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Hi Girls And Boys Could You Come Here And Help Me Thank You

Girls can you help me out here ?

So the other day, I opened a door for these three girls, and they were very polite and said thank you with a smile. Anyway once they walked away one of them said "don't u just love it when a cute guy opens the door for you? I know opening doors for people really isn't that big of a deal, but just the fact that one of them I have a crush on, so that makes me a little more curious when something like this is said after wards. Anyway girls stop using the word cute, because it is confusing as hell, and could you please tell me wat this means? btw today in a little ironic twist she ended up opening the door for me and wen I thanked her, she giggled.

And if u think I should get to know her can u give me a few tips, that obv won't come off as creepy (although if someone likes u that usual isn't a problem). I'm in college btw and I don't have any classes with her.

Im more interested in the getting to know her, because i have no idea how since we dont have any classes together...

Btw whenever I do see her, she always just looks and then will look at her phone or something really quick. And the other day I ended up walking past her to get some food I ordered for delivery and when I came back I heard her say I saw him 5 times today and nothing else. Weird thing is i don't remember seeing her that often

Girlz and boys Plz help me. . . ? It's all about my future.How can i get my love?

hey wasup, i'm a 15 year old guy and before i help out i've dated 8 girls and just now i'm dating this girl whos my 9th so i guess i got alot of experience from all of these dates i get so anyways

u have to look presentable, get some new jeans, dress shirts, fix ur hair, cut nails, nice smelling with mens perfume, and deodorant. most girls don't care bout good looks as long as they can interest them sexually, emotional, verbally. i got the looks because i'm fly i guess for sure. and simple as tht if u know the girl u love go up and be presentable and say hey wasup hows life treating u. then just crack a couple of jokes here and there, give the girl a chance to speak and always listen girls like a good listener. and just ask her for her number as the ice breaker and call her, leave and give her a huge hug to know ur interested. then slowly slowly text u, fb her, msn her, webcam her and next thing u know u got urself a girlfriend

Few months before I came to know that a girl (my junior in college) has a crush on me, in fact loves me. One of her male friends told me this saying further that she won't tell it to me since she fears of loosing our friendship. That time we were not much close friends. To be honest, I never felt for her neither had any feelings. But she is a good girl by nature. She is partially blind and requires help in many things in daily life and ask for help from me too. I cannot ignore anyone asking for help. From last few days we are more and more in contact with each other for some reason or the other. She always have some genuine reason/work to talk. But she never talks with me casually other than asking if I had my dinner. Nor does she talk with any special tone with me. Sometimes I get confused if indeed she likes me. I would never had known if her friend hadn't told me. But there are few other things that make me feel that I am special for her. Like her cousin who studies in the same college knows many things about me that I was surprised why did she tell so small things to him about me. And at that time when we were not so close. And some more special things that she does with me.Like once we were going somewhere in an auto and somehow she came to the topic of marriage. She said her parents are okay with her finding her own partner. But she doesn't want to marry a totally sighted person. (BTW I'm also a person with low vision though I can see better than her). And she enquired about what my parents say about finding my own girl. I said they are okay too. I hope it tickled her somewhere and I was smiling knowing her intentions.So what do I feel to be her crush or loveI still don't have feelings for her. May be she is good by nature but still. But to tell frankly I want her to express her feelings to me. May be because no girl has ever did it to me. In fact I had never been in any relationship though I have good female friends. I want to know how does it feel to be expressed as being loved. Though I have no idea how I will respond then.Second when I am with her, that constant feeling is with me that this girl likes you. And that makes you feel good actually :) :) :) :)I don't know what is the future of this and I know it won't be any positive because of so many reasons. But it is overall a good feeling.

Not in the Southern United States! There, “guy/guys” is still considered a male usage, reserved for addressing a strictly male audience in an informal setting. Using it towards or in reference to a mixed or all-female group will get the speaker some strange looks in return.

“hi” or “hey” or “hello”, one of those would suffice.I would then ask about something, perhaps ask them about their day, what are they doing, how are things?Show some interest in them.

What do I wear? Girls Help Please!?



HELP!!!! Could you please help me understand this boy? (boys and girls advice :D)?

courting is annoying interior the commencing up for the reason which you basically do not understand the thank you to bypass approximately it. try this - basically initiate chatting with him like he grew to become into nonetheless your buddy. Have the comparable style of conversations, yet you would be working an perspective. attempt to get it so it is purely the two considered one of you and by no skill point out something approximately "asking out" or "courting". Get on the factor of him, touch him, smile at him. Non-verbal cues which you like him. See in case you will get him to kiss you and you will finally end up going out without ever having observed it. And Kelly, what are you speaking approximately? We adult adult males are basic creatures. it incredibly is ladies that are so complicated.

The other answer gives the gramatical position, but an English person can use thank-you for nearly anything in the right circumstances. For instance a bus conductor comes to the top deck of a bus wanting to collect fares:Conductor: Thank-you (please have your money ready)Conductor: Thank-you (I’m ready to serve you)Customer, handing over money: Thank-you (here’s my money and I would like a ticket)Conductor, handing over ticket: Thank-you (thank-you for the money, here’s your ticket)Customer: Thank-you (thank-you for the ticket)It’s probably not something to emulate, but it’s worth knowing that it can happen.

Girls, would you date me?

Hi girls - I'd like to know whether any of you would actually be willing (and happy) to go out with me on a date if I dared asking you out. I'm very soft, athletic, good at kissing (licking too =P) and I love snuggling.

Shout-out to Stephen Hawking for making this possible for me and thank you all for your time. :)