Hi Can Someone Tell Me The Meaning To This Song Bhalobashi Gane Gane By Kazi Shuvo

Hi can anyone tell what are the meaning of this idiomatic phrase thank you?

1. Example: he did it with raw brain power. Meaning: he did it just by using his brain. He did not use any kind of tool, such as calculator, computer, or anything like that. Raw brain power means using your brain only, and nothing else.
2. You have not put this very well. What you want to know is not clear, so I shall have to guess.
Example: he is a well-rounded person. Meaning: he has a broad outlook on life. He does not have a narrow view of things. For example: a person who has lived an enclosed life (in a monastery, in prison) will see things from a narrow viewpoint, because he has not had the opportunity to know other people's points of view. Someone who has seen something of the world, and of life in general, can be described as a "well-rounded person".
3. Example: he did not cheat his customer, because he has a strong sense of integrity. Meaning: he knew that it was wrong to cheat his customer, so he did not do it, although he could have done it quite easily, and the customer would not have realised it. Integrity means knowing what is morally right and what is morally wrong. It is not the same as knowing what is permitted by the law (what is legal) and what is not (what is illegal). Integrity is a deep feeling for justice. It is something that is born in a person.
4. Example: he will cut corners if he can get away with it. Meaning: he will not do a proper job of work if he thinks that he is not being watched. I think that this is what you mean. "To cut corners" means "not doing the job properly", but I have not heard the expression that you give.
5. This should be "in the short term". It means "in the near future", as opposed to "a long way in the future". Example: in the short term we expect to make a loss in our business. Meaning: we do not expect to make any profit during the next few months.
6. This refers to the type of experiences that the average human being might expect to have in the real world, as opposed to living in a sheltered world, where servants (or Mummy and Daddy) do everything to prevent the person coming to harm. Example: he learnt his trade in the university of hard knocks. Meaning: he learnt how to do his job by actually doing it himself, and getting his hands dirty, and not having just a theoretical education at college.
Best of luck.

The song is reportedly an elaborate poetry of 'sweet nothings' exchanged by Krishna and his consort- Rukmini. Several words (marked here by asterisks) are best understood in Marathi, and no amount of translation can do justice to the sense they convey in Marathi.Runanubandhachya* jithun padlya gaathi,(These bonds transcending relations* have been forged…)Bhetiit tushTta mothi(… in rendezvous most gratifying)tya kaatarvela* thartharti kadhi adhari(The evening blues*, often quaking on trembling lips���)tya tinhisaanja* aathvani tya prahari(… the eventide* bringing memories (of...) at that time)kitida aalo, gelo, jamlo((...of) countless meetings and goodbyes)rusnya*vaachuni parasparanchya kadhi na ghadlya goshti(but never did we part without raking up a faux fight*)Kadhi tine manoram rusné*(her mesmerising pretention* of* anger*)Rusnyat ugich te hasné(interspersed with smirks)Mhanun te manohar rusné(which makes her countenance even more mesmerising)Hasné, rusné, rusné, hasné(a chain of these chills and thaws)Hasnyawarti rusnyasathi, janmjanmichya gaathi(A bond beyond births, strengthened by this chain)Kadhi jawaL sukhané baslo(Curled up together, happily, at times)Dukhaat sukhaala haslo(in gloom, remembering happier times)Kadhi gahivarlo, kadhi dhusphuslo(Overwhelmed in bliss, and fretting often too!)Sagarteeri aathvaninni vaaLoot maarlya regha(Scribbled memories on the sands)Jalmasaathi Jalm Jalmlo, Jalmaat Jamli na Gatti(Thus we were born many times over, and did we become friends ever?)(The last line prompts me to think this is between Rukmini and Krishna- the latter known to be partial towards Radha)

Can someone tell me what this means? The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop....?

