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Hi Im Looking For A Manga Were The Guy Who Was Rejected In A Love Triangle Find A New Love

Looking for romantic Manga?

Love Berrish!
Rockin' Heaven
Monkey High!
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
High School Debut
Kamisama Hajimemashita
Seiyuu Ka-!
Faster Than a Kiss
Dengeki Daisy

hope that helped^^

I am looking for a Romance/Action anime where a guy and girl fight battles and etc and eventually fall in love

Angel Beats!(the explination point is in the name) The people who battle are Otonashi and Angel. Although he doesnt fall in love with Angel exactly, he falls in love with her clone who later on has to take all the clones back into her one body even though shes a clone herself. Its not a very long series, its not long at al. Its only 13 episodes but it is a very action packed along with emotional anime, i cried a couple times. Hope this helps!

Love triangle Anime/Manga with good animation or drawings?

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Hi, Im looking for great romantic anime can anyone help me ??

Romance romance animes(a more kind adult anime, not hentai!):
*paradise kiss (12 ep)
*nana (47 ep)

Romance comedy animes:
*karin (24ep)
*Lovely Complex (23ep)
*Ouran High School Host Club (26 ep)
*fruits basket (26 ep)
*chobits (26 episodes... and a 27 OVA special)
*clannad - still going on (15 episodes for now) (the 16 should air next thursday)
*love hina (25 ep with 2 movies and an OVA)
*ichigo 100% (12 ep and 5 OVAs)
*Full Moon wo Sagashite (52 ep)
*Shugo Chara (51 ep)
*Kare Kano (26 ep)
*Ultra Maniac (26 ep)

Action and romance:
*kenichi (50 ep)
*fate stay night (24 ep)
*Shakugan no Shana (24 ep)
*Shakugan no Shana season 2 - still going on (has 16 episodes for now)
*tsubasa chronicle (52 ep)
*Tsubasa Chronicles OVA Tokyo revelation (2 episodes the 3rd one should be coming out on march 17th)
*samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) (95 ep)
*Tenjou Tenge (24 ep)
*inuyasha (167 ep and 4 movies)

If i were you, i would start by watching
Karin to start off with a really cute romance vampire anime!
and or Ouran High School Host Club
kenichi for a good action romance anime
and/or Fate/Stay night to start off with an action romance one

you can find the rest of them on ; ; and

best wishes ;)
hope you enjoy them as much as i do ;)

Romance manga that has a girl with 2 or more guys falling for her?

not reverse harems! like la corda - big no.
i want mangas that have a main couple but problems keep cutting in because of another guy. :DD - ( not another girl D:< - i dont like jealousy type girls but i like jealousy guys ;D and main girl gets confuse and the main guy gets jealous :DD

ones i've read
Rockin' Heaven
B.O.D.Y - except for the female teacher D:<
Parfait Tic - cried on this one ;(
Kyou koi Hajimemasu
Hot gimmick
obaka chan koigatariki
Switch girl - so funny xD
Stardust wink
sand chronicles - good but too sad :'(
vampire knight
skip beat - not that much romance
Moe kare- really good
Uwasa no Midori-kun - hot ;)

if you can please add descriptions about the manga

ooh and nice long mangas please :)

no magical/fantasies/super natural unless the story is really good

Romance school manga where many popular guys fall in love with a girl?

Boys over flower-

There's 4 guys and 1 girl. They attend a prestigious high school and don't get along very well but soon the girl and the main guy character soon fall in love and ya da da da

Shugo Chara-

There's this girl who's cool and awesome. But that's just a cover. She's actually really shy on the inside. One day she wish upon a star to find her true self. On the next day, she finds 4 oddly patterned eggs, and before she knows it, she is swept into an adventure.

Kaichou wa Maid Sama-

It doesn't really have a love triangle, but I wanted to recommend it. Misaki goes to a school that used to be an all boys school. She is the class president and help the girls in this rough environment and encourage more girls to the school. She has a embarrassing secret she doesn't want anyone to know. She works at a Maid cafe. The popular guy at school discovered and her secret. Misaki life is gonna get more interesting now.

Romantic mature manga. ?

This Site Might Help You.

Romantic mature manga. ?
Guy can be perverted.
Has to have a great plot.
Needs to be long

Black bird.
Love monster
Red river

Kinda like these but different.


I need a new anime i can fall in love with!?

hi there. here a few anime tht i recommend u, although i not sure its your taste or not. if u love inuyasha, u should try to watch samurai x and samurai deeper kyo. its all about romance n action n sometimes horror. but if u want more adventure, action n sadness story (include romence), u can watch naruto and bleach. this two is really farmous right now. hey i dnt know if u will like this, but if u really really love to watch horror n tragedy u should try 'jigoku shoujo (hell girl), n their sequel jigoku shoujo futakomori n also shinigami no ballad. that is really really sad story xpecially jigoku shoujo futakomori. but u should watch jigoku shoujo first cz its their first season. mmm...thats all. if u had another ques or want to ask me anything, u can contact me at or . hope all of that could help u. bye.

p/s: mybe u should try to read manga n manhwa cz its a lot of cool story n more plot than anime. i thnk u will like it. n this some manhwa n manga i recommend u.

1. hot blooded woman.
2. tales o nereid.
3. land of the silver rain.

1. basara.
2. power.
3. fushigi yugi.

hey u can catch a lot of anime here:-