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Hi Any Girls Willing To Chat On Facebook.

How can I start a conversation with a girl on Facebook with whom I have never talked to before?

Well, let's establish something first... from her point of view, you are quite literally "just some guy who is messaging her because he finds her attractive". Regardless of how good your intentions are, you're not off to a good start at this point, because girls get approaches like this all the time. The fact is, though - just like in any approach of someone you're interested, if you're probably never going to see them again, what do you have to lose by trying?I would keep the message short and simple, but acknowledging the fact that what you're doing may seem weird, and that you're not expecting her to answer if she's not interested.If it were me, this is what I'd write..."Hey, I know this is a little out of the blue, but I saw you commented on ______ (or otherwise mention how you came across her profile), and your profile picture really intrigued me, as I think you're really attractive, and it's for that reason that I'd like to get to know you better, if that's something you're keen on as well.I'm aware that there's the possibility that you may be taken, not looking, or are just not comfortable with talking to a stranger who approached you through Facebook, so I entirely understand if you don't reply. If this is the case, I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I sincerely hope that you can take my approach as a compliment. But if you'd be interested in talking, I would love the opportunity for us to just chat."

How to get his attention? All I have is his facebook...?

Facebook chat can be a great thing for this sort of situation. It will sort of seem like you just happened to notice that he was on facebook and so you decided to say hi, so it will seem casual, but then you get to keep talking to him in real time for however long you are both still on facebook. This can easily lead to you getting his number. Or better yet, once the conversation is getting good, say you have to go all of the sudden, but that he should text you so you can keep talking, then give him your number and log off. There's pretty much a 100% chance that he'll text you. Then you'll have his number. Once you have his number you can talk to him more often, arrange times to hang out, and really get to know him. This could then lead into a relationship. Good luck!

How do I make a girl accept a friend request on Facebook?

There are few kinds of girls in facebook.The Girls who accepts requests from all the unknown persons too. They want the so called 'likes for the pics and their posts.The Girls who accepts requests from friend of friends. Depends on the luck of the person who sent it.The Girls who accepts request only from the people whom they know.They blindly ignores from strangers.Forget about the third category as they wont accept under any circumstances. But the first category girls accept you easily. But trying for them is waste of time as you'll remain for them as an option.And the second category girls.They can add or not add you depends on your profile.1st things they notice when you sent a friend request.Name - If your name looks familiar or not.Display Picture - A real profile picture helps them to think that you're a genuine user.Mutual Friends - If you have atleast 7 mutual friends with that girl, very high chances of accepting the friend request.(why only 7 ? it can also be 5 too :P)After observing Name, Dp,mutual friends to ensure about your profile, very girls visits the profile. For that profile, you need to have the following qualities.A Good and Eye catching timeline pic.An attractive Display Picture which have good number of likes.Previous status updates and shares of good humour/thought.Atleast few Pictures where you were tagged by your friendsIf there were very less pictures tagged by friends, then think about having a years list in the time. So, u can ensure her that you didnt create the fake profile for her but you have the same profile from long back. If you have created your account recently, then fill your profile genuinely. If she likes your profile, she'll add you.P.S. I suggest you to go out and get some real life friend of friends. Add those friends through Social Media which will be a key for you to get a girl. These are the days of whatsapp and you're still messed up in facebook.Nyway, All the Best :) Cheers.

How do I chat with an unknown girl in Instagram?

Do this to get her out on a date via Instagram!DO’s-1- Reply to her stories- This is the most effective way to strike up a conversation on Instagram, wherein the girl will be highly likely to reply.I'd recommend replying to her stories once in a while, and she'll be more likely to reply to yours too. Remember, if you do not post stories occasionally, don't do it just to impress the birdie.But make sure that you don't reply with a hi, or ask dumb question.2- Direct Message- Ask her a question or make a statement followed by a question regarding one of her picture. (Follow Step 3 before sliding through her DMs)If you guys have things in common, you could discuss regarding similar topics and eventually ask her outYour chances of getting a reply will be really high if you have a stand out profile. She might even follow you back if it's cool enough.3- Another really effective strategy is to like atmost two random, recent pictures of her's where she's doing something cool, like in an exotic location, doing cool hobbies.Look for her engagement, if she does like your pictures back, that's a green light.DONT’S1- Don't say Hi!2- Don't use a cheesy opener..3- Never ever open with compliment on her looks via DMs..Eg- “Really beautiful picture gal, lol”While giving a sincere compliment might work in real life, it will have no effect through text, unless you guys know each other; you'll have to know that her inbox will be flooded by stupid compliments from random thirsty dudes.4- Do not double text. If there's no response after your first text, hold up, give her some space. No reply? Let go, man. Don't be that guy who keeps on shooting her with lame texts despite not getting a reply.Stuff like “you there,” “why aren't you replying,” “sorry for disturbing,” “oh you must be busy.” Stop doing that!5- Don't like more than 2 pictures on her feed.When you don't know each other, it'll be a hit or miss situation, so don't be baffled if you don't get a reply. But, if she's one of your college mate or something, I'd suggest you to approach her and exchange Instagram in person. That'll make things easier for you

I caught my girlfriend chatting online with another guy should i give her a second chance?

oh im sorry i left out the VERY important part for those who say i am overreacting .
what started it all was i found that she had sent him pictures of herself half naked and from the chat logs they were more than just friends . BUT the only reason i am considerng giving her a second chance is because they have not even met yet