I stared and stared

Well DUH. The speaker has been staring and staring this whole poem.
This makes us a bit nervous though. The fish is out of the water, suffocating. What will the speaker do?

and victory filled up
the little rented boat,

Victory seems appropriate for a fishing story, right? But who's victorious here?
The victorious feeling is obviously overwhelming if it fills the entire boat.

from the pool of bilge
where oil had spread a rainbow

Bilge is the water that gathers at the bottom of the boat near the engine, usually mixed with oil from the engine.
So the rainbow is coming from the spilled oil, just like spilled oil from a car engine in a parking lot or garage.
The way Bishop words it, she's saying victory is coming from the nasty bilge water where a rainbow has formed.
This is the same combination of nasty (oil) and beautiful (rainbow) that Bishop has been creating the entire poem.

around the rusted engine
to the bailer rusted orange,

We get more color, and now maybe we see why Bishop includes the rainbow.
Again, we see the vibrant color against the rusted old engine. This contrast is sort of predictable at this point, but still effective.

the sun-cracked thwarts,
the oarlocks on their strings,
the gunnels, until everything

"Thwarts" are those boards used as seats in small boats.
"Oarlocks" are the loops that hold the oars in place.
Gunnels are the top part, the edge or lip of the boat.
The speaker seems to have moved her gaze from the fish to the boat.

was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!
And I let the fish go.

Well finally all the colors of the poem come together in this very enthusiastic, triple rainbow ending.
Remember that the feeling of "victory" came from the rainbow. But who was it a victory for, the speaker or the fish? Bishop lets us decide.
The speaker lets the fish go – either because catching the fish feels like enough, or because the speaker has too much respect for the fish and counts this encounter as another getaway for the old guy.
Who knows? What we can tell is that the struggle between the speaker and the fish seems to culminate with the rainbow, and then calm down with the release of the fish in the final line.

Please tell me the meaning of the lyrics in the song "Coconut"?

Bruder bought a coconut, he bought it for a dime,
His sister had anudder one she paid it for de lime.

Bruder bought a coconut for a dime, Sister had another dime and she bought the lime.

as for the Dr., either he did not like to be woke up or he meant take the "hair of the Dog that bit you" Some say that when they have a hang over; meaning drink a little more of what made you sick and all will be better. This is just my opinion of the song and the meaning of the lyrics? Either way it is a catchy song :o)

Can anyone tell me the meaning of the Punjabi lyrics in the Shamur song "Let the music play"?

O na kar maan rupaiye wala bar bar ke na rajje

It means Dont be proud of your money, as it will never satisy you

o nadiyon paar sajan da thaana
o nadiyon paar sajan da thaana
keete kol jaroori jana

This is metaphorical.. It means Nadi paar.. or across the river is beloved's place and we must cross it..

khare siyane rah dasende

Wise people stand and tell the directions

Dil la laya beparwah de naal

I have given my heart to someone who doesnt care...

This is the punjabi translation.... This song according to me is metaphorical, which says dont be too proud of your money.. we have to face a lot of difficulties to reach our destination, wise ones will just stand and keep telling the directions

I cant relate the last line.. But then comeon its a dance song...

Hi can anyone tell me what the spanish word nena means?

It´s a term of endearment. He´s just calling you ´sweetheart´, ´baby´. He´s being sweet :-)

**thumbs down for what? he's calling her 'babe' or 'baby' and he's being affectionate. it's not wrong. i know spanish and other latin languages so i know what i'm saying.
Just a Stud...i totally agree with you, what's up with these people? lol

How to tell if someone is gay?

actually, there are many ways to tell. and the reason why a guy would ask such a question is simply because he has hots for some guys but is not sure if they are gay or not. Knowing would give them confidence to approach guys. I have certainly developed ways of testing guys.

