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Hey Quick Question Have I Changed This Year

Quick economics question, easy 10 points!?

Between September 2002 and September 2003, the exchange rate between the euro (the currency of the European monetary union) and the dollar changed from 1.02 euros per dollar to 0.87 euro per dollar. What effect would you expect this change in the euro-dollar exchange rate to have on GDP in Europe?

GDP in Europe will be ______ than it would otherwise have been because the change in the exchange rate will have ______ net exports from Europe to the United States.

A. Lower, reduced

B. Lower, increased

C. Higher, increased

D. Higher, reduced

I think it's A. Can anyone clarify this for me?

Why do people say "I just have a quick question"?

There has never been a speed factor in questions! It's just a common and polite way of trying to excuse ourselves from the intrusion of asking the other person! It's nothing more than that. It's not literal.

Period,dance recital and quick changes?

Alright so I got my period this month and if it keeps up with the same cycle then I'm gonna have it during my dance recital! We aren't allowed to wear underwear so I don't know how I would wear a pad and tampons like just don't work for me yet. So what should I do about it? I have five dances and only one of my costumes you wouldn't be able to see the outline of a pad. Also my dances only have three routines after each one so I need to change my outfit, tights, hair and makeup quickly and I don't think I will be able to do it. Parents aren't allowed back stage so should I find a friend to be my buddy? My lyrical teacher said she would help me get on my lyrical costume and her assistant will change my hair and makeup but what about the other four routines? Any advice?

How much have you changed since freshman year of high school?

Okay so there’s a lot of debate of what actually comprises high school in Spain. Many people say it’s 11th and 12th grade (Bachillerato) but they’re not compulsory and roughly only half of Spanish students take them so what I consider to be our actual high school is from 7th to 10th grade (compulsory and spans from age 12 to 16, right in the full-blown teenage years). It would be considered middle school in other countries but I consider it high school because:-It’s compulsory-It extends roughly around the “problematic” years of adolescence-There’s a finalists trip at the end-You get a diploma which would most likely just get you a basic job. Like, “Hey, you’ve studied enough for McDonald’s”.The “yearbook” (it’s not a yearbook but a poster with all the finalists’ pictures and their names) stuff though is commonly only done if you do 11th and 12th grade so…ups.So how much have I changed since freshman year of high school?Well, I entered high school (7th grade) at age 12 in September 2009. A whopping 7 years ago.This is how I looked back in summer 2009 just before I entered high school8th grade was the best year out of the four, definitely. I actually had fun during that year:9th grade. Ugh.Yes this is Toulouse.10th grade… Well… I mean, at least I ditched all the kgs that were damaging my health and went to Italy (because yay, finalists’ trip!)This is the part which many consider to be actual Spanish high school so depending on your opinion my answer only becomes valid from this point on.11th grade. It wasn’t really that bad!Down. Left. Right here.12th grade. What an overall mess. But hey! I graduated and went off to college, somehow.This was the day we took the “yearbook” pictures. I had actually been hospitalised in Barcelona for a couple days and had been discharged the day before, that’s why I look kinda… gaunt?So, freshman at university (last year):Taken on January 1st 2016 at 1:56AM.And finally, a sophomore (this year)!!My biggest (and most obvious) change has been my physical appearance. I went from skinny (7th, 8th grade) to overweight (9th grade) to skinny again (10th grade-now).There’s also been some deep mental changes. My best friend had passed away 1 year before I began 7th grade and it obviously took a toll on me. It was even more difficult with both of my paternal grandparents’ passing on the latter years.In the end, I’m such a much happier person now.And I’ve learnt not to take people for granted.

How long does it take a 14 year old to ***?

Hey well first of all I Take Probably less than 1 minute to ***, I usually masturbate in the shower. Is that normal that I take 1 minute to ***? Second is about puberty My voice has already changed and I have pubes and a litte of arm pit hair and lol peach fuz on the top of my lip BUT my penis is still small?!? Will it grow more??? Me and my friend talk about masturbating and he's 13 he told me his erection is 9 inches and that it takes him about 5 minutes to ***... I don't get it if he's younger than me. I know that ppl change at different time... What is the average erection size for a 14 year old??
I know all my questions are scattered all over the place but if you could PLEASE ANSWER ALL OF THEM! Thank You!

Acura TL maintenance question.?

Hey everyone, I had a quick question for you all Acura owners/ past owners.

My sister in law drives a Mercedes and she says it's horrible maintenance. She says everytime she goes to the dealer shenever pays less than 400 for regular maintenance schedule checks. She told me one time she decided to skip a check and her car just shut down and wouldnt start until she took it to the dealership. I assume this happens with all luxury cars.

I was wondering if a 2006 Acura TL would have the same issue. Will I have to take the car to the dealer every so miles. If so, is it as costly has the rest of luxury brands.