Hey There Recently My Brother

Hey why is my brother being such a butthead??

The only way that you can find out why your brother is being mean to you is to talk to him. Your goal is to find out why is he not treating you right. It could be something that you did that he did not appreciate, or it could be something that you haven't been doing. Just talk to him and hear what he has to say. I hope that my advice helps you on fixing your relationship with your brother. Good luck.

What to where to my brother's White Coat Ceremony?

Hey there people,

I'm a guy (19) and my brother got into med school and is having his white coat ceremony in 2 days. I was wondering what I have to wear for this ceremony. There will be a lot of pictures being taken, over 500 people are attending, and there is a lunch as well.

Currently Im planning to wear a yellow button down (dress) shirt with white/cream stripes, black dress pants and of course black leather shoes. I might wear a brown and cream tie (not sure if I need one though.) I'm trying to go for a business casual kind off look...

Please!!! Any advice, comments or agreement/disagreements, experiences?
Please help me!! I don't want to over dress and look like an idiot or under dress and look like a moron!

What does the song "Hey brother", by Avicii, mean?

Avicii was inspired for this song from the movie "Brother, Where Art Thou?" This video depicts two brothers growing up in wartime America.The video shows clips and pics of the Vietnam War... At the end, it is revealed that the younger boy thought of his father who died in the  as the older brother he never had.The somg Hey Brother is about a boy growing up in wartime and his dad died during the Vietnam War and he was imagining his dad as a boy about his age and his dad as the older brother who is very protective over him. Thats why the phase " There's an endless road to re-discover" is used because he'll never forget his dad. Also the phrase " If I'm far from home" was used to show that his dad was far and was never going to come back. "Know the water's sweet but blood it thicker" was used to show the mutual bond between the two. That's the true meaning even Avicii said himself ,eventhough alot of people get confused over it.Check out better meanings -What is the meaning of the lyrics 'Hey Brother' by Avicii?

Should I run of with my cousin brother's daughter who recently got married? What should I do? I don't want to hurt my brother's families, my family or ruin her life in any way.

Should I run of with my cousin brother's daughter who recently got married? From last few years my cousin brother's daugther was living with us in Delhi. We are about same age and are very close. She doesn't want to live with her in law house as they and her parent lied to her about her husband quailification (Not even completed high school), job and his income. This girl however is BA pass graduate. She was told that the boy work in some factory at good position and earns approx 10000 monthly whereas he is doing labour work. My cousin brother's financial condition was weak that could have been reason for marrying her to boy like that. She don't want to live there (UP east village), wants me to take her out from there or she drink poison and kill her self. She say's I just have to get her out of there, after that she will support herself. What should I do? I don't want to hurt my brother's families, my family or ruin her life in any way.

If my brother sucks on my boobs will they really grow?

I asked another question before but I am wondering because my big brother told me if he sucks on my boobs bigger so I've been letting him do this since I was 12. Will this work? It worked a little I think but I don't know.

Should a brother admire her Sisters body?

Hello there. Im a 23 year old guy and my Sister is 21. My sister loves to post pics of herself on instagram. So she posted a pic of her showing off her behind. She didnt seem to have a bra on. But the only view of the pic was her back and butt. So I comment on that pic sayin #SexyBack. Now ill be honest that my sister is very Attractive and very Beautiful. But so many of her friends found my comments as if it was a weird or wrong thing to say. My sister wasn't against me on this cause she defended my comments. I mean we both are very Close. Sometimes we flirt with words. Like the last time she past by me and whispered hey cutie. Im guessing she said that cause I was shirtless and I do have a fit body. I think that was at a pool party. Im not a ugly looking person by the way. But overall we both dont have sexual thoughts about each other. Despite of our flirty words to each other. But I dont think its wrong to admire each others bodies or looks.

How should I deal with the fact that my brother has a girlfriend?

Practically speaking this is not a big problem. It is really ok to stay in a relationship also it becomes very common now a days.But make sure that the relationship shouldn't be physically. Neither it affect his study or his career nor it affect his character.No one can learn all things from books, some can be learnt by experience. If he get cheated then it becomes a lesson for him that he shouldn't trust someone blindly. He came to know about different types of people in the world, on the other hand if his relationship works successfully then congratulations to him he passed the test to win someone in one chance.So teach him to be honest with his family and friends and most importantly never distract from his career.

My boyfriend cheated on me with my brother? Please help?

Hey there, so im a gay guy, and ive been with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years. Hes 24 and im 22. We went to my home because its summer. My parents had left and i went to the store alone. Our sex life has always been great, we were active 5 or 6 times a week, and he always said it was amazing sex.We have never had any relationship problems. A few fights. When I got back I walked up the stairs and to our room. When I walked in I was horrified, my boyfriend and brother were having full blown anal sex and were moaning and saying very lewd things. I immediately dropped my bag and started to cry. I ran to my car and my boyfriend sprinted after me. He grabbed my wrist really hard, im feminine while hes very strong so I couldnt get him off. He gripped it so hard I have dark purple bruises. I started screaming and telling him to let go, I mentioned how would he feel if I slept with his friend and he slapped me hard across the face 3 times. He has never hit me before so I was totally shocked.my cheek started bleeding and he let go and said how sorry he was over and over while trying to hug me. I just wanted to leave so I ran to my car and went to a friends. I love him so much and this had never happened before. Whats worse is that my brother is only 16 so thats very illegal. I havent talked tothem since last night. I dont know what to do, what do I say to my bf? I dont want to break up because I love him so much. Why would he sleep with my brother? Im so confused and sad

Penis size question (about my brother)?

When brothers are close, masturbating together can be good fun – my best friend at school did it with his brother a lot, so I know how well it can work. According to jackinworld the average length at 12 is 4.1 inches, so your brother's big for his age. Whether you shave pubic hair or not is entirely up to you.

Have a look at Question 22 in


You'll see that the average at 19 is 6.25, so you're both above average. Very likely you've both inherited the same genes in this department.