1. the obvious are the effeminate, but i guess the real question is about the staight looking ones.
2. if they have a light voice, they might be gay, but not always
3. if they always criticise gays when around people, they are mostly secretely gay themselves. they think that by badmouthing gays, others will not even suspect them. i have met a lot like that.
4. if they overdo talking about women or just having this obsesion of showing other guys how much they like girls. they may heap up a lot of girls and boast a lot about their sexual prowess to other guys. they also do this to wade away any suspicions.
5. if they like going to bars that have very few women and a lot of guys. in those bars, you will see them playing around women in a showy manner. if you look closer, straight looking gay guys have this unatural way of touching women, it is phoney and cheap.
6. look for any hidden femminism, chech the eyes, the hands, if they often leave their hands hanging, they walk in the streets , look straight at their eyes to see what they are looking at. often, you will see them checking out any hot guy who passes by and often will not recognise a pretty lady that passes.If it so happens that they notice and comment on a pretty lady, it will be because they are around some straight people, otherwise on their own, they would look at women.
8. they desparaely try to act manly.

Approaching them

1. do not mention you tink they are gay. tell them they are straight and they will love it.
2. tell them you want them to try something new and and will do you, as long as they think you think they are straight.
above all, no man is enterely straight,

Nawazish is a Persian word . . . the perfect meaning of this word in urdu is 'Inayat' . . .nawazish or nawazna means to give something with politeness . . . .karam means kindness . . . . .I never heard this song so here i m copying the lyrics with translation . .Baatein teri karte hueThak ke so jaati hoon sirhaane aasmaanJaane kahaan mud jaati hainDekhte dekhte tujhe yeh galiyaanEndlessly reminiscing about youI fall asleep next to the skyI wonder where these paths disappearAs I stand here waiting for youTeri tarah khushbu chaleTaare hamaari tarah raaton se mileThe fragrant breeze reminds me of youStars meet the sky as your heart meets mineSuni nahi zamaane ne teri meri kahaaniyaanKarde koyi nawaazishen karam mehrbaaniyaanThe world has never heard a tale such as oursCan someone show us some mercy and kindness?Yeh aarzu thi ki dekhe yeh duniyaHum jaisa koi deewaana hi nahiThe wish was that the world should seeThat there are no two such crazy lovers as you and meKarde koyi nawaazishen karam mehrbaaniyaanCan someone show us some mercy and kindness?Raat andheri mein chhup rahe theGum ek savera dhoond rahe theSadiyon se jaise jaag rahe thePyaar ko apne dhaanp rahe theWe were hiding in the dark nightWe were trying to find a lost dawnIt was as if we had been sleepless since centuriesWe were concealing our love for each otherPhir gir padeKoyi mila naa sahaara kya kareinThen we missed our stepThere was no one to save us from stumblingSuni nahi zamaane ne teri meri kahaaniyaanThe world has never heard a tale such as oursTera woh pyaar yaad aayegaBhoolega naa yeh dil meraKya ho gaya socha nah thaThe memory of your love will stay with meMy heart will not let me forgetNever imagined that this could happenTera woh pyaar (x8)The memory of your loveTeri woh khaamoshiyaanKah deti theen woh sabhiJo tu nah keh sakiYour silences would say to meAll that you could not bring yourselves to sayKaise bataati tujheSharmaati thi main jaiseAanchal men jalta diyaHow could I tell you what was in my heart?I felt hesitant as a lamp glimmering from behind a veilKhoye kahaan mujh ko bataTell me where we disappearedTera woh pyaar yaad aayegaBhoolega nah yeh dil meraTera woh pyaar yaad aayegaBhoolega nah yeh dil meraKya ho gaya socha na thaThe memory of your love will stay with meMy heart will never let me forgetThe memory of your love will stay with meMy heart will never let me forgetNever imagined that this could happenTranslated by Zahra Sabri

Can anyone tell me what Sidi Mansour Ya Baba means in english?

This song is in some accent of an Arabic North African country. I guess it's Tunisia.

"Sidi Mansour" - My Master Mansour (Mansour is an Arabic proper name). Most probably it refers to some respected religious teacher who has been converted into a local "saint" (they don't exist in Islam but did appear in some local cultures).

"Ya baba" - literally "oh my father!", but in this context, it indicates addressing someone in a respectful as well as loving manner, as if he were father of the speaker.

This is what is understood from the context of the song.