as its speculative. What I do recall is the Irish warning Cameron not to hold a referendum using economics as the basis to remain, they said people wont be interested in that as a reason and hey look they were right.Secondly, what is the criteria to make that calculation as a 10% drop in GDP, is it based on remaining and all the trimmings as it is now. Is it allowing for possible changes in the SM or the Euro? whats being factored in to GDP a free trade deal with the EU at some point one with China/Japan/India etc, there are so many variables not just the UK making predictions with any accuracy.Additional, I read some more detail on the up to 10%, but could not see if this was a Net or a Gross estimate, if it were a gross estimate based on the cost of trade then we really need to include the cost of membership in real terms in GDP, depending on source IoD, CIVITAS Minford (a little wary of him) you can see estimates in GDP from 1.5% of GDP to almost 10%, Source : Roger Bootles book The trouble with Europe.Finally, there are those that simply see unsustainable growth as a really bad thing and so happy to see a drop in GDP and will be happy about it.To Summarize, while its a known fact that people will read news and post articles that fit their pre existing views, perhaps as a way of validating their position, seeing headline articles like 10% are only going to fuel this further… Its actually quite hard to balance information in the public domain especially with Brexit news as most of it heavily bias one way or another… I’m not saying the 10% is wrong i’m simply saying that its doubtful that it will have factored in the relevant data (perhaps deliberately ) and therefore in isolation this is simply to sell news… And this is the issue with Brexit its so divisive that finding accuracy is almost impossible….

GIRLS: Is being kind to kids attractive in your eyes?

Yes it is. It shows you're a good guy! I'm attracted to nice guys who have busy lives, and volunteer. I think it's awesome when guys volunteer, I do (At quite a few places, including a daycare) and when guys volunteer with me they defiantly have an advantage to those who don't. Being a good person is attractive! Keep it up!